Singletary discusses the future of the 49ers’ offense

Coach Mike Singletary just conducted his after-season press conference, a 30-minute affair that focused on his pursuit to establish an offensive philosophy.

Here are some of the highlights of Singletary’s meeting with the press conference:


–In addition to offensive coordinator Mike Martz, Singletary said he has also fired quarterbacks coach Ted Tollner and running backs coach Tony Nathan.



–Singletary said his approach to offense is “more run to pass.” He said there will be times when his team will pass more than run, but he wants to know that his team will be able to run the ball in the fourth quarter. He wants his teams to be able to run the ball effectively even when everybody knows the 49ers are going to run the ball.


–In firing Martz, Singletary said he was looking to establish a more conventional offense. He said the bottom line is that there was a difference in philosophy. Singletary said he wants to establish an offense that was more similar to what coach Bill Walsh implemented with the 49ers in the past. But, Singletary said, he is not a 3-yard-and-a-cloud-of-dust kind of guy.


–Do the 49ers have the offensive line to impose their will on the opponent in the way Singletary outlined? “Yes, sir,” Singletary said.


–As far as the search for a new offensive coordinator, Singletary said he wants it done as quickly as possible. When asked about a timetable, Singletary said, “Yesterday.”


–The 49ers are gathering information on candidates and putting a list together. When asked specifically about former Rams coach Scott Linehan, Singletary said, “We have a lot of people on the list.”


–The new offensive coordinator will have the power to bring in his own quarterbacks coach, Singletary said. As for the running backs coach, Singletary said that position will be filled at an “appropriate time.”


–Singletary said he will have final say over the 53-man roster. GM Scot McCloughan will still hold the “trigger” on the draft. But Singletary said the key to his union is “compromise.” He said he reports to McCloughan, but they will work together and come to compromises.


–Singletary said he expects to have a lot of input in the draft. “I don’t see Scot above me or below me. I see us working together,” he said.


–Singletary relayed the interaction he shared with McCloughan before the 2007 draft. He said he was not impressed when he saw Patrick Willis on film. McCloughan kept insisting to Singletary that Willis was somebody they should want to take with the No. 11 pick. Singletary said he watched Willis and saw something different. He said it was only after McCloughan told him Willis’ history – his personal life story and his willingness to play with injuries – did Singletary get the entire picture and see Willis’ potential.


–When asked a closed-ended question about whether he was prepared to address the Alex Smith situation, Singletary said, “No, I’m not.”


–Singletary was asked about the team’s needs as the 49ers head into the offseason. He said:


Quarterback: He said he is not prepared to name Shaun Hill as the starter because if the 49ers acquired somebody better, that person would end up starting over Hill.

Offensive line: The 49ers need a right tackle, but Singletary said a tackle or guard would be on his wish list.

Pass rusher: Singletary said you can never have enough pass-rushers. They might even look for a couple of them.

Safety: He said the safeties have done a good job, but they’ll look for a safety with “some more range.”


–On the QB situation, Singletary said it is his priority to get the best 11 players on the field. When asked if it’s possible that the 49ers’ starting QB in 2009 is not currently on the roster, Singletary answered, “You’re right.”


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