Singletary: 49ers front office was ‘not one guy’

Coach Mike Singletary said the 49ers’ personnel department was not all about former general manager Scot McCloughan. Singletary made his first comments on the 49ers’ front-office-in-flux at the annual NFL owners meetings in Orlando, Fla.


MikeSing.jpg“Don’t get me wrong: we lost a very valuable guy in Scot,” Singletary said in a report. “But at the same time, we’ve got a lot of people that do a lot of great work for the 49ers in the personnel department. We’re not one guy.”


McCloughan is out as general manager, which means the No. 2 in charge – director of player personnel Trent Baalke – slides up a spot in the organizational depth chart to become the man who spearheads the draft.

“If you get into a situation where this person has all the information, no one else knows what’s going on,” Singletary said. “Then you have a problem. But, as of right now, the communication has always been really good from the start of the offseason to this point right now.”


Singletary is expected to accompany Baalke on the road for some scouting visits in the near future, so they can become more familiar with each other.


“There (are) a few tweaks here and there. You just have to grow that much closer and create a seamless deal on draft day.”


Singletary said he will not do anything different without McCloughan in charge. Singletary takes a very active role in interviewing draft-eligible players and performing background checks.


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1. First round: No. 13 

2. First round (from Panthers): No. 17

3. Second round: No. 17 (No. 49 overall)

4. Third round: No. 16 (No. 79 overall

5. Fourth round: No. 15 (No. 113overall)

6. Fifth round: No. 14 (No. 145 overall)

7. Sixth round: No. 13 (No. 182 overall)

8. Sixth round: No. 37 (No. 206 overall)

9. Seventh round: No. 17 (No. 224 overall)


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