Should the 49ers sign Eric Wright?

Trent Baalke reportedly met with free agent cornerback Eric Wright on Thursday after Chris Culliver tore his left ACL in practice.

Do you think the 49ers should sign Wright? Why or why not?

Keep in mind, Wright was a good slot cornerback for the Lions in 2011, but he has struggled playing on the outside where Culliver played the past two seasons. So, Wright probably would not replace Culliver. Wright more likely would be a replacement for Carlos Rogers.

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  1. He’s going to have to study better if he wants to pass his physical testing to even get a shot. If he can turn, locate and attack the ball at its hight point…sign him now!

    1. There’s nothing wrong with him , I’m convinced the Niners did not know about all that other stuff when they traded for him so they got embarrassed and made Sure he did not pass his physical

  2. Definitely now won’t cost any picks and he was proven 2 years ago unfortunately his contract should be for 12 games because most likely he will be suspended for 4 gamed

    1. speculation says he may get released, and never get another job in the NFL again. he can go for all the counseling the eagles want, but unless he’s counseled with his teammates, they’ll most likely never be able to play with him, coexist in the locker room, or live with the person he is. they may say they forgive, but how in the world can they forget? pariah, no matter his talent/skill level!

      1. Riley Cooper’s retirement from the NFL is coming. If he doesn’t retire, he will be destroyed on the field, and he knows it.

        Maybe this event, more than other much more meaningful ones, will convey to racist Americans that such behavior is not only wrong, but self-destructive also.

      2. Cooper’s teammates have forgiven and accepted a woman beater and a serial animal abuser.

        Surely they can forgive and accept a naughty word?

      3. Clem
        Not just slipping the word, IMO, he was being entirely hateful. A word of mouth account could never have carried the weight of the video. The video speaks; it’s a Mel Gibson Moment.
        I resent this. Despite my sobriquet, I’m a white dude. This type of thing even undermines MY relationships with Black People. They may be thinking about me: ‘Well he’s friendly and polite, but what does he really say when no Black folks are around? If I piss him off one time, will the Inner Strom Thurmond arise?’

      4. Tarzan you are clueless. Cooper was extremely intoxixated(does not make it right) and he made a mistake. He will be forgiven and opposing players will take a shot at him regardless of what he said. If any NFL players are taken this to heart and use it as a form of revenge or malice to hurt him, the league has bigger problems.
        This isn’t the first time some idiot ran his mouth and said something stupid. You should know, you do it daily on here!

      5. Yeah, intoxicated. So, Prime, if he’s intoxicated and drives and kills somebody is it not his fault or OK? Please don’t even bring that up; totally lame.
        So Mel Gibson’s doing fine in Hollywood after hating on Jews, right.
        My take: I suspect he’s not a hateful guy on a daily basis, but IMO he’ll never gain acceptance in an NFL locker room again. This will be player driven.

      6. Brotha, at the end of the day it was just a word. A hateful, nasty, disgusting word to be sure – but just noise.

        Cooper has teammates that have physically hurt other people. Not just mean words but actual physical violence. If we’re demanding that Cooper’s career be ended while letting the other guys off the hook then we are saying that words are worse than violence.

      7. Brotha, don’t get too emotional on this and read carefully, I said being drunk did not make it right. Your other analogies to this situation is all estrogen.
        He said something stupid, it’s not unforgivable, c’mon man he made a mistake.
        What will it say about the league when a guy says a naughty word and he cannot get employed. Meanwhile, guys are driving drunk, assaulting one another, beating animals and somehow they are forgiven? Lets be a little more open minded and chalk it up to a bad word said be a mediocre player. Move on!

