Shawntae Spencer talks about his hamstring and Michael Crabtree’s foot

SANTA CLARA – Shawntae Spencer spoke yesterday at his locker about two injuries – first, his hamstring pull, and second, Michael Crabtree’s recently-healed foot fracture.

From what Spencer said, both he and Crabtree seem on track to play week 1 versus the Seahawks.

You can read Spencer’s words for yourself.

Q: You’re back on the practice field. How’s it going?

SPENCER: Still playing it safe. Last two days I just did some individual sprinting and different stuff with Mark Uyeyama, our strength coach. Just still being very cautious because it’s a nagging injury. I just don’t want it to linger on into the season and things like that. I think Fergie (Director of Football Operations and Sports Medicine Jeff Ferguson) knows that. He’s been doing a great job of just protecting me and gradually working me back into it.

Q: Is this final exhibition big for you personally?

SPENCER: Not really. I don’t think I’m going to play or anything like that this last preseason game, but we’ll see. I don’t expect to play. They haven’t told me anything about it, you know, playing or not in this last game. I just wake up every morning, Fergie gives me the schedule of what I’ve got, and I roll with it.

Q: You’ve seen Crabtree catching passes. Any impressions?

SPENCER: Me and Crabs have been working out for a while now. From the pool workouts to, you know, we progressed together. From the pool to the field to a little bit of practicing and things like that. I’ll tell you what, I don’ think anyone in here is worried about him. He’s always had great work ethic. He catches the ball great. I think he’s going to be in good shape. Everyone’s excited to have him back.

Q: With his foot problem was there anything he really could do in terms of working out?

SPENCER: Once we’re in the pool that kind of limits you a little bit. It takes away a lot of the pressure off of his foot. Once we got out of there, I’m sure you guys saw it today, he was doing all the cutting and things like that so, I think they’re planning it the same way, just take it slow and gradually work him back into it.



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