Specialness of Kevin Durant will conquer resentment

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  1. Nice, you elicited thoughtful, profound statements, not only from Durant, but also Adams.

    Jed and Baalke could learn a thing or two from Lacob and Meyer.

  2. Grant

    You asked your pointed question with so much enthusiasm I thought KD might blow over … (well done on your part) … but he really did sit well with it for a moment, not an easy question, and then offered you respect in that kind smile and the thoughtful answer he provided. I thought it was the best question of the presser because it gave KD the best opportunity to reveal his true self. Bravo!

  3. “Steve (Kerr) preaches mindfulness and joy when you play.”

    Hope Kerr sent Phil Jackson a thank you card after winning their championship last year.

  4. Grant good question and great article! Your ears must be burning because Brian Murphy of Knbr was talking abut how good you were but even better when he and his wife got married and you were an eight year old kid busting moves to Michael Jackson songs and how confident maybe borderline cocky!
    Anyway it sounds like you are working it like your father! Too bad Jed York is like his father and not more like his uncle. What a contrast between joe lacob and bob Meyers to Jed York and Trent Balke. I swear York and balke are chris Cohan and Robin Rowe who grinded the Warriors into nothing.
    I am sure your dad has good stories on that. Lots of fun being a warriors and giants fan. Has much as I feel Chip Kelly is a good coach, any progrss will be screwed up by York and Balke, man why do the 49ers have to be my first love? Looking forward to more good articles!

  5. To ridicule or criticize an athlete for wanting to play at the highest level and surround himself with the best players and his friends is insane.

  6. Oh, how I wish that the Niners were so attractive, that elite Free Agents would want to come to the Niners to get a ring.

    Instead, they avoid the Niners like the plague. Baalke, get a clue.

  7. They will. when they get tired of standing outside of ‘Bob’s Big Boy ‘ with their hat in their hand begging to talk to Trent Baalke….

  8. KD didn’t make a business decision to play for the Dubs. He could have made more money elsewhere including remaining with OKC. He came to play the style of basketball he likes with team mates who are kindred spirits, and they can together contend for a title every season for the next 5-6 seasons. After the next season, Warriors will have to sign mega contracts for Curry and Durant (if the latter exercises his option) and each will have to earn a little less that they can elsewhere (under $30M/yr instead of just over $30M/year) in order to field a championship team.

    1. Jacob and Meyer are the Yin to Baalke’s Yang.

      The Warrior’s sign top level F/A’s and make solid draft picks. Baalke’s drafts & F/A’s(esp. his offensive linemen, WR’s and TE’s) are club philosophy–Billy Ball /Marathe –analytically based.

      Trent Baalke to Althon Sports 2016 (The NFL’s Premier Sports Publication):

      “We haven’t done a lot in free agency. We’re a draft and develop team.”

  9. People scream and complain that they want the Yorks to sell the team. This right here (Source Post Above) is why they will not be selling the team anytime soon.

    And the 49ers, and the York family are going to be in great shape moving forward. The team is paying off plenty of money in the stadium loans, but with the new stadium completed and effectively sold out, the 49ers and the Yorks are going to be making money hand over fast in the coming years.

  10. 2016 NFL Preview: What happened to the 49ers?


    Frank Schwab Shutdown Corner
    By Frank Schwab
    July 7, 2016 8:40 AM

    The offseason inactivity was more nuanced than team owner Jed York squeezing pennies, and the thought of gaining a compensatory pick in 2017 had to be a factor

    1. They ARE cheap-to the extreme–like a buyer at a Walmart. That was old man Yorks philosophy, passed on to jr.

  11. What the heck Grant! This is a 49ers blog, not a Warriors blog! We always knew you were an Oakland homer and this proves it!!!

    Just kidding. Was hoping to see you dig into some other topics since the 49ers are kind of a dead horse right now.

    Thanks for the insights. Have always enjoyed the insight the Ron Adams brings to his hits on KNBR.

    I keep hearing, there’s only 1 ball. I don’t see it as an issue but am interested to read how you think the offense is going to flow.

    1. I think the Warriors offense will flow better than it flowed last season. Durant is unselfish and a much better passer than Barnes. I imagine Durant, Curry and Thompson each will shoot roughly 17 shots per game and Green will shoot 10. How do you see it shaking out?

      1. Durant will get all of Barnes’ shots along with some of those that the 2nd team was taking. Durant shot about 15% higher than Barnes so there’s the extra points.

        On top of that, you could rotate guys so Curry or Durant are always on the court with Green or Thompson. This automatically makes the “2nd” unit better.

        Barnes as a nice player, but he killed the Warriors in the Finals during that 2-20 stretch with missed wide open 3’s and jumpers.

        This is just going to be a really fun group to watch. There’s just so much skill.

        Do you see Green as being the Warriors version of Dennis Rodman, but with more offensive skill?

        1. I actually see Green as the Warriors’ version of Scottie Pippen.

          Draymond at 25: 14/9.5/7.4

          Pippen at 25: 17.5/7.1/6.1

      2. Getting Durant wiped away the bitter taste in my mouth after game 7. Warriors have basically an all star line up.

  12. To the other follower’s of this blog. Please take it easy on my son Tommy.

    I dropped him on his head when he was a young child. And then there was the whole house fumigation incident in which we forgot to wake Tommy up in the morning before they put the tent on. Boy that was quite a scene.

    As you can see he had quite a rough go of it.

  13. Nice column Grant and nice ending. I was waiting to see a Comparison of some sorts; it is a Cohn trademark and happy that it was not there.

    1. Tom dear, it’s time for you to come down from the computer room to get your diaper changed. If you’re not down and off the computer in 5 minutes I am going to shut off the power to your router.

      Love mom

      1. SallyyD

        So sorry to hear of TomD’s early experience…probably very hard on you and family. For such a Philadelphia Eagles fan, I would imagine it is difficult to follow ‘Chip’ Kelly clear across the country just to criticize him from what he reads in his comic books…

        Good luck with little Tommy….

  14. Grant, here is an interesting subject. Instead of Baalke compared with Reggie, compare the Warriors, Giants and Sharks GMs to Baalke.

    I also agree with the Pippin/ Green analogy. both could rebound and both could defend, while letting others (Jordan-Curry) take the spotlight, and be the scoring force.

  15. In most other sports an elite free agent signing with a team because he wants to win championships would be praised as unselfish.

    For some reason Basketball is different. I’m guessing its the numbers… football has 22 starters to basketball’s 5. Kind of like 3 or 4 pro bowl players leaving one to for another at the same time.

  16. Love the Durrant signing. But the pressure to win comes with it.

    We still need an inside presence that can score around the basket.
    Our 3point shooters are great, but when both had trouble in the last 3 games against the Cavs the outcome was almost inevitable for me because no one could score inside the paint.

      1. Dee,
        Read my entry and you’ll see what I said. The pressure to win will definitely become more heightened because of Durrant.

        The team was under pressure to win in the finals because of their record 73 win season. Now the pressure to win a ‘ship’ increases because of the expectations with Durrant on the team.
        The team now has 4 potential MVP’ on the team. Two have already won MVP’ and Klay and Draymond have the potential to reach that level.

        If I could put Klay, Curry, Durrant, Draymond and Iggy in the upcoming Olympics against any team in the world, I would be confident they could bring home an Olympic Gold Medal.

        I’ve been a Warriors fan since the early San Francisco team of Rudy LaRussa and Jeff Mullins which were pre- Rick Barry and Clifford Ray when they played at the old Cow Palace (which still stands). So for me, seeing top rated players wanting to play for my once lowly team is very refreshing. Having said that, I’m excited about 2017 season.

        I guess I’ll do my best to hold off on the pressure to win the ‘ship’ until we get in the playoffs.

  17. Excellent signing.

    Durant gives Curry and Thompson back the option they had before Bogut’s knee was barrel rolled into by cheap shot Cavaliers (no foul).

    When a player goes out to guard Thompson or Curry on the 3 point line either guard would use their dribbling skills to drive the lane, forcing defenders to collapse toward them. At this point how many times did fans enjoy the Alley Oop to Bogut for a slam…It was a pick your poison deal. Do you want me to shoot a 3, or drive the lane for a dunk.

    With the trade, the Warriors get more athletic. It remains to be seen how they coach up the big men acquired via trade/draft, but I’m impressed with the organizations aggressiveness.

    1. Oh, by the way, on the play you noticed the shot was blocked. The Warriors had built a 3-1 advantage by closing the freeway lanes to the bucket. Once Bogut was cheap shotted, no one stood in the way of James in company. Might as well held a sign out, expressway open for dunks, and no more easy buckets for Curry or Thompson via Bogut.

  18. This is overlooked and so true.


    No TMZ false reports of CK allegedly raping a woman, no A Smith arrested for DUI or making bomb threats or being sued for firing a gun into the air at his party, R MacDonald isn’t being arrested for domestic violence, Brooks hasn’t been named in a lawsuit or hit his teammate with a bottle over the head, no reported trades of coaches or leaks from the FO, no retirements and the only thing we’ve had is a QB requesting to be traded and a FO that hasn’t even spoken to their $12 million QB. Its kinda nice.

