Singletary speaks about Davis, QB situation

Mike Singletary had his first day-after game press conference today at the 49ers’ team offices in Santa Clara.

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Every team in the NFL has so-called cancers, 49ers interim coach Mike Singletary said. With his actions on Sunday, Singletary seemed to be calling out Vernon Davis.


But, Singletary said, “I’m not including Vernon on that list.”


As interim head coach, Singletary said he will continue to look at the makeup of the locker room. “My eyes will always be looking around for those people who want to be a part of something bigger than themselves,” Singletary said.


As for the so-called “cancers,” Singletary said, “Those guys will continue to eat at a team until they eat at the very soul of the team.”


But Singletary said today during his day-after game press conference that Davis does not fit into the category of a player he does not want on his team.


Vernon is not a problem,” Singletary said. “Vernon is not a problem guy. Vernon just forgets sometimes that the team is more important. Vernon is not a guy who doesn’t come to practice. You have to tell Vernon, ‘That’s enough. Don’t hurt the guy. That’s your teammate.’ He works his tail off. You don’t have a problem with Vernon that way.


“What you have a problem with is with some of the decisions he makes at crucial times. ‘Vernon, what were you thinking?’ You have to be able to separate the two. He’s not the kind of guy is a distraction on the team. Yesterday was somewhat of a distraction, but everybody knows Vernon. They know full well who Vernon is, and I did what I had to do so that he wouldn’t be so much of a distraction.”


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Singletary said he and offensive coordinator Mike Martz looked at the film together this morning and pointed out some things about both quarterbacks — J.T. O’Sullivan and Shaun Hill.


Singletary said no decision has yet been made which QB will start when the 49ers return to action Monday, Nov. 10, against the Arizona Cardinals.


“We’re going to continue to have conversations about that,” Singletary said. “We have some time to really reflect and decide how we want to look at it going forward. We’ll make the right decision. Whatever’s best for the team, that’s what we’re going to do.”


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Singletary was asked about his post-game press conference that received a lot of national play on Sunday. Is that going to be how Singletary speaks after all games?


“Maybe I’ll drink a little more water,” Singletary said. “Maybe I’ll breathe a little bit. I had a chance to talk to the players and coaches, and I came in there that’s kind of my personality. I don’t talk a whole lot, but when I’m talking I do know what I feel and I do know what I want to say.”


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Defensive coordinator Greg Manusky, who was up in the booth all last season and for the first seven games this season, spent Sunday’s game on the sideline. Singletary said 49ers director of football operations Paraag Marathe is still up in the booth. He assists Singletary with clock management issues.


“Yes, Paraag is there as the clock guy who is constantly feeding me information when I need it, and that’s a good thing,” Singletary said. “He and I talked before and after the game, as well as some this offseason. The relationship was there. And I welcome that.”

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By the way, I truly appreciate the rational comments on the previous blog. I knew the tone of that blog might not be a popular with the readers, and a lot of you made some very strong points.


One point I’d like to make: It’s a standard thing in the NFL that whenever a coach leaves, that coach is bashed. In many cases, it’s revisionist history. But as I’ve noted, there are always disgruntled players in every locker room. There are guys on Super Bowl winners who think they should’ve been playing more.


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After the day wraps up here, I’ll be heading to Stockton this evening to speak to the 49ers Booster Club there. Looking forward to a fun evening.


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