Skelton: “I’m fairly confident I’m not going to do do the stuff Kap can do.”

SANTA CLARA – John Skelton spoke at his locker Wednesday afternoon. Here’s what he said.

Q: What are your thoughts about coming to this team and initial impressions?

SKELTON: I’m excited. When I first talked to the coaching staff about the possibility of coming here, I got super pumped, just being able to work with Coach Harbaugh and the rest of the staff. I think his track record, especially for quarterbacks, really speaks for itself. I’ve been really looking forward to that.

Q: For this last month has it been hard to sit out and watch?

SKELTON: Yeah. I’ve been watching games on TV and seeing how they do everything and just trying to get as much as I can just watching film on TV. Coming here and just the few hours I’ve been here, I’ve already soaked in a lot.

Q: What’s your familiarity with the 49ers’ offense?

SKELTON: They do all the checks and motions and stuffs to try to get them in the best possible play, but the terminology is a little different as it is with everywhere else. I think Geep put it best. He said, “We’re in the middle of a book right now. You’ve just got to hop in. You’re not starting from the beginning.” I’ll play catch up and I’ll get there.

Q: What was your mindset after your workout with the 49ers?

SKELTON: They were truthful with me. They said they’d take it a week at a time and see what happens. They just asked me to be truthful with them if any other teams showed interest. When I talked to my agents and then they talked to the front office, it was all positive.

Q: You tried out with the Titans?

SKELTON: Yeah, I had a workout with the Titans. I think when people here caught wind of that, they flew me back out. Started in El Paso, went to Nashville and ended up here in two days. Happy to be here.

Q: Did you get an offer from them?

SKELTON: No, I don’t think they were going to make a move immediately. I’m not going to speak for what they were thinking, but they didn’t sign me. I’ll just leave it at that.

Q: You had one of your best games against the 49ers a few years ago. What do you remember from that game?

SKELTON: I remember when I first got here, Coach Harbaugh asked what were the better defenses that you’ve faced? I think 1 and 2 were San Francisco and Seattle. It’s fortunate for me that I don’t have to face one of those teams any more. This is a great staff, great players in the locker room. Everything I hear is positive. Being 2-2 right now, everyone is positive and ready to get back to work.

Q: Have they told you specifically what areas they want you to improve your game?

SKELTON: Not right now. Right now it’s just learning the offense, get as much as you can, get it absorbed, get it to a place where you can function in it. Right now that’s where my focus is.

Q: This offense has some read-option elements to it. Have you done those in the past? What’s your comfort level with those?

SKELTON: I did them in college. We did some read plays in Arizona, but more run/pass type stuff. It will be different here. I think the great thing about being in this offense is they’re going to play to the strengths of the quarterback. I’m fairly confident I’m not going to do the stuff Kap can do.

Q: More like what Alex Smith did last year?

SKELTON: Yeah, probably more like that. Even him, he’s probably more mobile than I am.

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  1. Bye Bye BJ Daniels. Enjoy playing for the Seahawks. 49ers love giving away draft picks. At least get a package of skittles or something for them

      1. I guess you can say I am overreacting but I don’t like BJ getting cut for a stinker of a QB. I actually feel more comfortable with Sketon backing up Kaep instead of McCoy but why keep McCoy? Daniels seems to have a lot more potential than either scrub. There is a pattern right now with the 49ers dropping draft picks for veteran backups. Guys like Cooper, Grey, and now Daniels getting cut so the team can make room for guys like Ventrone (the beloved punt protector), and the other 5 specialists. Draft picks are usually cheaper and you develop them how you want. Guys like Ventrone, Moore, Osgood, etc are just stop gab guys that here for a season and then will move on. Are they worth keeping instead of the potential in players like Daniels, Grey and Cooper who all can play special teams too?

      2. Dude,

        It appears no team took BJ off of waivers, It appears that he still available for the squad. I have read nothing that he went to the Hawks.

      3. He went to the Hawks, it was on PFT. Daniel’s may turn out to be nothing, but at least he has potential. Skelton offers nothing. I don’t understand the move.

      4. Ummm Neal – Its pretty much everywhere. Are you on the moon? Given he was “awarded” to the Seahawks, that does tells us that no other team tried to claim him. Guess this is part of a dig back at us for taking Chris Harper.

    1. Daniels had secret meeting with York before getting cut….Jed’s matching whatever Seattle paid, + 300k for copy of Seattle playbook.
      Your name?
      Daniels……B.J. Daniels…. I prefer for my drinks shaken not stirred.

    1. No, I said earlier it was bone head to pull the Skelton out of the closet to replace a promising draft pick.
      I am hoping he is a smart QB who just cannot run. Oops, how bonehead of me, forgetting about all his NFL career turnovers for a moment there.

  2. What’s the point of taking players in the 7th rd, they should just package those picks to move up in the draft better than drafting a player and then releasing him!

    Grant can u check on all the 7th rd picks of the last 4 years that have been cut and playing somewhere else now?

    1. You gotta see what they can bring against NFL players first.

      I know is may sound PI, but has anyone thought that Daniels just couldn’t pick up the offense? IMO that had more to do with this than anything, that and they thought he would clear waivers.

      And of course SEA picked him up, that whole team, coaching staff and fan base wants to beat the Niners badly. They’ll do anything to possibly get a leg up on the Niners AND the Seahawks backup QB situation is even worse than the Niners.

