Singletary: Not concerned with Crabtree negotiations

The 49ers’ rookies, quarterbacks and veterans rebounding from injuries are scheduled to begin trickling into the team’s training camp headquarters later today. Receiver Michael Crabtree is the only rookie who does not yet have a signed contract.

 Running back Glen Coffee, the 49ers’ third-round draft pick, signed a four-year contract on the eve of reporting date that includes a signing bonus of a little less than $828,250.


Out of the 49ers’ original $4.1 million rookie pool, the club has about $1.825 million remaining. That means Crabtree’s rookie cap figure can be no larger than $1.825 million. Obviously, that’s not a big concern for either side. It’s all about guaranteed money.


Speaking this morning on KNBR, coach Mike Singletary expressed his confidence in Michael Crabtree’s approach to the potentially sticky situation.


“I’m not the least bit concerned when he’s going to sign,” Singletary said. “We got guys here, just like Mike, who’ve been working his tail off. I know he wants to be here and . . . if he’s not here, he’s going to be working his tail off.


“The No. 1 thing is I know he wants to be here.”


Crabtree’s agent, Eugene Parker, is asking for a contract commensurate with the No. 3 overall pick – not the No. 10 pick – according to a report in the Denver Post. If that’s indeed the case, it might take a while for Crabtree to report to camp.


There will certainly be a lot of league-wide pressure on the 49ers to hold strong on this one. After all, if Crabtree signs a big contract, that could have a major impact on every contract for unsigned players chosen in the first round. (Only four of the top 32 selections have signed their deals.)


Sources have told me that Parker is not willing to acknowledge that Crabtree was the No. 10 pick. Parker apparently believes Crabtree should receive a greater contract than a typical No. 10 pick because he should have been selected higher. Parker has not made himself available for comment.


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