    1. No offseason drama is good. However, I’m puzzled at Seb’s 5 win prediction? Based on what. Kelly inheriting Baalke’s linemen too heavy for his scheme. Or Baalke’s WR and TE draftpicks.
      And I’ve posted major newspaper/magazine articles about the fans and local reporters in Philly claiming Kelly’s offense is predictable….Just google in Kelly’s predictable offense and a 1000 stories pop up.
      But, like a moth to the flame, Seb says he doesn’t read them.
      Then, where do you ascertain those numbers?
      We know a cat doesn’t change his spots, so don’t look for Kelly to change his offense, meaning the defense will tire, giving up large chunks of yardage in the 4th Qtr.
      And we haven’t even mentioned the Niners have the # 1 ranked toughest schedule in the NFL….Please explain your numbers Seb?

      1. Seb,

        There also an undercurrent of dislike for Kelly’s offense by his own players turning on him. How long will it take for this to occur in SF?

        1. Your proof is what? LeSean McCoy and DeSean Jackson? Considering Eagles players said they drama queens who were locker and on-field problem children, I just can’t really get all that excited about it. And Jackson was a problem for Reid as well.

          OTOH, we do have this:

          In a report published on Friday, CBS Philly alleges that Jackson was cut because he was a problem in the locker room. The report also alleges that Jackson cussed out coach Chip Kelly on several occasions. The report quotes ‘sources close to and around the team, including current and former players, as well as additional sources within the Eagles.’

          According to the report, not only did Jackson cuss out Kelly several times, but he was blatantly insubordinate and regularly threw temper tantrums. It was also alleged that other players didn’t like Jackson, which could very well be true because no one came to his defense after he was released on March 28.

          Jackson was problem. McCoy was a problem. Not Kelly.

      2. Tom you don’t have to mention Seb in every response.

        Couple of thoughts. Beadles, Thomas and Martin all came from more ZBS OL’s. Now the latter two have yet to play well enough to start barring injuries. I have read several responses to the fact that OL’s either run PBS or ZBS and the personnel are one or the other. Several NFL coaches said every team in the NFL runs both ZBS and PBS and people make too much of players fitting or not fitting. This is really about the talent we have at OL. If we have good O linemen I am not sure it matters. Don’t count Garnett out because he’s big, he moves really well.

        The 2013 Eagles OL was considered one of the best if not the best in the NFL. Review the sizes of these players as you say that our OL is to big for his scheme. There really isn’t much difference except in talent.

        Jason Peters 6-4 328
        Michael Barmiro 6-8 340
        Allen Barbre 6-4 310
        Evan Matthis 6-5 298
        Jason Kelce 6-5 295
        Lane Johnson 6-6 317
        Todd Herremanns 6-6 321
        Andrew Gardner 6-6 308
        Dennis Kellye 6-8 328

        49ers OL
        Beadles 6-4 305
        Brown 6-8 355
        Fahn 6-5 306
        Kelly 6-5 315
        Kilgore 6-3 308
        Pears 6-8 316
        Silberman 6-5 306
        Staley 6-5 315
        Thomas 6-3 317
        Tiller 6-5 324
        Theus 6-6 303

          1. Yeah he’s intriguing for sure. He’d need to gain about 15 pounds but he’s rumored to have run a 4.55 on his pro day and 4.6 at the combine. I’d love to see what he can do. He catches better than McDonald for sure and he’s got enough speed to beat LB’s and size to box out little DB’s. I think we’re so weak in talent there he’s got a shot. Can he block though?

          2. He’s got a great catch radius, hands, focus on the ball, body position, catches the ball at its high point. He’s a good red zone target. He’s not quick for a WR, benefits from good play calls and match ups and pushes off a bunch in the video you posted. He could get called for offensive PI a bit. He doesn’t generate a ton of separation agains DB’s but against LB’s he’s good.

            1. And this, on 49ers D and Offense:

              Training camp preview: Who will win 49ers QB battle?
              By Conor Orr
              Around The NFL Writer

              O’Neil is an interesting case — finally out from under the Mike Pettine umbrella, this is really the first time he has the chance to mold the philosophies of Rex Ryan and Pettine.

              Kelly is the kind of coach the talent-starved 49ers need right now and, more than any other coach available this offseason, he can maximize a roster that few coaches wanted to touch with a focus on running the football, spacing out defenses and creating open wide receivers via play action.
              And this, on 49ers D and Offense:

              Training camp preview: Who will win 49ers QB battle?
              By Conor Orr
              Around The NFL Writer

              O’Neil is an interesting case — finally out from under the Mike Pettine umbrella, this is really the first time he has the chance to mold the philosophies of Rex Ryan and Pettine.

              Kelly is the kind of coach the talent-starved 49ers need right now and, more than any other coach available this offseason, he can maximize a roster that few coaches wanted to touch with a focus on running the football, spacing out defenses and creating open wide receivers via play action.

            2. http://www.nfl.com/draft/2016/profiles/devon-cajuste?id=2555276

              NFL Comparison Lance Kendricks


              Bottom Line If this evaluation were purely as a receiving prospect, the draft grade would be lower; however, Cajuste might carry a higher grade as an H­-back or tight end which are the two positions where he should project. Cajuste is a willing blocker who also carries some third down and goal line value as a pass catcher which is why we are projecting him as an H-­back or move tight end.

              1. Breaking Down San Francisco 49ers Tight End Position in Advance of 2016 Season

                Not lost in the mix is former Stanford wide receiver and undrafted free-agent pickup Devon Cajuste.

                Cajuste, at 6-foot-4 and 227 pounds, looks more like a tight end than a prototypical wideout. So it would make perfect sense for the 49ers to try and transition him into more of a receiving-TE role if he makes the roster.

                He should. Given Cajuste’s excellent hands — take a look below — it would be hard for Kelly and Co. to leave him off the roster.


            3. Wilsomn,
              I like Cajuste, but I believe that he will need to make the team as a WR.

              Kelly’ offense is a perfect fit for VMac because of his blocking prowess. When I think of players who could excel in Chip’ offense VMac is almost front & center.

              In a run oriented scheme, VMac’ value as a blocker could very well exceed his catching ability.
              Therein lays the difference between a TE who can excel at blocking vs someone like Cajuste who would be asked to learn a new position with high priority placed on blocking which is something he was not asked to do at Stanford.

              If Cajuste makes the team, I see him more as a hybrid type WR that could provide good value in the redzone. His size and speed in the redzone could really be a big boost for this offense.

              1. AES, that was the question, can he block? Sounds like you’re saying that’s not his thing. Chip’s offense also relies heavily on TE’s who can catch too. Didn’t they draft Ertz and the elder Celek? I have some silly hope maybe Vmac will figure out how to catch. He does look intriguing in the Red Zone.

            4. In my 53, Cajuste does not make the team, unless they trade away a TE. Also, Driskel could be converted to TE because he has the size and speed. Its a numbers game, and with a crowded WR class, he may be the odd man out.

      3. TomD

        I don’t think you quite get ‘it’…no one on this blog gives a poop about what local fans and local reporters in Philly claim about Kelly….The last sensible thing written in Philadelphia was the Declaration of Independence…and that’s been awhile….

  19. This is so exciting!!!! The Warriors Cavaliers have the potential of being the Celtics vs Lakers of the 80″s. So exciting for NBA fans

  20. That’s your personal regret…I don’t regret losing Harbaugh at all…you and your ‘sports comic books’ JH is in Michigan where he belongs and can play Bo Schembechler all day long, and upstage his recruits for front-page noteriety….Go Jim…until you meet up with Urban Meyer….

    1. OREGON,
      Oregon my friend, do you really consider yourself a voice of reason when it comes to Harbaugh?
      After all, didn’t you make the comment years back that you would not root for the 49ers if they won the Superbowl because of Harbaugh?

      JH is a big boy who as we can clearly see, doesn’t need the 49ers. Yes, Harbaugh is a complicated personality that won’t sit well with some, but as a long time 49ers fan, I will always be appreciative for what he brought to my team.
      Hopefully your boy Chipper can do the same for this team one day.

      1. AES

        Naw, hell no I don’t consider myself a voice of reason when it comes to Harbaugh ….That being said, who WOULD be considered a voice of reason regarding Harbaugh….Seb..? TomD…? C4C…? We’re just opposite sides of the same coin. I was just as jacked up as anyone on here to get JH as head coach…finally after two D HC’s, we got an OHC..former QB, Passer, or so we thought…all the pieces were in place to return to the WC Offense. Whether or not you agree, Bo Schembechler has no history with the 49ers and Alex Smith was the best hope we had before and since for the WCO. A coach who calls out the team owner in front of a team meeting, didn’t get fired…he fired himself.

        1. OREGON,
          You are correct on two crucial points here.
          1. Bo, did not know Alex Smith. And I don’t believe that Bo was channeling through Jim Harbaugh in JH’ decision to replace AS with CK.

          2. Harbaugh’ comment to Jed that the locker room is for “men only” was only brought by one person, Kyle McLorg who does work for the BASG. Odd, isn’t it that not one of the players in the locker room (to my knowledge) ever validated that event.
          And even if Harbaugh did make such a statement, he already had one foot out the door. So the fact that he would not be back in 2015 was a done deal before he made that comment.

          Seems like you conveniently forgot that the tension between Harbaugh and the front office began when JH asked for a larger contract and the front inquiring the Browns if they would be interested in a trade deal with Harbaugh. Btw, this took place before the 2014 season so to say that there were frayed feelings between Harbaugh and Jed before the alleged locker room comment would be a huge understatement.

          1. AES

            I’ve never heard of Kyle Mclorg….Pretty amazing how media spins this stuff , …huh?

            As for BO channeling JH, I wasn’ t there either….

