Singletary wants line, not QB, to carry the load

The 49ers have won two games this season while fashioning the league’s 30th-ranked passing attack. There will be a time when the 49ers need a little more production from quarterback Shaun Hill.


But coach Mike Singletary said he hopes that day does not come any time soon. At his weekly press conference today, Singletary said he envisions a team that relies on its offensive line and defense.


Singletary was asked if Hill is capable of putting the team on his back and leading them to a victory.


“Hopefully, we never have to ask him to do that,” Singletary said. “Hopefully, we don’t have to have a quarterback in position to just take us and put us on his back and take us down the field. I believe what he’s doing right now has been good enough the first two games.


“Going forward, and I’ve said before, we’re going to have to run the ball and Shaun Hill makes some plays here and there, and as he gets more comfortable, we can open it up a bit. That’s what’s going to have to start happening. And I believe he can do that.”


* * *


Singletary said he likes the team’s playmakers on offense, but those players are only going to be as good as the offensive line allows them to be.


“We’re going to be as good as our offensive line,” Singletary said. “We got playmakers on offense, we have Josh Morgan, Isaac Bruce and Vernon Davis. We got Delanie (Walker). It doesn’t matter . . .  Frank Gore. It doesn’t matter how good our skill people are.”


Morgan, by the way, had no receptions yesterday. But Morgan did make a significant contribution with his blocking. He delivered key blocks on both of Gore’s long touchdown runs.


* * *


Singletary said right tackle Adam Snyder took strides to getting back on track. He said Tony Pashos did a “pretty decent job.”


Which one played better? Singletary said they played about the same. Singletary says right tackle is not an area of concern. He said, “If Tony Pashos were not here, it may be an area of concern.” Singletary said Snyder and Pashos will probably split time again and continue to do so until one player separates himself.


* * *


Through two games, the 49ers’ wideouts (Morgan, Bruce and Arnaz Battle) have combined for 14 catches for 170 yards. There are eight players in the NFL with more yardage, and Reggie Wayne (whose team plays tonight) had 162 yards in the Colts’ first game.


Do the 49ers need Michael Crabtree? The New York Daily News reported that the 49ers have filed tampering charges against the New York Jets for having contact with Crabtree and/or his agent, Eugene Parker.


When asked if the 49ers have filed tampering charges, Singletary answered: “That’s something the league is going to handle internally, and I’m not going to get into that. We’ll let that play out.”


Singletary said he has not closed the door on Crabtree signing and playing for the 49ers.


“I think we need every football player that can help us win that’s supposed to be here,” he said. “As I’ve said before, I think he’s a talented guy. Hopefully it works out so he gets here. If it doesn’t, I feel confident with what we have.


“As we go forward, I think we’re going to need all the football players we can get,” Singletary said. “I’m never going to be prideful enough to stand back and say, ‘We don’t need him.’ “


Singletary took the high road at the opening of training camp. After all, he said he sat out the opening of his rookie training camp in a contract dispute.


“At this point, I’ve put it out of my mind, totally,” Singletary said. “At the beginning, yes, you have to understand. (But) this is a little out of the realm I was in, so it’s one of those things I don’t even think about any more.”


* * *


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