Singletary meets with media via conference call

The 49ers are not practicing today, but the entire team had to be back in Santa Clara for meetings. Coach Mike Singletary had a conference call with reporters this afternoon.

The conference call, originally scheduled for 3 p.m., was pushed back 45 minutes.


Here is some of what he had to say:


–The 49ers signed tight end Sean Ryan today and waived fullback David Kirtman. Ryan becomes the fourth tight end on the roster. Singletary said the move was made after talking to O.C. Mike Martz. He needed a tight end who was a physical guy who could play tight end/fullback to help in the run game, Singletary said.


–When asked if it was any reflection on Vernon Davis, Singletary said, “Absolutely not.”


Singletary went on to say, “Vernon is not a bad guy, OK? Vernon is one of my favorite people – one of my favorite players. I’m very excited about Vernon and the things he can bring to this team. Understand what happened on the field, that’s it. It’s over.”


–As for how Ryan will be used, that’s up to Martz, Singletary said. He said they needed another blocker to help Frank Gore run the ball more effectively.


–As for the bye week, Singletary said it came at a great time.


“I’m very thankful to have the first week prior to the bye week to give me something to have and reflect upon and look at through the rest of the season,” he said.


–And what has he learned about being an NFL head coach?


“I learned that being an NFL head coach you certainly have your share of media time,” Singletary said. “I’ve definitely learned that.”


–When asked if those issues might become a distraction, Singletary said, “No, I’m not going to let it be. The most important thing is we have to focus on the things we need to focus on as a football team, and that’s getting better and winning football games.”


–When asked if he was still determined to find the leak, Singletary said he would let the issue die.


“We as an organization felt that this is something that shouldn’t have happened and be able to deal with it, so going forward there would be no more sabotaging. (But) for me, the best thing is to let it go. I’m not going to look into who did it, who said it.


Singletary said he did not know if it was someone in the organization trying to sabotage him or if it was just random league gossip. But he said he is a firm believe that what comes around, goes around.


–Singletary said he is not concerned at all about how ownership feels about the pants-dropping incident. “But right now that’s not something I’m thinking about,” he said. “The biggest thing I’m thinking about is Arizona on Monday night.


–He said he plans to investigate ways to use all the players on the roster in the second half of the season. As for Ahmad Brooks, he said he would have to see him in practice to see if he’s capable of filling a role as a third-down pass-rusher.


–Safety Dashon Goldson (knee) is the only player who has already been ruled out of action for Monday.


–Tackle Jonas Jennings is expected back at practice. But it remains to be seen if Jennings will return to the starting lineup.


–Singletary spent the weekend in Waco, Texas, with his family. His daughter and son attend Baylor University. He went there for the homecoming game against No. 14 Missouri. Baylor nearly pulled off the upset, losing 31-28.


–The Arizona Cardinals lead the NFC West by three games. When asked the difference between the Cardinals now, compared to the team the 49ers faced in the first week of the season, Singletary said, “Confidence.”


“Momentum is in their favor. Everything seems to be going right for them,” he said.


–When asked how confident he was that the 49ers defense could slow them down, Singletary said, “Well, I think our defense will do just fine. I think our team will do just fine. Obviously, the Cardinals are clicking right now: offensively, defensively, special teams. They’re doing a good job. (But) I don’t expect for us to be overwhelmed. I think we’ll go out and do a good job. We’ll compete.”


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