              1. AES

                Thanks for the link, but I think that you and I are really splitting hairs. I don’t like JH because I think that he’s an unpleasant, disloyal, egomaniac, who only believes in ME FIRST…no press releases other than by him, and a myriad of other sins that we have hashed over in the past…..You love him because he took a young, up and coming team, made a couple of changes, and after robbing AS of his opportunity installed CK as the starting QB for the remainder of the SB season following a minor cuncussion. As usual, we both are right, just seeing it from different eyes…Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy our banter, and agree with you more than you might guess….ONLY 3 MORE WEEKS…!

            1. McLorg was the conduit in which Paraag Marathe leaked his smears.

              However, the acrimony started just after the Super Bowl. It was reported that Baalke and JH went at it in a big argument just after losing the game. One could not hear exactly what was being said, but the sound carried.

              Both sides should have been more mature, and kept their focus on the big prize, instead of petty, infantile, egotistical recriminations.

              JH was given an ultimatum, Playoffs or bust. Luckily, he had a soft landing. I was frustrated about his game management, and thought Roman was clueless, but I could see them not trying too hard for an organization that stabs you in the back. JH did not fire himself, he was fired long before. That comment came from some one who did not care.

              It is no wonder that all the retirements occurred just after JH left. The FO showed no loyalty, so the players responded in kind. Then they went cheap on the coaching, with cheap results.

              Which brings us to this season. I am astounded that Kaep is still with the Niners, because I thought he was long gone. It makes sense after one factors in the reality that Kaep was a JH pick, and they wanted to remove every vestige of JH. They even took his statue out of the museum, and purged his image.

              Obviously, the only person in the world that would get Kaep to stay is Chip Kelly. Many pundits thought that Kaep would be the ideal QB to run the Chip Kelly offense. Chip, being a smart man, saw that Kaep gave him the best chance to succeed.

              Nothing is certain, and competition will determine who plays, but I hope you are not too bent out of shape if Kaep is the starter, and I expect a grudging admission that he has rehabilitated his game if the Niners manage to win some games.

              We both like Chip, and wishes him success. I understand your pessimism about Kaep, because frankly, he was pretty bad last season, even with injuries and a pathetic O line.

            2. Your welcome OREGON,
              But of all the negatives character traits you place on Harbaugh, you should take into consideration that they are football related where his intense competitive nature comes to the forefront.

              Jim Harbaugh the civilian is a great family man that does work around the community and has made annual trips to South America to help in missions work.

              I know that you have always made it clear that a large part of your contempt towards JH had to do with him replacing Alex Smith with CK. But that fact remains that no one could have guaranteed that Smith would have beat a very good Green Bay Packer team and the NFC championship game against the Falcons in Atlanta, let alone make it to the Superbowl. CK did.

              Like you, I would have liked to see AS get in a few series in the SB game, but only if we were comfortably ahead with a couple of minutes left.

              1. AES

                Gotta’ disagree with you on football related….remember who ‘caddied’ for JH at Pebble Beach…? I’ll somewhat agree with his “intense competitive nature” which borders on psychosis is there, but it is also with the members of his team and coaching staff….I think that Greg Roman was the worst offended in having his calls from the ‘skybox’ changed by JH before they got to the QB.
                Your use of the word ‘guaranteed’ I think is as apt for Alex as it would be for Colin unless we’re playing 20-20 hindsight…..remember what Alex’ record was from the entire ’11 season to when he was replaced by JH.

              2. OREGON,
                Not sure what AS caddying for Harbaugh has to do with JH’ character and our previous thread. I don’t think that caddying for Harbaugh was in Alex’ job description – it was voluntary on his part. But I admit, that AS had a great attitude and didn’t see caddying as below his level, as apparently some have.

                But I gave you a fair question when asking you if anyone could have guaranteed that Alex Smith could have taken the team to the SB in 2012.

                OREGON, while you have been perpetually disturbed that AS did not finish the 2012 season as the starter, I value the fact that CK and Harbaugh did get the team there.

                I repeat, hopefully Chip can get us there as well.
                Heck, it this point, I’d be happy for 6 wins.

          2. I only first became aware of McLorg when he said 49er sources said Hue Jackson was a “done deal” to be the next 49er HC. Mike Silver shot that down in a hurry. There was a pretty funny twitter exchange between the two.

            My guess that McLorg’s source was a higher up in the 49ers that truely though it was a done deal, but the source was simply mistaken.

            1. B2W,

              I believe Silver said on Tim Kawakami’s podcast that HJ was ready and willing to take the 49ers job, but the 49ers never made an offer, then the Browns did and HJ took it.

              1. HJ wanted more personnel control, but Baalke did not want that. Hence the interest, but lack of an offer. Cleveland gave him more personnel control, and a fat contract, so he took it.

                Also, Chip was waiting in the wings, so the Niners gave him the HC job, because he was content to just coach. However, it was interesting to see Chip retaining Kaep, and the first 2 picks seemed like they were Chip picks, so it is gratifying to see Baalke lose some power.

    2. I am happy w what we have now w Kelly and O’Neil, and w our young roster, anxious to see how things pan out. I was optimistic last year and will remain so this year until proven otherwise…….. but as a season ticket holder, very happy w the changes and I think Jed was at fault for the Tomsula hire, not Baalke, and Kelly will be here for a while.

      Sadly, due to financial reasons, had to give up my Dubs season tix 3 yrs ago (yes, I know, bad timing). But the 3 yrs I had lower corners I paid $35, $38 and then $39/seat/gm! Raiders upper deck at $25 is one of the best deals going……

    3. Jed’s decision to choose Baalke over Harbaugh will one day be seen as equivalent to choosing Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan. Both choices altered the futures of their franchises. As soon as Harbaugh knew he was out the team changed from contender to pretender. To deny his impact is to be ignorant to the glaring obviousness of the teams immediate success upon his arrival with essentially the same team as the season before it. Tracking the teams win/loss record only cements the impact that Harbaugh had on this team and the ridiculousness of the decision to part ways with him.

      One day, Jed York will apologize for keeping Baalke over Harbaugh. It might not be anytime soon but one day it’ll happen. Probably after Harbaugh has returned to the NFL and has a couple SuperBowl championships on his resume.

      1. Why are you so sure that it was a choice of Baalke over Harbaugh. Couldn’t it have just been that Jed didn’t want Harbaugh anymore and got rid of him; especially if that story regarding Harbaugh asking Jed to leave a meeting that was only for “men” is true. Sure I believe that Baalke and Harbaugh had their issues, but what makes you so certain that Baalke couldn’t live with it?

        Regardless though, the result was a disaster. Let’s hope that Kelly can right the ship.

        1. So you’re suggesting that York fired Harbaugh, just cause, and that the GM went along with it because he agreed that it was a good idea to part ways with the coach that just took you to the SuperBowl after turning around the team. That the reports of a split between Harbaugh and Baalke are just hooey and that the team moved on because that’s just what Jed felt like doing?

          1. I believe it would be nice to hear the truth about what transpired w the Harbaugh departure, along w the Tomsula hire, and the 49ers decision to leave SF with the relationship between Newsom and John York as factors.

          2. As I said there was tension between Baalke and Harbaugh. But, correct me if I am wrong, Baalke does not have the power to fire the head coach. So, they are approximately peers. I don’t know what really happened, but I don’t think anyone else does either.

            I’m putting forth a plausible scenario where Harbaugh has also had a difficult relationship with Jed. At some point Jed had had enough. If the meeting incident is true, I don’t think you would find many bosses willing to accept that level of insubordination.

            “and that the GM went along with it because he agreed that it was a good idea to part ways with the coach that just took you to the SuperBowl after turning around the team.”

            Not sure why you would think that Baalke would publicly protest or even quit over Harbaugh’s firing. Did he protest or quit over the hiring of Tomsula, who was clearly not up to the task. Watch the first press conference that Tomsula had. Baalke hovered over him like a mother hen and restated some of Tomsula’s sentences. Contrast that with the first presser for Kelly. Baalke sat quietly and almost demurely when Kelly spoke. To me, I could clearly see that Baalke felt that Kelly was an equal and capable of handling himself. He did not, imo, feel that way about Tomsula.

            1. Not sure why you would think that Baalke would publicly protest or even quit over Harbaugh’s firing.
              I wouldn’t and I what I wrote I don’t believe was suggesting that there should have been public protest. What I implied was that a general manager would never sign off on firing a winning head coach unless he had personal reasons to go along with it or he was the one instigating the move. No GM would ever let a great head coach walk because the owner had his panties in a bunch. As you said they’re peers and that’s part of my point. Harbaugh didn’t get fired without Baalke being a part of the decision. After 36 wins in 3 seasons and a SuperBowl appearance less then two full seasons passed there’s no legitimate argument that would say that the team felt like they could do better and that Harbaugh was failing as the teams coach. Given the results since his departure I think cements that suggestion even further. With no on-field or off-field reasons to fire him what other reasons are there other then personal and again as you said it yourself, they’re peers. If one of them had a problem with him then so did the other otherwise one side would have talked sense into the other and we’d still be winning football games.

              The rumors at the time about the discontent proved true there is no reason to assume that the rumors about it being a rift between Harbaugh and Baalke are also not true. I think when you also factor in Baalke’s quiet and reserved eccentric personality along side Harbaugh’s nuclear frenzy that those two were oil and water personality wise making it even easier to believe the stories.

