So now we have to wait until Monday to resume….

Obtained by ESPN, the NFL player reps sent out a letter to the players Friday, advising them to continue their workouts through the weekend. “We will meet again on Monday to discuss our options and the direction we want to go.”

Interpret that letter any way you wish but the message is clear: Pffffft! to you, NFL owner. The owners issued their power play Thursday by approving a document the players said contained new language not seen by them on Wednesday. It was a power play all the way.

Friday’s announcement returns that favor, for the owners said Wednesday is the drop-dead, line-in-the-sand deadline for a deal to be struck, otherwise exhibition games will be lost. That would be $25-$35 million a game, the owners estimate.

Welcome to Poker, NFL-style. There was a chance the players would straighten their backs on the owners.

Now, the $64 question, who is going to blink first?

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