Singletary talks O-line, Sheets, Rossum

Mike Singletary met with the media for the final time before the team was given a four-day break during the bye weekend.




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Among the issues Singletary addressed in the 3-minute, 15-second segment . . .


–Singletary said he is still looking at making changes on the offensive line. He said there’s a “good chance” they’ll make changes, but no decision has been made, yet. The team is not satisfied with the play of right guard Chilo Rachal. When asked if Tony Wragge was the candidate to replace Rachal in the starting lineup, Singletary said there are a “couple combinations,” but they’ll figure it out when they return to work after the bye week.


–Backup QB Alex Smith got his first work with the 49ers’ offense since training camp. Singletary said he wanted to give Smith some work while giving Shaun Hill time to recover. Hill is a “little sore” after taking numerous hits in the 49ers’ loss to the Falcons on Sunday. (There has been no talk about making a change at QB.)


**By the way, I spoke today to Alex Smith for a podcast. I’ll probably post that conversation on the blog tomorrow.**


–On the team’s decision to leave rookie running back Kory Sheets unprotected on the practice squad, Singletary said Sheets simply was not ready for a spot on the 53-man roster. He said the 49ers need help the kind of help on special teams that Sheets is unable to provide. “Kory is a good runner, but there’s a lot more to football than running.” Singletary said. He cited Sheets’ deficiencies in pass protection. (And that just happens to be the area that RBs coach Tom Rathman really stresses for his pupils.)


–Singletary said the call to release return specialist Allen Rossum was a “tough decision.” Ironically, Singletary said the decision was made because of special teams. Rossum is a good return man, but the 49ers do not believe he is effective on the coverage units. As for as the 49ers’ plans in the return game, Singletary said Arnaz Battle “can handle the ball back there on kickoffs and punts.” Delanie Walker returned kickoffs against the Falcons.


–Singletary brought back his old Bears teammate Wendell Davis to provide personal assistance to Michael Crabtree. Davis worked with the 49ers this summer as part of the Bill Walsh Minority Coaching Fellowship program.


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