Staley explains the final concussion contact test

SANTA CLARA – Joe Staley had a concussion a few weeks ago. He spoke the media tent Saturday afternoon and explained the final contact test which determines if a concussed player can play, and which Alex Smith will have to take before the Bears game.

MM: What’s the final step before coming back from a concussion?

STALEY: The final step is a contact test. That can occur basically any time up until the game. You have to clear a final contact test.

LC: What’s a contact test?

STALEY: For me, I just had to bang against another person with my helmet. Quarterback would probably be different – their job doesn’t consist of banging helmets.

LC: What’s the follow up to the test?

STALEY: Basically they ask you how you feel – if you feel good. You pass it if you feel asymptomatic. Is that the word?

MM: Yup.

LC: How long did you contact test last?

STALEY: A minute. Two minutes.

LC: So it’s really abbreviated.


LC: Just so you’re standing up breathing and not having a seizure or something.


CI: Whose head did you bang?

STALEY: Let’s see. Last year…I don’t remember.

LC: So you didn’t pass that test (laughs).

STALEY: This year was Al Netter or Joe Looney.

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