Seven-round 49ers mock draft

Here is my final seven-round 49ers’ mock draft:

18: Darqueze Dennard, CB, Michigan State. The 49ers trade pick Nos. 30 and 77 to the Jets for No.18. If Dennard has been picked, the 49ers will take Justin Gilbert, CB, Oklahoma State. If he has been picked as well, the 49ers will take Kyle Fuller, CB, Virginia Tech.

26: Marqise Lee, WR, USC. The 49ers trade pick Nos. 56 and 61 to the Browns for No.26 if Lee falls past pick No.25.

94: Terrance West, RB, Towson.

100: Chris Smith, DE, Arkansas.

129: Christian Kirksey, ILB, Iowa.

170: David Fales, QB, San Jose State.

242: Bryan Stork, C, Florida State.

243: Quincy Enunwa, WR, Nebraska.

245: Jeremy Deering, S, Rutgers

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  1. You had me all the way up to pick #94, then not so much. Too early imho for a short yardage back, and that’s what the 49ers need. Taliaferro much later makes more sense. Stork is not physical enough for me. Fales is not a good fit imo for what Harbaugh wants at the position. If you want another receiver late, I’d prefer Janis….

    1. The Niners need a RB who has the potential to be more than just a goal line back in case Lattimore doesn’t work out.

      Stork benched 225 21 times at his Pro Day. Kilgore benched 225 23 times.

      Janis will be picked well before No.243.

      1. You don’t believe Hunter makes a more significant contribution a year removed from the injury? Frankly, Gore/Hunter 80% Lattimore/Rookie 20% is what I’d guess. Are you still concerned with Lattimores’ limp? Taliaferro is already a good blocker as well as moving the pile. Yea, Stork is top heavy and I predict he’ll be a journeyman center, but as a flyer in the 7th round, it’s tough to argue…..

        1. Can’t count on Hunter, but if he bounces back that’s a bonus. The West pick is more about upgrading James in the backfield. James never fit this system, which features mostly power inside running.

          1. tough to be any thing but a power team when the opposing defense puts eight men in the box, like every team does. Makes using screens and flat passes not only hard but at times scares ya to death!

      2. wow, didn’t know Kilgore was a weakling too. He and and maybe Stork are good technicians that get by with good leverage and angles?

  2. Not terrible Grant, but this is what will actually happen. :-)

    Trade 1 (30) + 2 (29) + 3 (30) + LMJ for Raven’s 1 (17) + 3 (15).

    1 (17 – from Ravens). Odell Beckham Jr, WR, LSU

    2 (24). Pierre Desir, CB, Lindenwood (if not Desir, then one of Gaines, Breeland or Watkins)

    3 (13). Trent Murphy, OLB, Stanford

    3 (15 – from Ravens). Will Clarke, DT/DE, West Virginia

    3 (36 – comp). Brandon Thomas, OG, Clemson

    Trade 4 (29) for 5th (mid round) + 6th (mid-round)

    5 (mid-round). Storm Johnson, RB, UCF

    5 (30). Logan Thomas, QB, Virginia Tech

    6. (mid-round). Shaquille Richardson, CB, Arizona State

    7 (27). Nic Jacobs, TE, McNeese State

    7 (30). Lonnie Ballentine, FS/SS, Memphis

    1. Yikes! That’s a vastly more costly trade then last year. He better give them at least 4 TD’s in the season and two more in the playoffs. Trent Murphy? Seriously? Lol! Just messing with you man. Overall, I like it Scooter. Well done!

      1. It actually isn’t that costly really. Swapping 2 (29) for 3 (15) + giving up 3 (30) is what it equates to, + LMJ who’s really just a makeweight for a team that needs some RB depth given the Ray Rice situation.

        Trent Murphy in the 3rd is about right for him. He’s a solid player, without any exceptional qualities to suggest he’ll be a game changer. I think he’s the sort of guy that could be quietly productive opposite someone like Aldon Smith, especially after he’s had a year or two inside an NFL weight room.

        1. Murphy to me looks like a “high motor” effort guy. He’ll make his mark on special teams. He’ll probably be a good back up OLB and maybe a marginal starter somewhere. If he had just some aspect of exceptional physical talent, he’d be a 1st rounder.

        2. Just saying a 3rd Rounder is all it took last year, and Baalke likes to win on points with his trades…..

        3. Murphy wont make it past the Packers in round two if nobody jumps in front of them for him or just plain picks him first.

          1. If Murphy goes in the 2nd then a better player is falling, like Marcus Smith. I’d be more than happy with that :-)

        4. Scooter Mock:,
          Like this better than your’s a week plus ago. This one gives just part of the farm away for a Crabtree with breakaway speed plus special teams. Because you did not decimate the farm the holes are filled, in particular, two CBs for biggest area of need.

    2. I’ve said it before. I am not a fan of trading up in the first round under most circumstances. I am not a fan of drafting receivers in the first round given their bust rate. And I am definitely not a fan of the Niners trading up into the first round for a receiver given their success rate at developing receivers (Crabtree doesn’t count…he was a no brainer).

      1. So, to clarify, you don’t want to trade up for a WR not because you don’t think any of the players available are any good, but because:

        – You think Baalke can’t judge WR talent: This would seem to suggest he is better off taking a guy every ‘expert’ is high on then, so trading up for such a player probably isn’t a bad idea.
        – The ‘bust’ rate for WRs is high: May be so, but there is still a higher success rate for WRs taken early than WRs taken late.

        By not going up and getting their guy, the 49ers will be left with taking the leftovers at WR. Which significantly increases their chances of drafting another bust at the position.

        1. it straight up economic terms and probability, I think in most cases it’s bad to trade up into the first round for any position.

          the bust rate of 1st round WRs accounts for all of the consensus top WR prospects

          I am not sure of Baalke’s ability to select WR talent. I am not sure of the Niner’s coaches ability to develop WR talent. And I am not sure if the Niner’s offense can or has the ability to fully utilize WR talent.

          1. If you are a believer in probability then you will know that the % chance of drafting a starter, pro bowler, etc. does indeed increase the closer you get to pick #1.

            1. here’s some info on it:

              According to their research, published in March in the journal Management Science, teams significantly overvalue first-round picks, paying too much to draft one player over another. They found that second-round NFL Draft picks are, on average, 15 percent more valuable, on the dollar, than first-round selections. And while Massey and Thaler hesitate to assign exact values to exact draft slots — there are simply too many variables in any given draft, they say — some picks early in the second round offer nearly 25 percent more value.