      8. Cooper says that he’s NEVER used the word before. Not only is he a racist, he’s a liar as well. If he’s never used the word before, did he just learn it while in a drunken moment at a concert. We can all have those thoughts, but we shouldn’t act on them with words.
        It doesn’t matter what other players on the team had done. What he said was divisive. He happens to have African American teammates. He’s had them his entire football career. The problem for him was, he’s been using the word in the company of people he trusts but he didn’t realize that on this day, that trust was violated. He won’t be back in Philly or anywhere else in football. Unfortunately, he not a good enough player for anyone on his team to consider forgiving and embracing him again. So no, it’s not just a word. It’s the N word. Unacceptable!

      9. I think this is an over exaggeration of feelings. People are free to say and feel whatever they like. In my opinion, any claims that a player is unable to play with Cooper because of what he said is just a ploy for attention.
        Are you serious?
        I’m called names all day, every day by patients, the occasional colleague who is stressed out and frustrated, and by commuters who don’t feel I drive fast enough. I don’t walk away from any of that unable to perform my job or be professional.
        But a player in the NFL is telling us he is unable to perform because someone has ill feelings toward him? I seriously doubt the sincerity in that.

  3. How about his kid out here in Hawaii, Alii Ikaika, he’s 33 years old, had a few concussions , been arrested few times, does not play the position needed but he is available…

  4. If the team feels like they can get good production from him and have a system in place to assist him with his decision making off the field (call for a freakin’ ride next time you’ve been drinking, dummy), then yeah, I’m all for it. We could use the depth and, looking toward the future, the option to (re)sign this relatively youthful talent at the end of the season.

    1. 49ers let clements go a few years ago. was it subpar skills or free agency? certainly they know his personality with teammates, too.

  5. If he is gonna be suspended for the first 4 games, what’s the point. No need to worry T.Brock will step up and solidify the nickel. The kid is feisty like coach said and he is probably the best tackler in the secondary next to Donte W.
    If Nnamdi plays half decent and Rodgers plays well, with CoX we should have a good secondary.

    1. Brock can’t cover! He gets beat on the regular. Who cares if he makes the tackle after he gives up the catch.

      1. Who really cares what you have to say? You seem to dog anyone who wears the Scarlett and Gold anyways. Smith to Kaepernick and now Brock. You don’t know anything so go back into your hole. This was a much better place without you!

      2. Prime,

        I need my grass cut. Are you still kissing beat writers butts? I’ll talk to Grant about sending you over. You don’t have a life, I’m sure you’re available.

      3. Bay,

        Prime is a troubled individual. He has been kicked off the blog on several occasions. At least he cuts Grant’s grass to get back on. He is the blogs misfit. He is and always was DS. He is one sad miserable little clown. He has no life. Spends every day on this blog waiting to get banned again so he can cut more grass. Prime, I need my yard done!

  6. ” “We really didn’t now what we were getting when we got Nnamdi,” Fangio said. “He’s had some good days out here and some days when we weren’t sure if he’d be able to still have it. I think we’re kind of in between on him right now.

    “Hopefully, he’ll still be able to have some gas left in his tank to go out there and play like he did prior to going to Philadelph
    ia. So I think the jury is still out there.”

    Interesting take on many levels.

    1. It is very interesting, Jack.

      I had gotten the impression from camp reports that NA has looked good to very good. I’m surprised and disappointed by fangio’s quotes.

      1. It’s funny and yet it’s not Jack. Fangio should have at least some sort of an idea about any player that the Niners pick to play on the defensive side of the ball.

      2. That’s what jumped out at me first MidWest. You’d think they would know that from doing their “due diligence.”

      3. To me Vic is saying: Nnamdi, your roster spot is still in question even though Culliver is gone. Work harder consistently if you really want to make this team. Now is not the time to ease up….

  7. When he didn’t pass his physical and then got cut by the Bucs I thought the 49ers would sign him a few weeks later. With Cully done for the year, I wouldn’t be surprised if they sign him up sooner rather than later.

  8. @klynch49 “According to a source, cornerback Eric Wright is not healthy enough to sign. #49ers will meet with doctors next week about his status.”

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