      1. Yeah pete’s got a personal vendetta….Damn…Bj could have went anyhwere..but it had to be the Seahawks…jeez

      1. 2009: Bear Pascoe 6th Round
        Curtis Taylor 6th Round
        Ricky Jean Francois 7th Round
        2010: Kyle Williams 7th Round
        Nate Bynum 6th Round.
        Philip Adams 7th Round.
        2011: Colin Jones,S
        Bruce Miller, DL/FB, Central Florida
        Michael Person, OL, Montana State
        Curtis Holcomb, CB, Florida A&M
        2012: Trent Robinson, 6th Round
        Jason Slowey, 6th Round
        Cam Johnson, 7th Round

        Other teams have had some success late rounds”
        Jay Ratliff 7th round 2005
        Marques Colston 7th round 2006
        Tom Brady 6th round 2000

        Here is the link you’re looking for though. It breaks down playoff vs nonplayoff teams and the draft.

    2. I can fill in a few right off the scrimmage line.
      2013 — Marcus Cooper KC and BJ Daniels Seattle
      2012 — Cam Johnson Indie
      2011 — Bruce Miller SF Holcomb and Person ?
      2010 — Adams ?
      2009 — Ricky Jean (should have stayed in) Francisco — Indie Taylor ?
      2008 — Larry Grant ?

  3. They had to know hawks were gonna claim him , kid had a presence , strong arm , good runner , instincts, terrible organizational move across the board in a year full of bad moves that are starting to pile up and will prevent this team from winning a championship

  4. Seattle appears to be having their way this year. Its our luck that Daniels will become a star in less than 2 years. They are lucky and good right now. They still have to prove that they can play well on the road. Something they’ve not done yet.

    1. The season is just 1/4 done. Recent NFL history is littered with high flying teams who came back to earth by the end of the year. Seattle has played just one good game so far . (I don’t count the scrimmage against Jacksonville as a legit NFL game). They still have to face Atlanta, New Orleans, and the Niners. I am not ready to concede anything to Seattle just yet.

      As for Daniels, I am willing to accept Harbaugh’s assessment. Clearly he did not progress as the team wanted him to. I think it is far more likely that he will be out of the NFL in two years. I remember how excited many people on this blog were about a certain Nate Davis after a couple of preseason TDs in garbage time. the last I checked Davis is out of the league.

    2. Agree Jordan,
      This October move for a Skelton has all the look of coming back to haunt.
      BJD will learn from his older and right now much more seasoned twin. Matching skill sets. A perfect fit. Wilson 1 backed up by Wilson 2.
      My first fear was that the gamble would fail. Anticipated that one. My second fear was that he would go to Seattle. Knowing that Carroll could see the potential and is out for revenge on Harper move, I should have anticipated that one.

    1. Good read Jack and my response is yes they do/would miss him. PFF ranks Smith as the best outside pass rusher through the first quarter. I also recall reading something where they said he has done well against the run. Even if he has done badly against the run his pass rushing ability alone will make him a missed commodity.

    2. Way to pinpoint a key area in the game.
      You don’t want Lemonier on field in run situation; he is just to raw. He should come in 3 and long. Skuta should have the probable run assignments. Telegraphing defense is not a good thing but there will be few options available.

  5. I’m not one to overreact to roster moves, but I think we now have to confront what looks like it’s becoming a fact: the Seahawks are not just a better team than the 49ers ……. they are a smarter one. Stupid move by the 49ers to lose Daniels and sign this stiff.

    1. They are without a doubt the smarter team, if they did get rid of a tLent like this because he wasn’t grasping the play book then maybe they should make their offense a lot less complicated and adjust to talents and strengths … That’s what Seattle does and will do with Daniels

      1. NY Niner- You don’t adjust your playbook to suit the 3rd string QB, ever. He won’t see the field in SEA, we can only hope he does, and he doesn’t understand enough of the playbook to give the SEA coaching staff a ‘real tip’ to what is happening.

      2. This was not about the playbook or they would have grabbed coach Tolz back when. Seattle has demonstrated they already have Niners well read.

        No this is about a player that has the potential to be a great fit in there Wilson offense and it is about revenge for Harper. They lost their PS gamble thanks to the Niners; Now the Niners loose theirs thanks to a hungry hovering hawk.

        Note to Harbaugh; what goes around comes around.

  6. As I said when they cut him, a real head scratcher for me. Another guy they really hoped they could sneak through waivers but didn’t. This is what happens when you have a good team – other teams take your leftovers. Giving away a young prospect in Daniels to add another veteran presence as the 3rd QB is just another short-sighted move the 49ers have made of recent times… but in this case I think the real short-sighted move was not signing or trading for a true veteran #2 in the off-season.

  7. I’m saying offense is too complex in general , takes too long to learn , too long to get plays off , and gets away from strengths

    1. I agree with the ‘takes too long to get plays off’ part. That continues to be an issue. Brent Jones stated that play calling may be the most overlooked portion of how a team performs. It’s absolutely paramount, football is all about matchups and taking advantage when you can.

  8. I was saddened when they cut BJ Daniels and then worried he wouldn’t clear waivers. Going to Seattle, ugh worst case scenario. I agree with was posted above, what the hell is the strategy here regarding 7th rounders? Daniels and Cooper. Why draft guys that then show promise only to cut them later? Trade out of the pick for next year, or bundle the picks for higher picks, or trade for a player using the picks. Don’t just waste picks. 49ers seem like veteran players over young players. I think Seattle is doing a better job right now of drafting and developing their own. We could learn something from them honestly.

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