Seifert on the 49ers: “There are just some things they have to do a little bit better.”

George Seifert spoke about the 49ers’ playoff chances Monday on 95.7 The Game. Here is a transcript.

Q: How does this win over the Seahawks change the way you view the 49ers as far as going forward in the postseason, assuming they get there? If they play this kind of game, is it enough to beat any team they face, or are they going to still have to take it up another notch in some areas?

SEIFERT: I’m not going to get into the areas, but there are some areas that they’re going to have to pick it up on. I think they know that. The coaches know it. They watch and study the film. There are just some things they have to do a little bit better. I thought the intensity was spectacular. There are just some execution things they’ve got to improve on, but every ball game you should be working to get better and I’m sure that’s what they’re doing. You’ve got a couple more games here. You’ve almost got to win out to ensure yourselves, and then it’s anybody’s ball game.

Q: You piqued our curiosity – what side of the ball are you referencing?

SEIFERT: No, you’re not going to draw me into that.

Q: Where do you think the 49ers truly can improve in the passing game?

SEIFERT: I think the fact that they’re getting those receivers back – that’s going to be huge. And the fact that they’ve played now some and they’re just going to get better over the last couple of ball games. The timing with their quarterback, that’s all going to get better. There could be a very substantial momentum build with the fact that these players are getting back on the field. People talk about the coaching, but the more good players you have, the better chance you’re going to have.

  1. The 49ers averaged 4.3 yards before contact against the Seahawks on Sunday. Gore’s 51-yard runs skews that, but still. Homefield advantage is so critical in the 49ers-Seahawks rivalry. It would be fun to see them play on a neutral field.

    1. Kaepernick has a lot of room to grow; hoepfully, he will get there. But, let’s be honest: Davis shoestring TD was all-Vernon and Gore’s 51 yard was all-Gore. His brilliance in knowing when to make his cut and knowing the aggressive defender overplay it was sensational. Even the part when Gore dropped to the ground at the end, in bounds with the ball fully tucked under, was brilliant. Even then, he knew he needed to burn time off the clock.

      As for Kaepernic, not so good. Colin had his luckiest moments this season. His TD pass was nearly intercepted and his successful run for a first down nearly ended with a fumble (he bobbled, but held on). Most of his passes, even short ones to wide open players, were in the dirt. And, I don’t mean pay-dirt. Let’s just hope, hope, hope we don’t commit turnovers. The defense will do most of the rest.

    2. Grant I agree with your observation that would be a great game. I have a question for you Grant, do you happen to know the following information: Seattle Seahawks

      Offense average yards gained per play away
      Offense average yards gained per play at home

      Defense average yards allowed per play away
      Defense average yards allowed per play at home

      Grant it would be great if you would share the information above with us on this blog and analyze the rationale for the difference if there is any! Thank you

  2. E, read it. Live it.

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      1. Comparing Grant’s actions to the Nazi regime fits a just about every category in that TOS.

        E, just go take a walk on your beach and forget about the PD.

    1. I think George was trying to be respectful to Harbaugh’s regime; you know, classy and professionally dignified.
      We’ve got four living ex-Presidents in this country who have the manners and self-restraint to not get into specific criticisms of the Current Occupant of The White House. (You’ll notice that Dick Cheney doesn’t have the dignity, manners, self-restraint or professional integrity to keep his big mouth shut.) Justice O’Conner will talk all day long about the role of The Court, but won’t criticize any specific rulings. Some people get it.

      1. Brotha, A to the F covers a lot of ground — and for any that missed the analogy — well, we all know the educational situation in this country, lol. I get it.

      2. F U pal. It’s neither sanctimonious nor political. Two Dems, two Repubs get it. It’s honoring the constitutional rules of succession and simple good manners. It’s O’Connor being polite, the ex-Prez being polite and an ex-coach being polite, and it’s in the context of the quotes from Seifert’s interview. What’s your agenda? No, never mind, I don’t care.

  3. Grant I can’t help but notice that when you are doing the grades for us you leave out part of what really happened. For instance when you say golden Tate was ” wide open” and Wilson missed him you forgot to mention that the pass rush forced him into a bad throw. I don’t like cynical propaganda.

  4. Coach Walsh made a series of videos with Joe Montana, Jesse Sapolu, Jerry Rice, and (I think) Roger Craig, to show the Walsh Offense Quarterback footwork. They need to implement this, line jams or not, and work on those three step releases…they have the pieces in place.

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