              1. First off, don’t get me wrong. I think firing Harbaugh was a huge mistake.

                My theory assumes that Baalke is more “football experience” mature than Jed (which is a pretty safe assumption). In this theory Baalke knows that firing Harbaugh is a mistake even though he personally has conflict with Harbaugh. Jed OTOH is immature when it comes to football and makes a critical error in firing Harbaugh. I believe Jed now knows he has made a critical mistake, but will of course never own up to it. The hiring of Kelly is a step in the right direction.

                You seem pretty certain that no GM would let a HC with Harbaugh’s record go. Sure he can argue and should have argued like hell and even threatened to quit, but ultimately the decision is York’s (just like any company). If Harbaugh really did disrespect him during that player’s meeting as has been suggested, then I can easily see that being a major contributor and maybe the final straw in York firing him. But are you saying that if Baalke was able to tolerate Harbaugh and Jed fired him, then Baalke would have quit (because no GM lets a HC with Harbaugh’s record get fired). If so, he’d be giving up a $2M/yr job with the hope of getting something similar where there are only 31 other positions in the world. Not sure his recent draft record would give him the credibility.

                It’s been an interesting discussion and I’m certainly not suggesting you are wrong. Just that there are alternate theories. Don’t know if we’ll really ever know what happened.

              2. I never purport my ideas to be anything more then raging opinion :)

                The truth never stays buried forever. One day we’ll hear the whole story.

              3. My 2 cents…

                Cubus, I think you are correct that we don’t *know* Baalke was on board with the Harbaugh firing. At no point has anyone ever confirmed Baalke was agitating for it. And therefore it is possible he was overruled by Jed on the decision, and that he thought it a bad idea.

                I also think you are correct in saying that if Baalke thought it a bad idea, but ultimately Jed overruled him, it wouldn’t be a sufficient reason for Baalke to quit.

                However, I think there is enough unconfirmed reports out there to give a pretty strong indication that Baalke was on board with firing Harbaugh. Some reports even suggest he was more than on board with the decision, but actually happy with/ wanted the decision. A number of reports have suggested Baalke found it impossible to work with Harbaugh towards the end.

              4. For the record I never suggested that Baalke would or should have quit or gone public with his grievance. Not sure why that keeps coming up.

                All I’ve done is try to answer Cubus’s original question; “Why are you so sure that it was a choice of Baalke over Harbaugh.”

              5. I know. As far as I can tell you couldn’t be saying Baalke should have quit or gone public with his grievance because you have consistently argued Baalke had no grievance over the decision in the first place. :-)

                I was just trying to take the nice middle ground of saying its *possible* Baalke could have had a grievance over the decision, and if he did it would not have necessitated he quit as a result, but in all likelihood its a moot point as he probably was all for the decision.

      2. Perfect comparison, Baalke/Sam Bowie to Harbaugh/Jordan, although I always thought Romans offense was something out of the 1940’s.

        But I’ll make you this bet………..Jed will NEVER publicly apologize for keeping Bulky over JH. You need humility to admit your shortcomings, to acknowledge your not of a football background.

        Aint happening…………..

  21. I also heard Cajuste’s name in the role of H-Back. There again, he would have to beat out Miller (the better blocker). However, most H-Backs these days are split wide. In this case, Cajuste’s the winner over Miller.

  22. Joe Lacob just obtained the services of the prize free Agent in the NBA.

    Jed, being so ineffectual, just sat on his hands and did nothing. If Jed wants to win, and I for one thinks he will be content to tank the season to be rewarded with a high draft pick, he should be pro active.

    Jed should stop the immature posturing, and do everything in his power to get AD back. He should slap Baalke for being such a douche, and agree to every demand that AD has proposed, and give him back his signing bonus. Without a decent RT, the Niners may be doomed again, so getting AD back should be a high priority if they want to win.

    Even if AD considers the situation toxic, Jed should trade AD to a team of his choice for adequate compensation, or swap players to improve the team. Holding his rights and not allowing him to play is just churlish and petty.

    Jed could show leadership, but I do not expect much.

  23. Oregoniner is what he is. A college football fan who knows only all Chip all the time.
    Harbaugh had argueably the NFL’s # 1 D coordinator in Fangio…Who does Chip have? Harbaugh went to 3 straight NFC Championships + a Superbowl, a way better overall record and kicked Chip’s as_ face to face. I guess he considers Chip’s 15 play playbook not conservative–the one that all sports fans and Writers in Philly say it is. I’ll believe them than Oregoniner.

    However, I’ll give Chip and Jed another Merry-go-round with our emotions. After that, it better be all of them: Holmgren + Shannahan + Gruden in the front office hiring young NFL West Coast Offensive coaches.

    1. Bulky will never hire anyone with a Walsh coaching pedigree. Holmgren would have been perfect, but Prags statistics said “No”.

  24. Wilson,

    Oregon Niner has revealed his bias for everything Oregon. Another college coach w/o a decent overall pro record won’t hurt. Marty Schottenheimer was fired after a 14-2 season so we can do better is all I’m saying…What do you think of Gruden + Shannahan + Holmgren running the front office with Ron Wolfe as a consultant/Asst. Gm ?

        1. I’ve never wavered in my belief that Colin Kaepernick will usurp Gabbert in training camp, and help Kelly right the Chip….

          1. Razor,
            For either CK or Gab to succeed this year many holes on the Chip need to be patched.

            1. OLine will need to greatly improve from last year.
            2. WR’s will need to quickly separate on routes.
            3. RB game will need to keep the defense off balance.
            4. QB’ will need to make snap, yet smart decisions.
            5. QB’ need to be more accurate when passing.

            Having said that, I think that the biggest surprise on the 2016 team will come
            from the defense.
            I believe will greatly contribute to make our defense relevant again. The offense will be better than last year and we will get some flashes and glimpse of what is to come. But I still believe that the offense is about 2-3 years away from making a solid impact.

            1. AES

              Good post…as we all know (?) Defense wins games…and I believe that is where the journey begins with our current 49ers. Yes, having a trio of QB’s with virtually the same skill set can’t hurt, nor can a brace of at least 6 fast, long, young receivers, and 4 hungry RB’s and a revamped Oline for ‘Chip’ to work his magic on…..but it is going to be the D that gets us rolling…perhaps no all-pros in the first year, but with depth to continue the fight and just see who got old on the opponents side of the ball….

              Yes, AES…this is going to be a fun year….they might kill us, but they can’t eat us….

              1. OREGON,
                Yes sir!
                It’s going to be an interesting year. I’m not getting my hopes and expectations too high, but I do believe that we will see the rise and development of some very nice young players that could be the building blocks for a playoff contending team in the not to distant future.

                Looking forward to watching young players like Armstead, DeForest, and Blair get in some playing time on the D-line. If these players can pressure and get to the QB this year it will work wonders for the entire defense especially our secondary.

                I really do believe that we’ll take some bumps and bruises at the beginning of the season, but we could show some significant improvement by the second half of the schedule.
                Also, not crazy about the tough schedule in 2016, but it will serve to make us stronger for years to come!

          1. I used to have the best .jpg in the world and I can’t find it anymore. It was a shot of Thelma & Louise as they drove off the cliff and it said; Rolling with Nolan.

            1. I’m assuming you finished with … because you realized that it had nothing to do with what I posted and just decided to stop.

              My comment was about Nolan’s complete botch job of Alex Smith in pretty much every facet.

              1. C4C

                nice bait job…and I admit I bit on it…Too eager to defend Nolan’s choice, not even looking at the “You’re not hurt enough with a broken clavicle!” when that was probably the beginning of the end for Nolan and the niners.

  25. And in other thoroughly predictable news…… Jarryd Hayne wasn’t good enough to be selected in the Fijian Sevens team for the Olympics….. I guess he’ll come up with another dream now…..

    1. Well I would welcome him back as a Niner because he would be the best Punt returner if he did come back. What did he miss? Just an OTA. Still plenty of time before TC.

      Chip is smart enough to utilize Hayne properly.

    1. As a running back in the industry I predicted a year ago that Mike Davis Would beat Hayne out…He did. I predicted this year Hayne would not make the 49er roster due to competition and that Kelvin Taylor would beat him out. Haynes off the roster, and did not even qualify for the Olympics.
      One of Seb’s man crushes is down. The next “Chip to Fall” will be Kap, after the 49ers discover how putrid he is with a year’s rust in need of scraping off, and a late arrival into Chip’s playbook, Driskel will beat him out…The only thing to do is wait for another of one of Karnak the Magnificent’s (I meant Seb the Magnificent’s) predictions that another rugby player will make the roster. Since this will be Baalke’s last year after a 2-14 season facing the NFL’s toughest schedule, Seb and Baalke can build imaginary rosters all they want after their terminations.

      1. *Forgot to mention,

        After Kelly goes 2-14 and he’s fired by York, Oregoniner can join Seb and Trent builing imaginary rosters with all of Oregon’s players and Chip’s 15 page playbook in the unemployment line/

        1. TomD

          Just for the record…I (me personally) would rather have Jed York for an owner rather than Jeff Lurie…chew on that

      2. As a Raider TrollD, you obviously have taken too many blows to the head. Please go root for the Raiders since you hate the Niners with a consuming passion.Your incessant negativity and mean spirited posts just make me pity you. Even if you are correct, I will still root for the team I love, and hope they will finally start learning how to be classy and act like champions.

        Indubitably, you exemplify the antithesis of class, it is more like crass. You also are the poster child for the term- dumb jock, and your advocating trading Kaep for Tebow just says it all. Now you are rooting for them to lose 14 games. Frankly, you must know a lot about losing, because you are a loser in every sense.