              Cade Massey and Richard H. Thaler, analyzed the N.F.L. draft and found that teams were able to pick the best available player at a given position only about half the time.

              Massey and Thaler have advice for GMs: only suckers trade up. Over those 14 years of drafts, they calculated the outcomes of every possible 2-for-1 trade for a first rounder using the Draft Value Chart, and found “overwhelming evidence that a team would do better in the draft by trading down.” The team that would have traded down would have gained an average of 5.4 man-starts per season, with roughly the same amount of Pro Bowl appearances, at a cheaper cost.

              1. no, “double the picks increases chance of getting starters” is not the point of the research paper by Thaler et al…

                i’ve read the Harvard Value Chart analysis before. But it does not take into consideration value and cost. The Thaler paper does. Look below in the comments section of your link and the subject is discussed under “excess value”.

              2. The study you point out produces “an average of 5.4 man-starts per season, with roughly the same amount of Pro Bowl appearances, at a cheaper cost” for every “2-for-1 trade for a first rounder” largely because you are doubling the number of guys you pick.

                They get greater value because they cost less. So on a risk-return basis you win. But on a % chance of getting a player that will start, will be a pro-bowler, etc., the higher you take the player the greater the chance. Its not complicated.

                The 49ers don’t have enough roster room to take a whole boat load of players and stash them on the roster while they wait to figure out which ones will be the good picks and which will be the bad picks.

              3. so what’s better? to try for a higher 1st rounder? hit or miss rate being what it is….and remember this is the Niners and the WR position we’re talking about.

                Or have a high 2nd and 3rd round pick and play the % that one of them will be a good quality player/pro bowler and the other is a scrub, back up etc…

                also, what’s the Niner’s current salary cap situation?

              4. The 49ers are indeed in a position where they could take 2 WRs this year, though Brandon Lloyd would likely be gone if they do.

                As to your question, based on the Harvard statistical analysis the 17th pick has almost the same probability of producing the same value as picks #56 and #77 combined. So, on that basis you are better off staying pat or trading back and taking two receivers of greater value than #56 and #77 combined (i.e., #30 + #61).

                But, I’m betting Baalke doesn’t do that.

        2. You mirror and articulate very well my own rational for moving up to get a wide receiver. I think it’s our best chance to get a keeper. Unless Trent pulls a George Costanza and does the exact opposite of what his instincts tell him too in respect to picking a WR. lol.

        3. Scooter

          Lotza people freaking out about Baalke and first round WR’s….Not me, I’d like to see 2 CB’s taken first, because the cupboard is close to bare, and I think that there’ll good receivers all the way into UFA’s….I do think that Baalke will leave some (a bunch) of us scratching our heads more than once in the first 4.

      2. Allfor,
        I too struggle with moving up in this particular draft. Other than WR and tackle most of the first rounders are just inches beyond many to be had in second and third where, oh by the way, the Niners have most of their picks.
        But there in lies a delimna, If ever there was a year for a safe short move up for a gamble on a WR this would be it. The first five to seven WRs are the best in a very long time.
        So to borrow your words Odel Beckham if he should fall into brother Johns area and the deal is sweet between brothers, that will be a no brainer.

    3. have the Ravens shown any interest in LMJ? Do they have a need for screen pass cathing running back? I guess Ray Rice will probably be unavailable for some games? I’m just not sure what if any LMJ’s value is in a trade.

      I love the name Storm Johnson and want him to become a dominant rusher so he can take the league by “storm”.

    4. Very good, although I wouldn’t touch Logan Thomas in any round. The man cannot throw straight. He has no control over his passes.

      Desir is my favorite of the developmental CB prospects.

  3. Without plugging in any names of players, I think another reasonable strategy is to use mid round picks to try to move higher in Round#2 with 56/61. The upper part of second round is part of this draft’s sweet spot. Also, if LMJ has value to package to move up that could be useful. Baldwin for garnish.

    1. Wow do I agree with that Mr. Tuna.
      How sweet that second round is. Not only are there players who are only judgement calls away from being first rounders but there is going to be a feeding frenzy for QBs and RBs in the second. So Baalke will have the option to do what he likes to do, grab future picks. Second and third round picks will have a high value this draft if one is patient and play the field.

    1. Another not terrible version (but of course sub-par compared to mine).

      I must say I’d be very happy with your first 3 picks. Getting Fuller, Latimer and Attaochu would be a nice start to the draft. Doubt Attaochu lasts that long though.

      After those three picks the rest is ok (hard to get too excited by any later round picks), but I doubt Colvin is available in the 7th anymore. Many are starting to think he’ll be a 4th or 5th rounder.

        1. You know how I feel about Beckham. No point rehashing, other than to say I think you are wrong about him – as does pretty much every draft ‘expert’ who have been continually sliding him up their draft boards from a borderline 1st/ 2nd round pick initially. Not by chance.

    2. I like your draft Jack but I seriously doubt Latimer is there at #24 or round 2. He will require a trade up, perhaps 2.24 and their 4th. I also doubt Colvin will last till the 7th.

      1. Thank you. These guys that shoot up quickly also have a tendency to go later than the draftniks expect. We’ll see where Latimer goes.

        1. I hope he falls too. I imagine if he is there at 15 in round 2 still that Balke would pull off a trade to get… if he wanted him.

    3. Jack, Thomas could be the answer for Grant’s worry of losing LMJ as a returner and at a much cheaper rate.

      1. Thanks Leo,

        It’s a tough call. I could see him going anywhere from the early teens on. His inside/outside versatility should make him attractive.

      1. Thanks. Figured might as well take a 7th round flyer on the guy and see if he can get it done with the big boys.

        Our first few picks are similar. I think CB is their biggest need and really don’t like Beckham in the first round despite what the ‘experts’ say.

        Looking forward to the next few days.

    4. Hammer Mock:
      Like that you and Grant did not forget Fales. he will be reason to bring back the West Coast…. the real WC.
      Like the DB focus.

  4. 1) Dennard, Gilbert, Fuller, Lee…none of them were visits. 49ers 1st round pick is ALWAYS on the visit list somewhere…sometime. 2) CB is not a value position on defense. CBs dont have to be great. They don’t have to be high picks. They just have to be good at the line and watch the pass rush do all the work.

