Singletary discusses ’49ers formula for success’

The 49ers just concluded practice, and coach Mike Singletary held his gaggle with reporters.

Among the things he discussed:


–There has been no decision whether to promote receiver Dominique Zeigler from the practice squad, but it is something the club is serious considering for Monday night’s game against the Cardinals.


–Adam Snyder will start at right tackle. Jonas Jennings will likely be available for the game. He would be the backup at both tackle spots.


–As far as cutting down on the number of sacks in the second half, Singletary said he’d like to get the run game going better and use play-action to slow down the opposing pass rushes.


–He said playing on a Monday night is an experience that starts Sunday when you’re able to see all the other teams playing. Singletary said players run the risk of getting over-excited for the game. They have to maintain their calm before the storm, he said.


–As written about earlier today, the 49ers have a new banner up in front of their locker room. It reads:


49ers formula for success

1. Total ball security

2. Execute

3. Dominate in the trenches

4. Create great field position

5. Finish


“It’s not a new flavor of the month,” Singletary said. “It’s not, ‘I think this is it; it sounds good.’ No, this is what we have to do in the second half of the season to be successful and give ourselves a chance to compete at the highest level.”


Are those five things Singletary felt the team didn’t do in the first half?


“Obviously, we didn’t do a lot of things right in the first half, so you try to sit back and reflect and capture those things that you have to do in the next half of the season to give yourself a chance to get back in it.”


He added, “It doesn’t mean anything until it gets into the hearts of the players. And that’s what we’re driving home.”


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