        Have a nice day.

          1. TrollD, I am the one advocating a more rigorous approach to concussion safety. I even advocate that ALL players get a pre season brain scan so it can be used as a baseline to evaluate the severity of concussions.

            I just see your brain not working properly, so I just assume it is CTE. Kaep for Tebow, remember?

            Make fun of you? Why not?

      3. I will still root for Hayne, because he seems like he has enough talent to play the game.

        However, when the GM cuts him on the team bus, the animus against him was palpable, and I do not expect him to return to the Niners. Maybe Chip will be intrigued with his skillsets and ask him to return, because I think Chip is smart enough to utilize his skillsets.

        It would be deliciously ironic if another team picks him up, and he does well against the Niners. I do not want the other team to win, but Hayne could show just how lacking Baalke is in player assessments and football acumen, and it would be nice payback.

  26. *Addendum to above:

    Forgot to include Chip in the terminations above. When Chip goes 2-14 he’ll be fired by the Jedster.

    A great chance for Oregoniner, Seb, Chip and Trent to collaborate on building their imaginary NFL rosters with all of Oregon’s players for their comeback into a future NFL job, since they are all legends in their own minds, they can take Chip’s 15 page playbook with them….The one that all of Metropolitan Philadelphia calls predictable–(even their sportswriters–Just google Chip’s predictable playbook) but Oregonniner is still stuck in college so really never graduated to the complexities of the NFL

  27. Jed and Trent can try to reinvent the wheel or have NFL owners bow to their genius in Chip and Oregoniner.
    However, as of yet, Chips offense has not even won an NCAA Championship. West Coast offenses have won at least 15 Superbowls.

    things is that teams seem to have a bead on what the Eagles are doing.
    Why the Eagles are failing on offense

    In the NFL today, you simply can’t play the way Lombardi’s Packers did back in the 1960s.

    This game is littered with plays where the Cowboys are just completely prepared for what’s coming, and know exactly how to destroy it, usually by shooting the right gap, or at least overloading the area the Eagles are trying to attack.

    Kelly’s offense has, if anything, become less sophisticated during his time in the NFL, and at the moment is simply too predictable. He is putting his players in a position to fail, and at the moment they are responding by doing exactly that.

    Take a look at this tweet from Smart Football’s Chris Brown from during the game:

    Now, Chris is a smart guy (hence the name),

    Chris B. Brown
    Eagles offense: H-back off the line, inside zone away; tight-end on the line, sweep towards the TE. WRs adjust splits, pass. Rinse, repeat.

  28. TomD

    Isn’t there anything about the Eagles worth writing about ? Other than the Flyers, the last Philadelphia I can remember was the Philadelphia ‘Warriors’…with Wilt….

    Be honest, did you get ‘tossed’ off all the Philly blogs ?

  29. Although I would not want to see Seb at an old folks home now, I believe he should be clubbed over the head like a baby seal on this topic by NFL security since he finds humor here. Maybe this would help:

    NFL security should fly immediately to Seb’s home forcing him to an old folks home for a weekend vacation to look at the 45 year old NFL players there.

      1. TrollD, even with draft picks, trading away Kaep for a player who is not even in the league anymore is obtuse, and amply demonstrates your total lack of football knowledge.

        TrollD, please go to back to the Raider site because it is obvious that you hate the Niners and hope they lose every game. I, on the other hand, wish the Niners win more rings, so I will end this with something you would never write.

        GO NINERS. SIX!!!!!!

    1. TrollD, now you are advocating violence against me. I expect no less.

      In fact, you advocate a heinous and cruel act of barbarism against me, so you just showed your true colors.

      Just like you were ‘Joking’ that I break into gun vaults and create nightmares. TrollD, you are a piece of work, and bring nothing to this site.

      1. Wait a minute, seb. You once said that I was showing my true colors after i said something you subjectively interpreted as Hitler-ian–you know, kill, destroy, pollute the earth, etc etc.

        Well, i agree with most of your football strategy comments…..other than Kap.

  30. A figure of speech was used…Apologies all around for your misinterpretation.

    –Kap trade proposed when Tebow was a player and Kap a hot commodity.

    –Hyperchondriac. Check out treatment centers in your area, P L E A S E S E B

      1. As to your point about cheerleading for the 49ers. Your not alone, Seb. Because one differs from your viewpoint, blocking you neighbors view with that two-story American flag doesn’t make your neighbors less patriotic than you.

        And shopping at the grocery store in your Uncle Sam Outfit speaks for your insecurity/perception of what others think of your patriotism.

        Real fans can also point out areas where things can improve. Not just sit on there couch, but actually taking it to the streets, as we did in the 60’s

        1. TrollD, you are not a true fan. You are a Niner hater. You hate the organization from Jed to Joan in payroll.

          TrollD, you are the ‘True Fan’ that wrote – go Raiders, and you are the troll that predicted the Raiders would make the playoffs.

        2. Bah, as a former football player, you were pampered, set on a pedestal. You could probably care less about social injustices. Many football players I know are about as conservative as Atilla the Hun. Marching in the streets? Dont make me laugh.

          Were you ever tear gassed? I was in Berkeley. Did you ever stand up for your principles, so much so that you were brave enough to be arrested? I was. I marched on Livermore, I listened to Dolores Huerta. I take a back seat to no one in my zeal for peace, truth and justice.

          TrollD, you really do not have a leg to stand on, and to disparage me with straw man arguments just says a lot more about you than it does about me.

          1. Again with the straw man arguments!!!!!!!!!! There are other bad arguments, you know.

            You did all that in Berzerkly? I once worked with Che Guevera…………I’d rather not talk about it.

        1. Logic Seb.

          Is one not allowed a favorite AFC, Seb? ..Mine is the Raiders–love all their 49er coaches who are going to take them to the playoffs!!!

          49ers are my NFC….If only Jeb would quit hiring 1st timers–Tomsula, Nolan, Singletary, Trent Baalke and now an NFL failed experimental offense in Kelly.

          You can sit there with the yokel of 49er apologists, Seb, and swallow Jed and Trent’s pablum to eternity, Seb.

          I, one who cares for the 49ers am “taking it to the streets.”

          1. Taking it to the streets? LOLOLOLOLOL. TrollD, if you think that trolling a website is a profile in courage, let me disabuse you of the notion. You are a wuss, who uses the anonymity of the internet to spew hate and divisiveness.

              1. Little known back story on Vinnie Vincent. He could play Jeff Beck note for note, and Iron Maiden asked him backstage why he didn’t play like that. Vincent replied, “It’s boring”. Yes, he was crazy but contrary to what people say, he was a great guitar player, a good song writer, and reinvented Kiss. Whereabouts unknown, last heard from in 1988….

    1. Seb,

      Your ignorance of professional players standing for causes only speaks to the monumental dumb as_ you are.

      Please see Jackie Robinson, Roberto Clemente, Don Maynard, the list is really endless you moron.

      1. Sorry for discluding the late, Muhamad Ali and his stances for all Americans civil liberties in the above list–God rest his soul.

        Please forgive Seb, for he know not whereof he speaks in disparaging a whole class of people (pro athletes) above.

        1. TrollD, I said MANY, not EVERY. You just wildly extrapolated it to mis-state my opinion and make it seem like I am attacking an entire group.

          Football is so uptight, they go reefer madness and exclude gays.

          For every low key discriminator, there are others like Kaep, who, while using too harsh of language, decried the injustices. Jed himself has donated to worthy causes fighting gender injustices.

          I was specifically talking about you, since you seem to be hateful,intolerant and gun nut, to boot.

          1. What gender is “gay”? Library shelves grown under the weight of books showing the science between male and female. What makes someone gay? A feeling?
            Bruce Jenner was aroused by women and fathered children. Now he’s decided he’s a woman, and had his body surgically altered to prove it.
            Maybe I’m going to make it with the neighbors cat—people do love animals, and animals love them back………….

    2. I also marched for a cure for aids, against political corruption. Was there for the Grenada rallies, US out of El Salvador, etc, etc.

    3. So if I did that too, why did you first say that I sat on my couch and did nothing? Your zeal to disparage me just means you were hoisted upon your own petard.

  31. Getting back to football, I hope Chip and his coaches have seen enough of the players to make sound assessments on the personnel.. They should bundle players so they can get as high a draft pick as possible for them, but if not, they should singly trade away the players who they think will not make the team.

    They should trade away players like Brown, who may not fit the offensive scheme, or Miller because he would have good trade value to another team. Patton and Brooks may be talented enough, but their tendency to make blunders and lack of discipline should make them expendable. If Vance can show that he can catch the ball, they should retain him, but if he is still afflicted with the dropsies, they cannot afford to play him, and expect to win. Pears, Brown, Thomas and Silberman should be all be possibly used to get more draft picks, instead of being cut and moving to another team without compensation.

    They should decide who is the best fit in the ONeil defensive scheme, and trade away a couple DBs. All are speedy and have talent, so to the right team, it may be a win win situation for all involved.

    They should trade away as many marginal players as possible. They should leave a couple roster spaces open, and poach players from playoff teams, because they might be upgrades from the present talent. Those poached players might also provide good intel on future opponents. Baalke should copy Schneider, who obtained Robinson, Lockett, Tukuafu, Daniels, Dobbs, and Moody from the Niners.

    I am planning on coming up with a 53 man roster projection, but would also like to see what other posters come up with. Now that it is the down time before TC, maybe Grant could also do a 53 man.