    How can you be so wrong about all this stuff year after year?

    1. No Baalke does not value CBs high, but when your starters are Brock and ??? then it may become a priority at that point. Had we kept Brown or restructured Rogers, then I would agree.

      How high would you say he values Safeties. Probably the same as the CB, but he traded up in the 1st for Reid.

      I think at some point you have to address it, and I think we are at that point now.

  5. I like this mock, Dennard and Lee wouldn’t be my ideal but still a good combo and I love that sleeper Enunwa pick in the 7th. Isn’t it funny how people were on my case about how much I liked Fuller a couple months ago and now he is getting mocked as high as the Titans? Just saying.

  6. it’s a plausible mock…

    why are you so high on Dennard? and Corner for that matter? Most think it is team need…and it is…but do you think it’s a big enough need to trade up? Could Baalke be thinking in terms of just targeting a talented player that falls outside of immediate team need? He did trade up and target Reid at a position of need last year and he’s done it before when he drafted Anthony Davis…so there’s definitely a precedent.

    Why are you so high on Lee? Did you watch a lot of Pac 12 games? Why has he been falling from the middle of the first round in the past month?

    1. grant, just saw your other post that gave your reasons for your picks.

      I don’t know about Lee; he’s either 2011 Victor Cruz or A.J. Jenkins. same build/body frame, similar timed speed…etc….

    2. ‘but do you think it’s a big enough need to trade up?’
      Was Safety a big enough need last year?

  7. I wouldn’t trade up to pick Marqise Lee. I don’t see him panning out in the NFL, drops the ball a bit too much for me.

  8. Grant, I’m liking this mock.

    At 18 Dennard, Gilbert, Fuller all work for me… but will the Jets take essentially the same deal the cowboys took last year to move to 18? Possible, since this draft is so deep.

    At 26 Lee fits Baalke’s profile of drafting players based on their best season, not their most recent.

    At 170 Fales is a good value

    Stork falling to 242 seems optimistic, but what do I know. I’m a fan of Centers dedicated to the craft of being a Center.

  9. All the mocks look good but Grant has won my heart with the double dip of a CB/Lee.

    I really think Baalke goes against type this year and moves up to get one of the top CB’s. He hasn’t done it before, but this is the time to do it and I think he will. To get Lee at the end of round one would be a monster steal and make the entire draft for me.

    You all keep forcing Fales into the mix but at least now it’s in the 5th round so I could live with that although I still have a feeling it’ll be Logan Thomas they ultimately pull the trigger on.

    1. I’m thinking the same thing. There’s no way this regime is planning to start the season with Brock and (place mediocre CB here) starting the season. No he tends not to value a CB as high, but I think it would be foolish not address it as a/the priority. I see it much like the Reid pick last year. There was no way he was going to have Daahl or Spiller starting the season. He knew exactly what he was doing and executed it to perfection. I see the same thing happening here. He will get his man.

      I too love the possibility of sneaking back into the 1st and grabbing Lee, but I see this as much less likely. For starters, we don’t even know if Lee will be there at 26. So if he’s not and he decides not to trade back into the 1st, then I think the more likely scenario would be to trade up into the an early second and take from the next tier (i.e. Moncrief, Robinson, Lattimer, Matthews, etc). I wouldn’t be as excited, but still happy.

      Great stuff grant.

      Oh and of course FALES!

  10. I know the team wants/needs a receiver but a trade up for a player that will be 3rd on the debth chart seems unlikely to me. I want them to trade up for a WR but given how little the guy will play makes me believe it wont happen. With how much they run the ball and with receiving options going to Crabtree, Boldin, and Davis before the rookie, there is only one ball to be passed around. I see a trade up for a corner more likely since he would see the field about 65% of the time, like Culliver did his rookie year.

  11. Looks good…

    Quincy Enunwa went to a high school in my area….his dad owns a smoke shop right down the street…good people

    1. Whenever I see one of those smoke shops I think of the business opportunity of opening a Deli or Bakery next door.

              1. Oh okay. Yea I didn’t talk to any freshman unless they were in football or track with me….

                Crazy though…such a small world. Perris is so small.

                She didn’t have any older siblings did she?

              2. Now her i might know…

                Just for the sake of curiosity maybe u can email me her name…

                If not just ask if they know me… Leo Noble

                I was only the most handsome and popular guy in school

              3. Leo – Your not too far from me bro (Corona). My brother moved from Perris to Nevada 3 years ago. We grew up in Anaheim though.

              4. Crab-

                Cool. My wife and i go to Corona sometimes. The crossings off of Cajalco.I know a few people from there too.

              5. Right on Leo….Taps Fish house and Brewery is our hangout (just down the street from Crossings in Dos Lagos). Tremendous beer! Enjoy the draft.

              1. Calistoga High. Home of the Wildcats. Although given the ethnicity of the student base it should have been called Casa de Gato Montes. My graduating class had 32 kids. 18 were ESL.

              2. I was thinking the same thing. I graduated in 92 also, just had my 40th b-day in February.

            1. I remember it. I moved to Sonoma County in ’76. I’m so old I remember when Riverside Raceway and the Air Force Base were still open. I’d get lost there now!

              1. Sorry Tuna thats a bit put of my age bracket. But yea i bet a lots changed. Are u talking about the base off of van buren?

              2. Yeah, Leo. March AFB was east of the 215 (I-15E in the old days). The strip was close to the hwy and these hugeaxed B-52s would take off right over head.

  12. Let’s see if I can get this in before I get booted, lol. Grant, my computer keeps saying your site is trying to add a malicious add-on.

    Anyway, I was just watching a replay of the live NFL analysts mock draft and CB’s Dennard, Fuller and Gilbert were all gone by pick #15. Roby went #24 and Verrett went #25. I have a feeling if the 49ers want Gilbert or Dennard, they’re going to have to move up further than #18. I think Fuller could be there, though.

      1. Grant, just watched Maycock’s live mock draft on the NFL channel and he still had Dennard, Gilbert and Fuller all going by #15.

        1. It is likely the climb for these guys could be too costly. Keep the ammo for the sweet spot in this draft where they will find the likes of Desir, Baptiste, McGill, Gaines, Davis, Colvin, Goodson, Bucannon, Southward, Dixon,…just to name DB possible gems there.

