Singletary: I’m getting better at it

The 49ers might have a revolt on their hands if Mike Singletary is not named head coach shortly after the season. All signs are pointing that way.

But removing the “interim” tag from Singletary does not end the questions. Who will be his offensive coordinator? Mike Martz is the 49ers’ sixth offensive coordinator in six seasons. Will there be a seventh? That could very well be the case.


Singletary left plenty of wiggle room when asked if he wants Martz back next season as his offensive coordinator.


“I would say this: I think Mike Martz has been great this season,” Singletary said. “I think everything I ask him to do, he made every attempt, I think, to do the things he needed to do. Going forward, I just feel that after the season we have to sit down, as well as myself, everybody, and try to look at what gives us the best opportunity to win, going forward.”


Singletary said the best way to handle his future is to handle the present. In other words, the only thing he can control right now is getting the 49ers ready to play Sunday’s game against the Redskins.


“You have to stay focused on the task at hand,” Singletary said. “For me, you just have to know if you do what you’re supposed to do. Do your part and everything will take care of itself.”


And is he doing what he’s supposed to do?


“(I’m) getting better at it,” he answered.


* * *


Don’t expect the 49ers to force any young guys onto the field for the season-finale. Singletary was asked specifically about safety Dashon Goldson getting more playing time.


“I don’t want to just put guys in and (say) ‘Let’s see what you have or whatever.’ I have a pretty good idea of what we have,” Singletary said. “I have a pretty good idea of who’s here. I don’t want to put someone out there at the expense of not winning the football game. I want to give us the best opportunity to win.”


* * *




Not scheduled to practice: C Eric Heitmann (abdomen), S Michael Lewis (abdomen), CB Walt Harris (rest), LB Takeo Spikes (rest).


Limited practice: RB Frank Gore (ankle) and OT Adam Snyder (ankle). Gore will try to take a couple periods of practice. He’s expected to play Sunday. Snyder would “probably” start over Barry Sims if he’s declared healthy, Singletary said.


Full practice: LB Ahmad Brooks (back strain).


* * *

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