          1. Well, it IS the down time before TC….

            I still would like to talk football, but that is not happening at the moment.

            With a 5-11 record, the Niners have driven away the band wagon fair weather fans. Only the die hard faithful remain.

            Oh, and the hate filled troll who cuts and pastes ad nauseum.

            Maybe I should start linking…..

      1. Sir, my sympathies to your wife for the Sharks outcome. I guess losing Hertl was as significant as the Warriors losing Bogut.

  32. Scooter I’m curious about what the Aussie reaction is to Hayne not making the team? Big deal or not so much?

    1. Newsworthy, but no big deal. To be honest he’s been getting a bit of a pasting in the Aussie media about his brief stint with the Fijian rugby sevens team. He was terrible during their recent games. So pretty much everyone expected he wouldn’t make the Olympic team anyway.

      The bigger news is actually what he will do next. Strong expectation he will rejoin the Parramatta Eels NRL team, potentially as soon as the next few weeks with the possibility of playing this season.

      1. And before anyone asks, no, nobody expects him to try and resurrect his NFL hopes. That ship has sailed.

      2. He was terrible during their recent games. So pretty much everyone expected he wouldn’t make the Olympic team anyway.
        Ok thanks.

        1. CFC/Scooter,
          Speaking of athletes trying to cross over from a different sport here is a funny little tidbit on our old friend Lawrence Okoye. http://www.ninersnation.com/2016/7/5/12097218/arizona-cardinals-cut-lawrence-okoye-because-he-parked-in-someone-else-s-parking-spot

          First time I’ve heard of a player being cut for parking in the wrong spot. But let’s face it, Okoye was always known around these parts for his great physical measurables and like Hayne, he just couldn’t grasp the nuances of the NFL.

          1. AES it’s such BS. If I was in that locker room I’d give Carson Palmer $1000 to park in the wrong spot just to prove that Arians is full of it.

  33. Since it is the down time before TC, I wish to propose a trade.

    I hope the Niners would trade 2 players, Bruce Miller and Shaun Draughn for Frank Gore. Draughn takes pride in his pass rush protection, and Bruce Miller could play fullback, a position he is better at rather than being a TE. Both would help Luck stay upright, are younger, with more future potential.

    This way, Frank Gore can eventually retire as a Niner, and he would help keep Hyde fresh and less prone to injury. Granted, Gore may have lost a step, but his leadership qualities are undeniable. Niners have a ton of cap space, so money should not be an issue.

      1. Yet Indy, looking to the future, may think that it would be in their best interest to get younger at RB. Their owner expressed the need to become more youthful. I agree that Gore may not want to return, but Indy proved to need better players, did not even make the playoffs, and all 3 other teams in their division have improved.

        I just want Frank Gore to retire as a Niner, and hopes he still has gas in the tank. He also may do well in the Chip Kelly system, because he can do it all.

        1. While I share your sentiments. In this case I don’t believe its a good deal for the involved parties.
          1. Gore doesn’t do as well with zone read, he prefers to hit a designated hole… so the offense is also a bad fit for him schematically.
          2. The 49ers need to try and find talent for the future that can built around.
          3. Gore’s skillset is still valuable to the Colts. He is an intelligent rb who is great in pass protection, which is necessary when you have Andrew luck. He would be harder to replace for them than Miller and Draughn combined.

          1. You may be right, but I think Bruce Miller would be more valuable as a pass protector for Luck, and considering Gore was one of the players protecting him, but he still got injured (although not FGs fault), maybe they need better protection for their 140 mil investment. While I think Frank Gore is a stellar blocker, Bruce Miller outweighs him by over 30 pounds.

            You also may be correct that Gore is not an ideal zone read back, but I hope the Niners become more versatile and employ the I formation at times. Using Frank Gore in the I may be a good change of pace for Hyde and the zone read.

  34. sebnynah

    July 11, 2016 at 4:31 pm

    TrollD, I said MANY, not EVERY. You just wildly extrapolated it to mis-state my opinion and make it seem like I am attacking an entire group.

    Football is so uptight, they go reefer madness and exclude gays.


    You can’t state you’re not disparaging a class of people when the quote of above demonstrates exactly that…Tom D.

    Again, I’ve provided a list of football players fighting for causes:

    1. Wade Davis

    2.Jim Brown

    3. Kris Kluwe: Hello. My name is Chris Kluwe, and for eight years I was the punter for the Minnesota Vikings. In May 2013, the Vikings released me from the team. At the time, quite a few people asked me if I thought it was because of my recent activism for same-sex marriage rights,

    3. Steve Gleason

    The list is endless, but instead of demeaning you Seb, and risk turning you off your first journey into the world of football/pro football activist, please take the time to educate yourself. Maybe then, you will not hit the enter button ever again, thereby hurling hurtful allegations into cyberspace against a whole class of people, never to be retracted again.

    Thank you in advance for realizing your mistake Seb. My hope that with further education into pro football activists, you may one day picket the same pavement as the above heros.

    1. TrollD, you cite a few players, and they did stick their necks out advocating for just causes, but since you do not seem to have a grasp on reality, let me clue you in.

      The NFL has an unwritten policy to be as minimally controversial as possible. The fact that Gays are verboten in the locker room- ‘because I do not want him looking at my junk’, just shows how backward and behind the times the NFL truly is.

      The NFL does all that it can do to avoid controversy. So much so, they obstruct concussion research, ignore the problem, deny that there is a problem and put the bottom line ahead of player’s health.

      Coaches do not want activism, because they want to concentrate on football, and taking sides on a controversy may split the locker room. They tell players to keep their opinions to themselves, do not get on a soapbox, and become a distraction. They want the players to focus on football, so you do not see very many activist coaches. The players follow the lead from their coaches, but in the age of tweets and the internet, some players do decry the injustices of the world. They are only human, and have feelings. They also have a life away from football.

      You just cited a punter, who was cut because of his activism, so that is a good example of the NFL ostracizing players who speak their minds. The overwhelming majority of players do not advocate against injustices, because they want to focus on football, and see what happens to the ones brave enough to take a stand.

      Another factor is the God squad. I may be viciously attacked for even bringing up the subject, but faith plays a big role in their lives. After every game, many players kneel near the 50 yard line and invoke God (as if God has any reason to be concerned about who wins a football game), and praise the Lord in the middle of the field.
      Too bad that those religious zealots use the word of God to discriminate against gays, and this is still going on years after the rest of the society has more benevolent views of gays. I hope they take all religious references out of football, especially if someday, a player kneels toward Mecca after scoring a TD. Religion plays a big part in the demeanor of players and coaches against gays, but maybe they need to move into the 21st century.

      Again, I do not paint with a broad brush and say that ALL coaches and players think that way, but to cite a few players, and extrapolate that into declaring that the NFL is an activist organization, is specious.

      1. Holy Cow, seb!! What is it with you and homosexuals!!

        Could very well be the beastiality folks want to play, too!

  35. Seb,

    I’ve taken the time to list a school for the intolerant so you could educate yourself. Please don’t thank me now, thank me later. Your friend, and compatriot on the struggle.

    School of Counseling for the Intolerant

    18. Work to eliminate racial slurs, intolerant actions (Seb,Here’s where you fit in), and ethnic put downs


        1. No, it is only you thinking it is hate. I am just stating the obvious. I see more hate coming from you, to be frank.

    1. TrollD, you must be assuming that Kaep is as valuable as the SB MVP. Do not think the Broncos see it that way. Maybe they should trade for Gabbert, since he would easily fit under their salary cap, and Kaep would just stress it. Still, I just see this as posturing on VM’s part. Elway would have to be brain dead to give up his best defensive player.

  36. Seb,

    I call your attention to Tebowmaniac.com’s comment, 4th comment down on the list. Possibly you both could discuss Denver strategy at a local tavern after the trade.

    1. Tebowmaniac? Sounds like another one of your accounts. No astute football fan would ever call attention to his fandom of Tebow. Except you, who advocated trading Kaep for Tebow, even with a boatload of draft picks.

  37. This is sort of like hoping Vance McDonald will learn to catch the ball or CK read defenses or BG throwing to the down marker. I check in hoping something will be different…surprisingly we’re still invaded.

    1. Wilson

      Down time of season….Not much to review. However, I never received you response to Cajuste as H-Back. Nowadays, they’re split wide, not in-line. He has better speed than miller and if he puts on 15 lbs, is a willing blocker they say in his bio.

      1. Just because its downtime doesn’t mean people need to fill the whole blog with petty arguments and personal attacks. Ever been in a restaurant when a couple decides to include everyone else in their fight? You’re sorta wrecking everyone else’s time because you two can’t help but poke at each other like that couple. None of us really care and wish you’d leave the rest of us out your personal business. Go have an email war in private. No one’s really taking sides or supporting either of you, we just want it to stop.

        Cajuste is intriguing at either H back or TE. It will be interesting to see how Kelly uses a whole bunch of players in his offense. We’re still looking to see how Ellington, Rogers, Miller, Cajuste, Smelter and even Smith line up. Like Scooter pointed out some time ago we should have realistic expectations for all these UDFA’s and mid to low round picks. It will be really surprising if one of them over performs.

        1. Wilson, I want it to stop, too, but when I am constantly being attacked, I have every right to defend myself.

          From now on, TrollD is dead to me, and I will do my best to ignore him.


          1. I tried to extend the olive branch but instead was slapped with the centuries old intolerance branch by Seb.
            I still hold out hope that after wandering through the desert Seb will get the help he needs at this late juncture of life.