  13. I think the 49ers trade up for OBJr. But I would be more comfortable with Marqise Lee.
    While Beckham provides more speed (although Lee has very good playing speed), Lee provides much more polish and the ability to beat the press at the LOS and gain substantial yards with his great route running.

    I would be ok with OBJr. because he will threaten the defense with his speed and make the D account for him. But I could see M.Lee subsequently averaging 70 – 90 catches per season and eventually becoming what we have in Crabtree and Boldin with more speed of course.

    The dilemma the team has in this scenario would be: Do we trade up for Beckham or use the 1st pick for a CB and make a deal to move up in the 2nd rd to ensure a shot at M.Lee who looks to slide to the early second.

    At the moment I like Grant’ picks. Dennard, Lee, and West could contribute right away.
    The other players could pay dividends in the future.
    Fales (good accuracy), Stork (potential starter at C) and Enunwa (size and speed) are a good catch in the late rds.

    Good mock Grant.

    1. Interestingly for all that speed, the one I saw running free the most on film was Marquise Lee… he seems to have an uncanny knack for creating seperation and was a handfull to tackle once he caught the ball.
      Odell is interesting becuase he looks explosive but was a no show against the good Teams LSU plays… this scares me a bit.

  14. ***is this realistic***

    1- J. Verett cb
    2- J. Mathews wr
    2- D. Buchanan ss
    3- D. Beasley de
    4- A. Colvin cb
    7- L. Thomas qb

    ***all other picks were used to trade up or traded for future picks**

    1. Niner gang mock:
      I like this if we say that missing picks were traded for future picks. They will get a lot for future because there will be a feeding frenzy in the mid rounds fueled by blue chippers, QB needs and all those RBs. Also, Verrett could easily fall to them at 30 so no need to move up. All others can be found at spots given in your Mock.
      And if not then others of equal value. Example Shazier could fall to 30. Then I suggest he goes instead of Verrett. Not because Verrett is not an exceptional talent but because he may not be a perfect system fit at 5-9.
      I like Colvin and Buchannan.

  15. Okay, I’ve been booted three times since signing on. Any computer savvy types know what may be causing this “malicious add-on” that keeps doing this? My wife was on the computer all day Monday doing work-related stuff and it had never happened before that.

    1. My boys are notorious for trying to download mods for their pc games and they’re constantly going to sites that add nasty stuff to their computer. I’ve always used this :

      Sometimes if the bug you have is savvy enough it will recognize that you are attempting to access a site with a program that can combat it and it wont let you. If that’s the case you’ll need to download it on a different computer first, put it on a usb stick or dvd and then install it on the infected computer. If you have a trojan/virus/malware etc. it will take care of it.

      1. Thanks, CFC, I’ll try that. I’ve ran Norton but it didn’t help. It’s kind of random. I can get booted several times in a row and then I can stay on a while and then it starts again.

          1. Yeah, Norton came pre-installed and I had McAfee on my previous computer that allowed a virus in that killed it. I’ve been thinking it’s time for a new computer anyway, so if I can’t get this fixed I’ll probably go that route. Thanks, again.

            1. Uninstall it, all it does is eat up ram and cycles plus takes up disc space. Be smart about the boxes and links you click and never open email that you aren’t 10000000% sure is from someone you know and you should never need an anti virus program.

              1. I’m pretty careful about that kind of thing, but my wife gets click-crazy on everything from the computer to the tv remote. I’m always finding a new tool-bar on the screen from something she’s clicked on, lol. I’m pretty sure that’s what happened though she’ll never confess to it.

    2. Space
      I’m not computer savvy, but a possibility:
      The Press Democrat has a system that counts how many clicks a user does on their news stories. There’s a limit, then they over-ride the connection and invite the user to subscribe to the PD. Even though Grant’s blog is supped to be exempt, the PD’s site is still trying to install their cookie to keep an eye on every user. Your security scan may be finding this controlling cookie as malicious. Wild axe guess.

  16. Mayock came out with his top 15 mock. Donald and Barr are still on the table.

    Say somehow Gilbert, Denard, Fuller, Barr and Donald somehow fell to 18. (It would probably jack up the trade price to 30+77+170+LMJ) . I’d be sorely temped to say “the heck with need” and grab Donald.

    – Trade 30+77+170+LMJ for the jets 18 to select Donald or Barr.
    – Trade 56+61 to the Browns 26 to select Fuller or Lee or Verret if they fell
    – Use 94 on the best WR/CB to drop.

    1. Donald is a talent but not a 3 – 4 fit. Maybe they trade down and let someone else grab him if he is there.

    2. I don’t think Donald gets close anyway. Tampa at 7, Vikes at 8, G-Men 12, Rams 13, Bears 14, Cowchips at 16, yadda yadda.

    1. And people scoffed when I said he is the 2nd best WR in the draft. These guys are just jumping on the band wagon I started in January! ;-)

      The only reason the 49ers don’t end up with Beckham in this draft is if he goes in the top 14 picks. Could well happen.

  17. My latest prediction. The 9ers will not draft a QB this year but will sign Kenny Guiton as a UDFA and he will be the 9er Bu QB by 2015

    1. Whether they draft a quarterback or not, Kenny Guiton would be a smart pick-up for added competition. He’s got potential….

    1. I think there will be HUGE competition for WR, OT, CB. The top 3 at each position may be over-drafted. I saw that in our mock, and I think it will play out to some degree in the draft too. I get the sense that Trent is geared up for it; ready to compete.

      1. I just hope we draft a difference maker. We need a WR who can return kicks but we also need a shutdown corner I like Grant’s idea trade up twice and get 2 first round picks.

        1. KR can be some mid or late round guy who can help at CB or WR or RB. The difference maker WR doesn’t have to be the return guy; but it makes Trent’s job easier.

  18. Time for Trent to take off the kid gloves and make this his signature draft. He’s taken some knocks, some disappointments, but he has the power to own this draft if he is shrewd…..

    1. There appears to be such a difference in this year vs next year’s draft that I’d be ok with Trent leveraging against next year a bit in move-up bids this year.

  19. Finally, thank God it’s finally here. They’re actually thinking about pushing it back to Memorial Day next year, and it is giving me heartburn with the possibility…..

    1. And Roger was talking about LA as the site. Uh, Roger, shouldn’t there be a team there first? League HQ is NYC, why move the draft? New York isn’t a big enough town?
      Head scratcher.

