Setting the market for Franklin

The 49ers last week placed the franchise tag on nose tackle Aubrayo Franklin. It wasn’t exactly a novel concept around the NFL, as three other teams had the same idea.


One of those teams, the Steelers, removed the tag from nose tackle Casey Hampton when they struck a deal on a reported three-year, $21 million contract that includes $11 million in guarantees and bonuses. Andrew Brandt of National Football Post writes the Hampton deal doesn’t do Franklin any favors.


Niners general manager Scot McCloughan said the team is continuing to work on a long-term agreement with Franklin. And, now, it appears the market is set for that position.


The 49ers have set aside $7.003 million to pay Franklin‘s one-year franchise salary for 2010. As the 49ers appropriate their funds for player compensation, they must determine where they’re gong to spend their money.


After all, as has been noted, the club has several players nearing the ends of their contract who will likely command hefty salaries, such as Patrick Willis, Vernon Davis, Dashon Goldson and, perhaps, Alex Smith.


At any rate, here is how Franklin stacks up Hampton, Vince Wilfork (Patriots) and Ryan Pickett (Packers) the other nose tackles who were designated as franchise players:


Franklin: Age 29, 6-foot-1, 317 pounds, 36 tackles, 2 sacks in 16 games/16 starts

Hampton: Age 32, 6-foot-1, 325 pounds, 43 tackles, 2.5 sacks in 16 games/16 starts

Wilfork: Age 28, 6-foot-2, 325 pounds, 43 tackles, no sacks in 13 games/13 starts

Pickett: Age 30, 6-foot-2, 340 pounds, 33 tackles, no sacks in 13 games/9 starts


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