            1. Tom man, show self control, he said he’s going to stop, just move on. Bury it man, do us all a favor. You’ve both had enough final words for 100 life times.

            1. The tag team approach continues. I suppose I could engage Saw/Prime, but I predicted before that posters would be begging me to stop, and was proved correct.

  38. 49er 53.


    QB- Kaep, Gabbert
    O line- Staley, Garnett, Kilgore, Beadles, Brown, Tiller, Cooper, Theus, Thomas, Balducci
    WR- Smith, Ellington, Patton, White, Rogers, Simpson
    TE- MacDonald, Celek, Bell
    RB- Hyde, Davis, Taylor, Harris


    DL- Armstead, Dial, Buckner, Purcell, Blair, Jerrod-Eddie, Smith, Lake
    LB- Bowman, Lynch, Brooks, Harold, Hodges, Tank, Skov
    S- Reid, Bethea, Tartt, McCray
    CB- Brock, Ward, Acker, Johnson, Reaser, Robinson


    Dawson, Pinion, Nelson

        1. Might be wrong, but I don’t think John was saying your prediction is awful, just the roster looks awful.

        2. Don’t get your feelings hurt. Rule number one of commenting on a blog is to not take things personally.

          And it wasn’t just your roster that was awful. You and TommyBoy waste everyone’s time with your petty arguments.

          By my calculations Grant owes me $3.76 for the time it took me to scroll through your nonsense.

          1. Its OK. I am just getting jaded by the constant attacks. Take things personally? Maybe you are new, but your posts should possibly be directed towards others.

            If you think that your time is so valuable, maybe you charge too much. I just threw out my 2 cents.

            1. As a guy who often talks about current events you should know who I am.

              You work so hard at generating new comments, but you constantly fail.

              1. Oh great, a new gadfly. This tag team approach is tiresome, but expected.

                I do not post to elicit responses, I post to present my ideas and opinions. I invite all posters to ignore my posts if they want to, so I am not begging for responses. Since all the vitriolic attacks, I just want to post in peace.

              2. I wish to propose a multi player deal.The Niners should set up a pool of players who might not make the 53, and offer them to select teams that could use them to fill weaknesses in their lineups.

                I propose multi player deals because I want the Niners to get as high as a draft pick as possible. Singly, most players will only generate a 6th or 7th round offer. Bundling players might result in a conditional 3rd, with contingencies that could elevate the pick to a second or first if the players start and/or help the team make the playoffs.

                I concede that multi player deals are rare in the NFL, but if a basketball team can trade 3 players, that is one fifth of the squad. If that is extrapolated to a football team, that would entail 10 players. A 3 or 4 player deal seems reasonable.

                Of course, maybe Baalke is not smart enough to formulate such a deal, so the point is moot, but if he wants to win, he should be doing everything in his power to improve the team.

                I would target San Diego, because they really need help since the Raiders are ascending, KC is a playoff team and Denver won it all. They lost Malcom Floyd to retirement so they need a WR. Melvin Gordon has potential but needs better blocking to help him. Rivers is 34, so he needs better protection since he is not as mobile or elusive as when he was younger.

                The Niners should offer Quinton Patton, Brandon Thomas and Bruce Miller to the Chargers for a conditional 2nd round pick. If 2 of the 3 become starters, it would elevate to a first round pick. Patton would replace Floyd, Thomas who is finally healthy, could potentially be a good solid player, and Miller could help Melvin Gordon while protecting Rivers.

                There are other teams that could benefit from a trade, but this deal seems to fit, and could be a win-win situation for both teams.

              3. Oh my, another trade scenario. Give me a break. These are more worthless than the paper they’re written on.

                Now you owe me $7.35.

  39. Coffee,

    Thank’s For the professionalism in reporting.

    Not only have I been saying all along that Gabbert be the starting QB game one, 49er broadcaster, Ted Robinson stated he stated “if Kaepernick can ever discover the ability to throw the ball where it should be thrown” we might have something.

    Also that Gabbert did not have Hyde or Vernon Davis–Kap did.

    Good job Ted Robinson for saying that the team responded better when Gabbert was QB and that he will be the starter.


  40. Grant it’s been 10 days since your last football article. Who do you think you are, the George R. R. Martin of the sports blog world?

    1. Is he on vacation? Or are things that slow that he doesn’t have any more topics to write about? We’ve already scraped the bottom quite a bit down to the FO. I’d love to hear some work on this WR group and realistic projections for such a no name group.

    1. Coffee’s for Closers posted this yesterday a few posts above:

      Paraphrazing the interview that essentially Gabbert will be the starting QB this season and “the team responds better to him.”

      In retrospect, using logic from evidence acquired via sports periodicals, I’ll some it up:

      1. Kap lost his respect in the locker room for dating Aldon Smith’s girl friend.
      2. Kap is a loner, source Joe Montan via Bleacher Report:


      “at this point, and he’s a quiet person. You know, he doesn’t share a lot, he doesn’t talk to a lot of the guys. And that’s difficult for an offense to operate because the communication between the quarterback and the receiver is one of the most important things.”


      3. Kap’s headphone wearing during games instead of studying the I-Pad like all NFL
      QB’s then wearing them into press conferences.

      4. Fans come up with Kap alienation mannerisms.

      Bottom line. Kap hasn’t thrown a football competitively in approx. one year and is late getting into Chip’s playbook. Ted Robinson said Gabbert will be the starter.
      That’s a lot to overcome.
      Realistically, if Kap is to start it would happen about mid season after sharpening his playing skills and engraining Chip’s playbook into his muscle memory.

      1. There are some on this post, I’ve lost respect for in support of the above QB. It seems he can do anything–even lose respect of teammates and they will follow him of a cliff
        The biggest blowhard leading the charge –( won’t mention his name, but it rhymes with EB)–follows his loser roster picks, no end, to the detriment of the team.
        Once rid of thes no talent losers, the 49ers look to be competitive again.

        I am an ex- season ticket holder of th 49ers during the Montana/Rice years, and as an ex-runningback in the industry, having been inside locker rooms, once ridding it of an infection, a talentless personnel, a team can be competitive.

        GO 49ers!!!

        1. TrollD, I said I would stop replying to your posts, but if you keep posting right after my posts, on my posts. You seem to be begging for it. Like a moth to a flame.

          Losing respect? I never had ANY respect for you.

          He who will not be named? You are obsessing about me, and giving me power over you. It seems as though I am controlling you actions and thoughts. Your zeal to obsess about me just means that I have gotten to you, and you are losing control.

          No talent losers? You seem to be the poster child for that. You obviously can relate to them.

          I am an ex season ticket holder from the 70s, and have witnessed the Glory Years. Could have bought PSL, but declined.

          TrollD, if you want to keep engaging me, I will be happy to oblige, but when other posters are begging me to stop, I will respect their feelings, so I will just let them slap you down. If they dont, then they must seem to not mind, and we can go after it hammer and tongs.

          You are a Niner hater who wants them to lose, and a Raider lover who cheers them on and predicts they will make the playoffs. As a Niner fan, I frankly do not give a whit if they succeed or not, and find their self inflicted wounds to be amusing. Predicting a 2-14 Niner season just defines you. As a Die Hard, Faithful Niner fan, I want my QB to succeed, no matter who it is. Your hate against Kaep is palpable, and turns my stomach.

          Hopefully, you will have learned your lesson and will stop engaging me. Stop talking about me, and I will leave you alone. Keep engaging me, attacking me, insulting me, and I will gladly give back everything you dish out. Remember, I have a good memory, so I will haunt your posts with your own words.

          GO NINERS !!!!!!

  41. Since it is the down time before TC, and Grant is awol, I will continue my treatise on how the Niners can improve.

    I will start at the top.

    10 ways Jed can improve.

    1. Learn from your mistakes.

    2. Do not repeat them.

    3. Read a lot to become more educated. Read IF, by Rudyard Kipling. The Art of War by Sun Tzu. Everything Bill Walsh ever wrote. Re-build a Champion by living your life like a champion.

    4. Start acting with class by keeping your word. Ditch the leaker. Stop the leaks.

    5. Say as little as possible, and keep a low profile. Let others take the spotlight, but choose wisely who you want to represent the Niners. Never say anything you do not mean. I commend you for keeping a low profile, and hope you keep doing that.

    6. Become a leader by resolving the AD brouhaha.

    7. Bury the hatchet with TK, or he will ‘bury’ the hatchet in your back with more of his screeds. Control the message by controlling the messenger. Give him more access, but expect more moderation. Take him out to the FL.

    8. Hiring Chip was a good first step, but make sure you give him the tools to succeed. Also, do not let the FO meddle with the coaching.
    Rein in Baalke. Do not let him micromanage the team by controlling who plays where. Demand better Free Agent results. Do not go cheap.

    9. Timing is everything. Do not declare that you will do everything in your power to win, then say that you would never poach a coach from your alma mater. Avoid more Girl Scout incidents, especially just before the SB.

    10. Do not talk about getting a high draft position as if it is a good thing. Say you would prefer to pick 32 every year. You may consider the league rewarding you for losing, but to me, it just perpetuates the losing mentality. In the 80s and 90s, the Niners consistently picked toward the end of the round, but still managed to win 5 rings. Think about it.