  20. Well, at least it’s better than Peter Schlaeger’s Final Seven Round Mock that came out today on Fox. Most all his 49er picks were TE’s and Linebackers and they were at the top! CB in the 3rd or 4th I think. DL in the seventh. No WR that I can remember. I know Mocks are all quite diverse, and well Grant’s is a little on the CB laden side, but of all the Mocks I’ve seen lately from a lot in the football business, this guy from Fox is so far out, that I almost think he did it to have people mock him.

  21. Mocks never come true, so I have a Wish List.

    2 CB’s in the 3rd round. Never use a CB for a needed skill position player. JMO.

    A Tall WR for Kaep. He drools at K. Benjamin, but you can get tall guys in a decent lower round too. Nothing a CB can do about a dart thrown over the top of their hands. If nothing else grab the 6’6″ guy from Rutgers in the 7th round.

    A top DL. Tuitt, Hageman…somebody that can actually push a OL backwards and still stop the run and get QB’s.

    An OL, like an OG. The guy from Clemson, Brandon Thomas is perfect. Needs a year of Rehab and was a potential 1-2 rounder that can go for a lot cheaper.

    Things we don’t need but want anyway. A RB, and a C.

    I don’t want a short DB. Get em’ 6’2″ and above. The Niners draft BIG. I want BIG.

    I don’t want a short WR. We had em, and have em.

    Bout it.

    Oh, and maybe a nice IL in case Aldon acts up a lil’ more.

  22. (1) M.Lee-WR;(2)Carlos Hyde-RB;(2a) Donte Moncrief/J.Landry if Donte is gone;(3)Travis Swanson C;(3a)Pierre Desir CB;(3b) Craig Loston S/CB;(4)M.Huff S;(5) Carlos Fields OLB-(7) Tre Millard TE/FB(7a)Spencer Long OG redshirt(7b) A.Colvin CB redshirt

    1. “The Seahawks are more likely than most teams to give your
      Undrafted Free Agent play time in the pre-season,
      giving your client the best opportunity to make the
      Seahawks or other team’s roster.”

  23. Adam Schefter tweet 30 min ago:

    “Teams that have inquired about trading UP include DET, NYJ, CLEV (from 26), SF, HOU (from round 2 into 1), ATL (from round 2 into 1).”

    “Teams with some level of interest in trading BACK include OAK, TB, TENN, BALT, MIA, NE (surprise, surprise).”

    1. Teams that skipped a QB and went BPA near the top of the first will be hungry to nail down a QB by trading back into the first. That could increase the trade-up price for Baalke.

    2. Interesting. Niners should be able to trade up 11, 17, 19, 29. If the Jets can’t trade up for their target (Beckham), I wouldn’t be surprised if they traded back.

  24. Mayock has 8 Gilbert, 10 Dennard, 15 Fuller, 20 Barr, 23 Lee, 24 Donald

    I’m a fan of the way Baalke secures the need first, then uses the increased flexibility to maneuver for BPA later. Now if Donald or Barr fell into the low 20’s, I’d be sorely tempted to go after Barr or Donald, fill the need later.

    1. PICK

      Round 1, Pick 30 (30)
      Round 2, Pick 24 (56) (From Chiefs)
      Round 2, Pick 29 (61)
      Round 3, Pick 13 (77) (From Titans)
      Round 3, Pick 30 (94)
      Round 3, Pick 36 (100) (Compensatory selection)
      Round 4, Pick 29 (129)
      Round 5, Pick 30 (170)
      Round 7, Pick 27 (242) (From Saints)
      Round 7, Pick 28 (243) (From Panthers)
      Round 7, Pick 30 (245)

  25. Could pull a “1981” and pick 3 or 4 CBs/DBs. That got us a SB but of course it’s not just drafting these guys – you gotta hit big on your picks. Fans complained bitterly about NaVarro a few years ago – the draft books didn’t like him. He wasn’t “value”-yeah, right.

  26. Does anyone know where I can find/print an NFL Draft fill-in-the-blank spreadsheet for first round? Can someone please provide a link if you find one? Thanks for any help! ~C15

    1. Crab
      I think you can go to Mock and on the right margin they have a spot to plug in your own picks.

      1. Tuna – I wanted to fill in actual picks each team makes during the draft.
        Just for $hit$ and giggles. Thanks though buddy

  27. While I want the scenario Grant laid out to come true, I’m also going to do a completely different scenario for a mock. Here’s what could happen if the Niners actually trade down and out of the first round:

    Niners trade #30 to Cleveland for #35 and a 3rd round pick in 2015.

    #35 – Cody Latimer WR
    #56 – LaMarcus Joyner CB/S
    #62 – DeMarcus Lawrence OLB
    #77 – Pierre Desir CB
    # 94 – Jarvis Landry WR
    #100 – Brandon Thomas OG
    # 129 – Aaron Colvin CB
    #170 – Logan Thomas QB
    #242 – Ben Gardner DE
    #243 – Jerick McKinnon RB
    #245 – James Morris LB

    I keep going back and forth on whether I’d move up, stay put, or move down. So much talent in this draft. It’s set up for Baalke to hit it out of the park.

    1. I like it very much. The only thing that gives me pause about this kind of scenario is the worst case scenario: Bad news if Pierre Desir takes a season to adjust to the speed of the NFL.

      1. Good point and that is why the move up for a CB makes so much sense. I did this more to illustrate just how much talent could be brought in by keeping the majority of picks and also landing a 3rd for next year. I can’t remember when I saw a draft this deep in talent.

      1. Hah good catch Crab. Maybe it was a move down of 1 spot for another pick in 2015? Nah I’m not that sharp. Just screwed it up.

    2. Rocket I like Latimer and Joyner. I love Colvin. I see them drafting a RB earlier and i think they will trade back more than once, picking up an early 6th rd pick this year and multiple future picks.

      1. Definitely possible Coach. I like the Carey kid out of Arizona even though he’s slow and could see him as an option in the 4th. If history is any guide, you will be correct on the acquisition of more picks for 2015. I think ultimately the Niners wind up making 9 selections and acquiring two picks in 2015.

