Smith’s improved confidence shows

Alex Smith was anointed the 49ers’ starting quarterback just five games into his rookie season. Now, he’s been promoted to the same position in the seventh game of his fifth year.



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In the above podcast, Smith addressed Mike Singletary’s comment that he’s hungrier now. Smith said, “I’ve been out for two years, so I don’t know if I was getting any hungrier. I always wanted to play the game at a high level.”


Smith also said he realizes he was handed the starting job as a rookie based on potential. So this time he is coming about the starting job in a different way. Smith has earned it.


Does that help his confidence? Smith said he’s more confident, in general, at this stage of his career. He said he did look more confident on film in yesterday’s game, but it’s the same way he’s been playing – or practicing – for a while. “I haven’t had a chance to display it for a couple years.”


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