    1. The San Francisco 49ers have not been faring well in the positional ranking being released by advanced analytics site Pro Football Focus. The team’s quarterbacks ranked 31st out of 32 teams. Their defensive front-seven ranked 23rd, the offensive line ranked 26th, and the group of running backs ranked 18th. The 49ers’ wide receivers didn’t do any better, coming in second-to-last in the NFL at number 31.

      The interesting part is that Pro Football Focus projected both Bruce Ellington and Quinton Patton as starters at wide receiver behind Torrey Smith, along with Vance McDonald at tight end.

      Other receivers that they listed under “key depth” included WR Aaron Burbridge, WR Eric Rogers, and TE Garrett Celek. Neither Burbridge nor Rogers have any NFL experience. However, both McDonald and Celek may have prominent roles within Kelly’s offense if he continues to use two tight ends as he did last season with the Philadelphia Eagles.
      – See more at: http://www.49erswebzone.com/news/95183-pff-projects-bruce-ellington-vance-mcdonald-starters/#sthash.APYUJnAU.dpuf

    2. You don’t know the first thing about running a professional sports franchise. However, I do agree with you that Jed York should be out in front of things more. The more face time and exposure the better. Worked for me.

            1. I have a little advice for you, and Jed should listen too.

              It is much better to stay quiet and have them only think you the fool, than opening your mouth and removing all doubt.

              1. That is totally wrong. Nothing beats exposure for your franchise, and good leadership requires you being out front. Take the doubters head on and squash them.

              2. Jed seems to be struggling trying to squash folks, lately.

                The Donald may get his come uppence in November, too.

              3. And that is because Jed is staying out of the spotlight.

                Jed, you need to embrace it. Put these media dogs in their place.

      1. I agree John,

        If you engage him he’ll counter with his loser roster picks ad nauseum. His Team posts comes in various formations throughout the season and have frustrated many here.

        “Handle with Caution–don’t engage.”

          1. AES,

            In your world, you allow this, in mine, I don’t…Lets agree there’s more than one planet and one universe:

            Cassie Baalke

            March 13, 2016 at 12:15 pm

            As long as feet are not being shot…

            Reply (In response to the poster whose name rhymes with EB).

            1. If in your world you can advise someone to “handle with caution – don’t engage” and yet be the biggest abuser of that very statement, than your world has no foundation.

              1. AES,

                Logic 1A or a prerequisite (which I advise for you) is available on the internet by application to SRJC. Take it.


                1. Seb and I were debating.
                2. You interjected yourself in our debate, following Seb’s comment : “Maybe you should take your own advice,” with your own against me and then another against me.

                In this, you appear to be the abuser as I was mentoring Seb on the value of tolerance. Maybe if you start at the beginning of Seb and my encounter you would realize that good will toward society was what I was teaching…
                However, it maybe, this may be a film you and Seb could watch together and learn from. Have Seb by the popcorn:

                The Film:

                Intolerance, Director D.W. Griffith’s expensive, most ambitious silent film masterpiece Intolerance (1916) is one of the milestones and landmarks in cinematic history. Many reviewers and film historians consider it the greatest film of the silent era.


  42. John Clayton wrote a piece for ESPN Insiders this week, making 30 predictions that will shape the NFL throughout the next three years.

    He hit on the 49ers early, making a bold statement about their quarterback situation in 2016 and beyond, which includes arguably the top signal caller in next year’s NFL draft.
    John Clayton: Deshaun Watson may be a 49er in 2017
    Clayton wrote:

    Blaine Gabbert will begin the 2016 season as the San Francisco 49ers starting quarterback, but Colin Kaepernick will get some starts at some point. The 49ers will be bad, though, and will have a high draft pick in 2017. Clemson Tigers quarterback Deshaun Watson could be their franchise signal-caller.

  43. Taylor, a sixth-round pick of the Niners in the 2016 draft, spent three seasons at Florida and never fumbled the ball on 486 attempts — quite an accolade. His running style also makes a likable complement to Hyde’s own abilities.

    Taylor makes the team as 3rd stringer, bumping Mike Davis, unless Davis Picks his game up which is highly possible behind the new and improved offensive line.

    1. Jed/Paraag now include Far East as well as Europe in Money Portfolio:

      Sources: 49ers To Play Rams In Regular-Season Game In China

      By Don Muret, Staff Writer

      Published July 12, 2016

      Font Size Resize Small Resize Normal Resize Large | Print | Share |


  44. If only the poster whose name rhymes with EB was present during either event:

    Christmas: 1924

    ‘Peace upon earth!’ was said. We sing it,
    And pay a million priests to bring it.
    After two thousand years of mass
    We’ve got as far as poison-gas.

    Thomas Hardy

    The Convergence of the Twain
    Related Poem Content Details

    By Thomas Hardy

    (Lines on the loss of the “Titanic”)


    In a solitude of the sea

    Deep from human vanity,

    And the Pride of Life that planned her, stilly couches she.


    Steel chambers, late the pyres

    Of her salamandrine fires,

    Cold currents thrid, and turn to rhythmic tidal lyres.


    Over the mirrors meant

    To glass the opulent

    The sea-worm crawls — grotesque, slimed, dumb, indifferent.


    Jewels in joy designed

    To ravish the sensuous mind

    Lie lightless, all their sparkles bleared and black and blind.


    Dim moon-eyed fishes near

    Gaze at the gilded gear

    And query: “What does this vaingloriousness down here?” …


    Well: while was fashioning

    This creature of cleaving wing,

    The Immanent Will that stirs and urges everything


    Prepared a sinister mate

    For her — so gaily great —

    A Shape of Ice, for the time far and dissociate.


    And as the smart ship grew

    In stature, grace, and hue,

    In shadowy silent distance grew the Iceberg too.


    Alien they seemed to be;

    No mortal eye could see

    The intimate welding of their later history,


    Or sign that they were bent

    By paths coincident

    On being anon twin halves of one august event,


    Till the Spinner of the Years

    Said “Now!” And each one hears,

    And consummation comes, and jars two hemispheres.


    Thomas Hardy

  45. XII

    The convoy lights are dead ahead
    The merchantmen lay in their bed
    The thump of diesels hammers down
    In the oily sea-the killing ground
    His knuckles white his eyes alight
    He slams the hatch on the deadly night
    A cunning fox in the chickens lair
    A hound of hell and the devil don’t care

    Runing silent, runing deep, we are your final prayer
    Warriors in secret sleep, a merchantman’s nightmare
    A silent death lies awaiting, for all of you below
    Running silent, running deep, sink into your silent sleep

    Chill the hearts of fighting men
    In open ocean wondering when?
    The lethal silver fish will fly
    The boat will shiver-men will die
    A cast of millions-a part to play
    Killer? victim? or fool for a day
    Obeying an order-men have to die
    Us or them – a well rehearsed lie

    Runing silent, runing deep, we are your final prayer
    Warriors in secret sleep, a merchantman’s nightmare
    A silent death lies awaiting, for all of you below
    Running silent, running deep, sink into your silent sleep

    The lifeboats shattered the hull is torn
    The tar black smell of burning oil
    On the way down to davy jones
    Every man for himself – you’re on your own
    The wolf eyes watch the crosswire
    ‘stern tubes ready’, ‘aim and fire|’
    They can pin some medal on your chest
    But in two more weeks – dead like the rest

    Runing silent, runing deep, we are your final prayer
    Warriors in secret sleep, a merchantman’s nightmare
    A silent death lies awaiting, for all of you below
    Running silent, running deep, sink into your silent sleep

    1. Well since we have photographic proof I guess you’ll be going to Church on Sundays from now on, right?

      1. Lol…doubt it, but I went to a Scorpions concert at the Costa Mesa Amphitheatre on the Love At First Sting tour with a Marine Corps buddy, who was a native Indian from the state of Washington. He had two mushrooms he had gotten from his cow pastures back home, both of which had a purple stripe running down the stem. We put them on a cheeseburger and ate them. We were near the top of the aisle way on the steps when a guy punched out a woman who had pulled his hair, and an ensuing mini riot broke out. There were security guards at each level, and the riot caught us up like a wave, carrying us through each one until we emerged down by the stage. It was shortly thereafter, that I had to drop to one knee. I was up in the air approximately 100 feet, looking down at myself with a feeling of dread. I felt if I didn’t return to my body somehow, right away, I would die. I pretty much kept it to myself and discovered about two weeks later, that the Indians used to starve themselves for 3 days in their teepees and go on vision quests after consuming peyote. Chances are the picture is a trick of light reflection or perhaps photographically altered, but given my own personal experience, I don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibilities….

    2. Cool, does anyone else see the Virgin Mary sitting on his shoulders pumping her fist while cursing at the guy who caused the accident?

        1. Grey mist drifts upon the water
          The mirrored surface moves
          Awakened of this presence
          Dispelling legends proof

          A beastly head of onyx
          With eyes set coals of fire
          It’s leathered hide
          Glides glistening
          Ascends the heathered briar

          This legend lives
          Through centuries
          Evoking history’s memories
          Prevailing in eternities on and on and on

          Lochness confess your terror of the deep
          Lochness distress
          Malingers what you keep
          Lochness protects monstrosity
          Lochness confess to me

          Somehow it heeds the piper
          From battlements that call
          From side to side it ponders
          Impassioned in the skirl

          This highland lair of mystery
          Retains a lost world’s empathy
          Resiliant to discovery on and on and on

          This legend lives
          Through centuries
          Evoking history’s memories
          Prevailing in eternity
          Your secret lies safe with me

          This creatures peril from decease
          Implores to mankind for release
          A legacy to rest in peace and on and on and on

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