    3. It’s set up for Baalke to hit it out of the park.
      Or chub it big time.

    4. Looks good Rocket, I love the picks, but I’m not sure if i’m a big fan of trading back out of the 1st…Niners needs are few but big, mainly at corner. It seems like they may be more inclined to trade up and get that player that will make an immediate impact….an eric reid type

    5. Rocket in my pocket:
      Stay put and trade for future picks. That is what this draft says to me. Like it Rocket. Desir, Colvin, Joyner — you have addressed the greatest need with some real talent. Latimer and Landry let’s see who sticks. Filled other needs as well. Only issue, missing backup QB Fales. Also if Shazier is available at 30, I would not take Latimer.

      1. Let me correct that, That move back could be worth giving up on Shazier or like player. So gamble on Latimer it might be.

  28. These are the players we’ll come away with after this weekend;

    Kyle Fuller CB
    Allen Robinson WR
    Trent Murphy OLB
    Travis Swanson C
    Jean-Baptiste CB
    Max Bullough ILB
    Ben Gardner DE
    Laurent Duvernay-Tardif OT
    Marion Grice RB

      1. I’ll make a bigger stink if they take Keith McGill.

        Personally the player I want most is Ben Gardner.

        1. Speaking of Mcgill there is a mock out there that has us taking him at #61. He’s a boom/bust prospect, probably garbage but if he isn’t he could be fantastic.

          1. He’s definitely got the size. The question is toughness. A big CB has to be willing to be physical and mix it up to be effective.

            1. Of the things that I read about him what I liked least was the suggestion he’s a better fit in zone coverage. Although Kirwan says that zone is harder for DB’s to master then man so maybe that’s a leg up.

            2. Drafting big CB’s always scares me because so many of them are big but they are also stiff. AKA Mike Rumph. Thats why i do’nt care so much about size good coverage is good coverage.

          2. If McGill or SJB were drafted 2-3 years ago they would either go late or be seen as safeties. The love affair with super-sized CBs means they now are in demand, but when I watch film on them compared to other CBs in the draft I just don’t see the attraction.

            Mayock has SJB as his 30th best prospect. I’m clearly missing something. I’d have no dramas taking him in the 3rd round, but I can’t see how he’s a 1st round calibre player except in the right defense (e.g., Seattle). McGill I wouldn’t even touch. Looks like Tarzan, plays like Jane.

    1. Interesting story about Travis Swanson. He played at a high school that ran the double wing and was not very successful. He was a man among boys but wasn’t getting much attention in the recruiting world. A coach from Arkansas came to his high school to scout someone else and saw Swanson throwing the shot put in track practice. He liked his size and footwork so he asked the football coaches at the school about him and immediately tried to get him to Arkansas. Swanson also played lacrosse as a d-pole in high school up until his senior year when Arkansas made him quit due to his commitment to them.

      The kid is athletic, durable, and strong. The 9ers could do alot worse than getting Swanson.

        1. Wow, that kid sounds like a beast. If the 9ers can pick him up in the later rounds it sounds like a steal.

    2. Mock coffee,
      If Fuller drops then it makes sense. If not then you have to loose some of those others on your list to make the big move up. And you got some good players there not to loose.

      1. Agreed, Baptiste and Swanson will be tough to both get with the moves needed to go get Fuller.

  29. Happy draft day to every one! Hope all is going well for all of you! Still not sure what will happen tonight, I feel we will all be somewhat surprised, I am starting to really like Jerry Rice’s cousin from Vanderbelt but feel he is more a second round pick, Any one else like this kid?

    1. I wonder why my Avatar changed? I like the Green Angry Mine Craft look! My 8 year old is big into minecraft!

        1. hey cfc,

          your Shazier pick and fit might not have been as bad as I made out. So maybe you don’t need to second guess yourself too much.

          Mike Mayock has Shazier going to Green Bay. Shazier’s weight is higher than what I saw him listed (237 lbs vs. 230). He says that Shazier can play inside and outside but will need to get bigger and stronger and will probably have to be moved around but could be a playmaker in the right situation and if allowed to develop.

          Now I don’t now if the Texan’s defense is or could be as flexible as Mayock is making out Green Bay’s defense as a fit for Shazier. I think the Texans are more of a gap attacking 3-4 or possibly a 4-3 Under. Capers has traditionally run a zone blitz scheme (with a traditional 2 gap front 3). But I think Capers has tried to become more flexible and aggressive with more penetration with his linemen (in part as a result of being too slow to react to the Niners and Kaepernick….the Packers drafted a penetrating End last year) so who knows what will fit the Green Bay’s scheme and how or if Shazier is a fit.

          1. Well if Mayock agrees with it then I know it’s a bad pick. I think you were on the money, admittedly I didn’t peek at his weight when making the choice and if I had I wouldn’t have chosen him for them.

              1. the way things go and with Baalke’s unpredictable moves, the Niners could end up drafting Shazier for all we know. Crazier things have happened.

                i wouldn’t be happy about it, but then what do I know….

              2. We all know and agree that when they go OLB there is only one name that’s being called.

              3. IF he goes to someone tonight then I might speak up a bit but we all know that’s very unlikely. The sense of satisfaction from them actually taking Murphy will be more then enough that I wont feel the need to come looking for it here.

                If the 49ers take McGill all bets are off. I’ll be talking about that one :)

              4. May 8, 2014 at 11:52 am
                When the Niners pick Murphy…
                Coming around?

            1. i think the consensus opinion on Shazier is that while he’s very fast, athletic and a tackling machine; he’s undersized and will need to be protected. So a team that has space eating defensive linemen would make sense as a fit for Shazier. The Steelers have had what most would consider undersized rush OLBs in recent years but then they have space eating down linemen too.

            1. Creeper? I am sure you know this but rebelscum came from my enjoyment of Star Wars stuff which all of my kids also enjoy this crap so I thought it would be a fun name to have! Not trying to have the back ally street cred! No stalking or hankey panky on my part!

              1. creper for mine craft boy I am slow, probably because I do not drink coffee, My bad!

  30. Anyone else think the NFL combine should be performed in full pads? Why not a true indication of football speed? At least wear full pads for the 40 times. I don’t care how fast these dudes run naked.

    1. much of “football speed” is understanding and anticipation

      players that have instincts and/or film junkies:

      read defenses and run precise routes
      understand blocking schemes and how to defeat them
      understand passing routes and concepts
      understand gap control schemes and how your blocking scheme is designed to defeat them

      bottom line is that when you know what your opponent is going to do and what you should do, then you have a step or two advantage over someone that doesn’t anticipate the play before the snap.

