Singletary: We got our tails kicked up front

Singletary: We got our tails kicked up front


Mike Singletary just concluded his first day-after game press conference to wrap up the team’s 20-16 victory over the Cardinals.


Here are some of the highlights:


–The last question of the press conference was about Michael Crabtree. Singletary was asked if the team sent Crabtree a letter, as reported by Fox’s Jay Glazer, stating that the team’s contract offer would be “modified” if he did not sign by Sunday.


“At this time in the year, that may be the case. I’m not sure,” Singletary said. ‘I didn’t want to hear about it any more after last Friday. I said, ‘Hey, do what you have to do. I’m focused over here.’


“So I don’t know if the letter’s actually been sent. I know we talked about it. But at this point, the whole Michael Crabtree thing, you know what I’m going to say. It’s over there. I’m going to focus over here. We have our hands full with the 53 (players) that we have.”


By “modified offer,” that would mean that either the 49ers are offering less money for a five-year deal or they’ve increased the deal one more year with a corresponding increase from their five-year offer.


–The 49ers might be adding a receiver soon, though. Brandon Jones, who sustained a broken right shoulder during training camp on Aug. 6, will be back in uniform and might start practicing this week with the club. He was originally expected to be out through September. It’s uncertain if he might be able to return a week (or two) sooner than expected.


–Singletary was not pleased with the performance of the 49ers’ offensive line. The 49ers gained just 21 yards rushing. It was the lowest total in a winning effort in 49ers franchise history.


“Obviously, we’re going to have to play much better on the offensive line,” Singletary said. “We’re going to run the football when we need to run the football.


“There were a couple times in the football game when we didn’t need to let our defense get back on the field and we did. Good football teams can’t do that.”


He added, “We got our tails kicked up front.”


–Right tackle Adam Snyder had a difficult game, and that might open the door for veteran Tony Pashos to begin getting worked into the mix, Singletary said. The 49ers signed Pashos to a one-year contract after the Jaguars released him.


“Obviously, we want to get a chance to look at Pashos,” Singletary said.


–Hindsight being 20/20, Singletary said there are definitely some things offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye would’ve done differently in yesterday’s game. The only success the 49ers had was in the passing game. On their game-winning drive, Raye called 13 passes on the 15-play march. Singletary said Raye is still learning about the team’s offensive personnel.


Singletary had some major issues with referee Don Carey, who was in his first game in that role. He had a spirited talk in the tunnel at halftime.


“You don’t want to hear what I said. It was very positive,” he joked. “He may not say that. . . . Really what it came down to, when you’re making calls out there, have somebody over there near me that can relay some kind of information and I’ll be fine. And that’s what we talked about. That happened in the second half. It worked out a lot better.”


NFL spokesman says Carey reported Singletary was “professional and respectful in questioning a couple of calls.”


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