          1. Nah, keep them in skivvies, but invite a bunch of NFL Cheerleader candidates to compete in their skivvies too. Now that would generate so e buzz for the NFL!

            1. or have the Lingerie league prospect players run drills at the combine too.

              Though that may be embarrassing for some of the NFL prospects dressed only in their Under Armour workout tights.

        1. I’m not sure how much more info on a player you’d glean by having them perform in pads.

          A paddless workout is meant to highlight a player’s pure athleticism.

          There is usually plenty of film on a player that will show how a player will probably perform in a game type of situation where his football knowledge and instincts for anticipation are on display in addition to his athleticism.

          If there is a discrepancy between a player’s on field performance and pure physical skills, then it will provide info for talent evaporators that either a player is relying primarily on their football knowledge/skills/instincts to compensate for lesser athleticism. Or that a player is relying primarily on their athleticism when film study shows that that player or team’s position and/or schemes aren’t very complex.

          1. also, the NFL Combine would lose Under Armour as the primary sponsor for the “Underwear Olympics”

          2. QB’s should always be asked to throw in shells. The helmet has a huge impact on their vision and the shoulder pads affects their shoulder movement.

            1. again, isn’t any throwing motion with pads on apparent from their game film

              without pads and helmet you can get a cleaner view of the throwing motion, mechanics, muscles involved and positioning from a biomechanical stand point.

              1. I feel like if have a question on why a player is throwing a certain way you would want to see him without his pads but the game is played in pads so how they perform in them is what matters most.

              2. the game is played in pads so how they perform in them is what matters most.

                absolutely. It’s why scouts and GMs value game tape more than anything when evaluating players. The Underwear Olympics is meant provide any information about a player’s physical skills that might not be as apparent on game tap.

    2. Sounds good to me Crab. I don’t quite get why you would test players in tshirts and shorts when the game is played in full pads. Johnny Football might have opened up a can of worms with his pro day.

    1. They swimming with the current of rumors. I made a similar mistake I think with my Tampa/Manziel pick in my final mock. I think I fell for the rumor mill like Barrows and Maiocco are.

    2. So we trade up 2 years in a row for LSU guys? Works for me, might as well be Dallas again at #15. Complete the pattern.

    3. I think all the OBJ rumors are a smoke screen. With so many believing this to be the case, my guess is the Niners are the ones who put it out there.

      1. When GM’s talk to each other about trading spots they don’t mention who it’s for so I can understand that there is lots of talk about us trading but there is no way that ‘who’ they are trading for is going to be leaked from those discussions. So the fact that we have a name means someone either just made it up(lied for attention) or intentionally put it out there in an attempt to influence other teams decisions. The latter seems more likely then the former.

        1. I still have a gut feeling all of our reaction will be huh? I am really thinking WR or CB will not be the first pick. I have a weird feeling it will be LB,OL, RB or TE which none of these should be a top priority. I still hope we get a stud WR and CB but the proof will be in the pudding!

    4. If we go WR with our first pick is the writing on the wall for Crabtree walking next year?
      I would be happy with M.Lee, OBJr., or B.Cooks if we go WR with our 1st pick.

      I hope that we draft D. Easley in this draft as well. I believe that he could eventually leap-frog our D-lineman chosen last season once healthy.

      1. AES

        I like your choices at WR, also I think that Easley will be available to us maybe in the fourth round. I still think that we’re going to see some UFA’s at WR after the draft.

  31. My biggest challenge at the moment is to not turn on the tv yet. Kinda like Super Bowl Sunday,Too early. Off to run some errands, catch y’all in a few hours.

  32. Well i’ve got all my picks in for our annual pool 10 people choosing 20 dollars each winner score 150 2nd place 50. I’ll let you all know how it comes out mon

  33. I think NFL network and ESPN are the two that cover it. might offer a free live feed as well.

  34. The more i read on Lee the more i like the pick. He would have been a top 15 pick last year had he been eligable to come out. I think we trade up 5-8 spots for him then trade back to the top of second end of first verrett. But theres no sense of predicting. No one ever gets the niners picks correct

  35. You need to let us know what the ‘boys’ in the trailer all think we’re going to do when you get there this afternoon.

  36. Bothered that I was motivated by rumor to have the Bucs take Manziel I’ve edited by “final” mock. So sue me;

    1. Texans – Jadeveon Clowney OLB
    2. Rams – Greg Robinson OT
    3. Jaguars – Teddy Bridgewater QB
    4. Lions – Sammy Watkins WR (Browns receive #10 & #45)
    5. Raiders – Jake Matthews OT
    6. Falcons – Khalil Mack OLB
    7. Buccaneers – Odell Beckham Jr. WR
    8. Vikings – Blake Bortles QB
    9. Bears – Justin Gilbert CB (Bills receive #14, #82 & ’15 4th)
    10. Cowboys – Aaron Donald DT (Browns receive #16 & #78)
    11. Titans – Anthony Barr OLB
    12. Giants – Taylor Lewan OT
    13. Rams- Haha Clinton Dix S
    14. Bills – Mike Evans WR
    15. Steelers – Eric Ebron TE
    16. Browns – Derek Carr QB
    17. 49ers – Kyle Fuller CB (Ravens receive #30 & #61)
    18. Jets – Kelvin Benjamin WR
    19. Dolphins – Austin Seferian-Jenkins TE
    20. Cardinals – Zack Martin OT
    21. Green Bay – Darqueze Dennard CB
    22. Eagles – Marqise Lee WR
    23. Texans – Johnny Manziel QB (#33, #101 & ’15 4th)
    24. Bengals – Bradley Roby CB
    25. Panthers – Cody Latimer WR (Chargers receive #28 & #128)
    26. Browns – Brandin Cooks WR
    27. Saints – Jason Verrett CB
    28. Chargers – Ra-Shede Hageman DT
    29. Patriots – Louis Nix NT
    30. Jaguars – Carlos Hyde RB (Ravens receive #39 & #105)
    31. Broncos – CJ Mosley ILB
    32. Seahawks – Davante Adams WR

  37. Wouldn’t the Vikings draft Anthony Barr over Aaron Donald? Minnesota drafted Sharrif Floyd in the first round last year.

    1. Not seeing the desire for Lee to come to the 49ers. He was targeted only 24 times last year on routes >15 yards.

      1. I’m with you regarding Lee, Jack. I know there were mitigating circumstances last season, but he really was not impressive at all. And his stats benefited big time by playing at pass happy USC.

        Even with his 2011 and 2012 production, when I watch the film his most impressive attribute is what he does with the ball in hand on short routes. Not exactly the skill the 49ers need. Most of his plays deep in 2012 came from what can only be described as very loose coverage.

          1. Cooks runs better routes than Lee – he does more to get open. But his production was also massively inflated by the offense he was in. He’s another guy I would tread with caution around, though I think he’ll make a good slot WR.

            1. Disagree with that scooter, Lee is a much better route runner than Cooks imo. Lee is smoother, Cooks runs a bit indecisive.

              1. Lee is a smooth mover, I’m not arguing that. But I don’t see a polished or good route runner. Lee relies very much on his athletic ability to get open at this point – which was more than adequate in college but he’ll need to do more in the NFL to be a top line WR.

    2. Because Lee was injured last year and the QB was poor. The HC was fired a few games in to. If you want to look at his College career in a one year vacuum then that’s great, but there is 3 years of film to look at and two of them were very good to spectacular.

      1. I’m with you on this one Rocket. Lee was close to the best if not THE best WR in the NCAA for a couple of years. He had 73 receptions as a freshman and then 118 catches as a sophomore when he won the Biletnikoff Award, Paul Warfield Award and was the Pac-12 Offensive Player of the Year. Oh and by the way he was a team captain and considered a very high character guy who works his butt off to get better. I just can’t imagine why anyone would want him as a 49er.

      2. I’m a big Marqise Lee fan. This guy was the cream of the crop a couple of years ago and don’t believe he lost any skill level.
        His declension this past season was due to leg injuries and subpar QB play.

        Aside from Sammy, this guy (I’ve said it before) is the most polished and NFL ready WR on the board.
        His speed is very deceiving and he is excellent at YAC. He may not be the speed burner we’re looking for, but this guy can ball.

  38. I have seen a lot of mocks and heard a lot of experts saying the lions are highly likely to trade up and take Watkins. My question, WHY? They have the best WR in the world, and they went out in FA and spent a good chunk of change on the dirt ball Tate. So why go all in at WR when there are dyer needs at other positions. Im no GM but that sounds insanely idiotic to me.

    1. The Mayor of Toronto likes Crack Cocaine.
      The Detroit FO likes Wide Receivers & DL.
      We’ll see if Jim Caldwell has much influence with the GM.

  39. So guys, i have a question, is there really an patrick peterson type corner in this draft? Just my opinion, but why give up an extra draft pick for a situational CB, a nickel? Because from what ive bern reading for months, there is no shut down, just a good nickle back we are reaching for. If thats the case, why not trade up for a great pass rusher and let our situational CB fall to us at the back of round 2 or 3? Just my opinion

    1. Not in my opinion, which is why I’m not 100% sold on trading up for a CB. I’d wait until the late 2nd/ 3rd round to draft a CB, because that is where the value will likely be. And then double dip – get another one later on too.

      I’d use the 1st rounder on a premier player at another position. WR, OLB/ DE, or DT/DE.

      1. Not in your opinion. Not in my opinion. You’d wait, I’d wait, but will Baalke? He said he felt the cornerback class was deep, however giving out misinformation is normal this time of year…..

        1. Honestly? Yes, I do think he will wait, unless he can’t move up to get one of the WRs he wants and one of Dennard, Fuller or Gilbert is available in the 20s.

  40. ProFootballTalk just reported the 9ers are set to draft TJ Jones (WR) Notre Dame with the 30th pick in the first round of the NFL draft. They quoted Trent Baalke as saying, “We know there is no way in hell anyone has this player rated in the first round so we know we’re going to get our guy. We like to target average or good college players that are slightly undersized and weak so everyone else overlooks them and we can look like geniuses when they pan out for us. The pick is in the envelope. It’s a done deal.”

  41. “Peter King of wrote that he will be “very surprised” if the Niners don’t make a “Falcons/Julio Jones-type move” up the draft board. Remember, GM Trent Baalke has six picks in the top 100.”

    Ah, thankfully the draft is almost here, so all this speculation will finally be answered!

    1. I’d sure like to feel better about our starting CB’s then pick up a guy who’ll never be looked for.

  42. Vintage High School Class of ’88.
    Napa, CA
    Home of the Crushers!
    BTW…Larry Allan graduated from Vintage the year after me and Sean LaChapelle (WR LA Rams & KC) was in my class.

  43. To take the picture of the players attending the Draft they lined up in alphabetical order. Evans was right next to Fuller and the size difference was shocking. Honestly, none of the dbs attending the draft (either corner or safety) looked like they were close to Evans’ size. Then again they were all in suits….

    1. Fuller would be the nickel back and despite what Grant says Evans would be the split end and never the twain shall meet.

  44. Ten minutes I before the draft starts. My guess is SF goes WR in the first round. I’m guessing they move up. Not sure of their valuation order for WRs, so no clue who.

  45. Unless one of the top 3 CBs or WRs falls with five the Niners should sit on there picks.
    Here is why.
    Many good players to fill all their needs in mid rounds. Furthermore there will be a feeding frenzy at those rounds fueled by those that fell for little or no reason, rush for QBs and RBs. The Niners can both fill holes and trade for future if they hang tight.
    WR talent is deep. Late round CB talent is arguably as good as first. Two or more DBs is better than taking just one. And Niners like to develope DBS.
    I see Shazier or like value at 30 if not a trade down for future picks.
    Then its time to target a couple of mid round CBs and SS such as Baptiste, Desir, McGill, Gaines, Buchannan, Davis, Colvin, Goodson, Southland, Dixon, etc. And then mid round WRs they have there eye on such as Ellington, Washington, Bryant, Latimer, Moncreif, etc.
    Same goes for DE and DT, G and QB.
    I put a high value on Shazier at 30 because this draft is a bit thin for LBs in mid rounds where as other positions are rich.

  46. Gotta pay to play, but Gilbert ain’t worth that there. But I hope Trent has as extravagant tastes and actually gets who he wants. I hope it isn’t the WR from Notre Dame though!

    1. Excellent. I didn’t want him to drop within SF’s range and tempt Trent. Too many questions, especially at #9.

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