Steve Young: 49ers HC Chip Kelly is “worried about Colin (Kaepernick) having all the software to go do it.”

San Francisco 49ers Hall of Fame quarterback Steve Young recently had some advice for Colin Kaepernick. Here’s what Young said, via Paul Gutierrez of

Young: “I would go to Chip Kelly and tell him, ‘Whatever happened last year, whatever you saw, whatever you thought was a weakness in my game, whatever the holes, the cracks in the wall, I’m going to fix. I made some mistakes. I lost the team a little bit. I lost the locker room a little bit. I didn’t respond the way I should have to adversity. But I’ve learned. I’ve figured it out. And I’ve got the talent; I’ve got the ability to make your offense hum.’

“Because Chip would respond to that, right? Because that’s what Chip’s worried about. He’s not worried about Colin having ability; he’s worried about Colin having all the software to go do it … I would go sell it.”

What do you think of Young’s advice? Do you think Kaepernick will take it? Why or why not?

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      1. MicroChip can open the door to portable deeper learning by bringing the massive data crunching power of multi-computer neural networks. Effectively executing complex operations on the fields of Seattle, Arizona and LA will no longer be just a matter of Death and Glory. It will be dependent on accessing and processing information in real time. Kaepernick had the data, but now he will have the intelligence to go with it, via MicroChip….

    1. But Kelly does not have the Silicon Chip. He must battle Grant in a feat of strength to collect that ultimate weapon.

    2. Chip Kelly’s presence have messed up the Eagles roster from top to bottom it will take them years to fill those voids and he will do it to the 49ers

      1. I think you have been reading too much of the philly news. You will find that Kelly’s choices are going to be the majority of starters including 2-3 of his last and only draft. As you are aware it wasnt intil 15 that kelly was in charge of the draft, Roseman was. The difference may be accounted for in a change from 3-4 to 4-3 defense.

    1. As much as I liked Steve young and respected his playing ability, I wish that he would shut the heck up when it comes to what Kaepernick should do next. Unless he’s asked, it’s really none of his business. All he’s accomplishing is stirring up the mud in Kaeper4nick’s camp and quite possibly putting a drag on what conclusion Kaep and the FO come to.

      1. OREGON,
        Can’t help but ask, but would you have any issues with Young speaking about Alex Smith?

        You didn’t like Kap when he was winning it’s no revelation how you feel about him now.

        Maybe your wish to wave a final goodbye to CK will come soon bud.

        1. AES

          Yes…I would, but I don’t think I would have to….Alex just put on his ‘big boy pants’ and went down the road…Even when Kaep was winning (team), you could see his faults…that he has not corrected (any of) them tells me that he’s only wanting to extend this drama for an unearned paycheck. If Blaine can study Chip’s system, and Dylan can study Chip’s system, then Kaep should be able to quit the bitching and do his homework…..MAN UP! Other the incredulity of being replaced for a minor concussion, I don’t recall Alex bellyaching…he just went back to work….And yes, AES, I do believe that we will wave a final good bye to CK…soon

          1. Was smith wearing his “big boy pants” in this years playoffs??
            Lol haven’t got to hit you with a smith joke since the foreseen loss coming against a real team. :-)

  1. It’s only one way he will, if Chip reaches out 1st. Kap doesn’t awnser to the front office, he awnsers to the Head Coach. If Chip reached out and had a talk, ala Harbaugh and Smith, then Kap will return. Because no man wants to come into a broken willed situation. They only hope to escape them and start over. Do I think Kap could learn from Chip, yes, but do I expect Kap to go to Chip and ask for help, Hell no!! So I think he’s done in SF

  2. Young is correct. If Kap has any sense he’d be studying the Kelly offense meticulously during his rehab. Both could benefit from working together, but Kap needs Kelly’s offensive scheme to resurrect his career more than Kelly needs to Kap to run his offense.

        1. Scooter,
          Agreed. If there is truly going to be competition in TC between Gabbert and Kap it will serve them well to get any advantage they can receive right now.
          At least we know one QB is doing it right.

          1. Could you call it a competition?
            When one is getting paid a lot more money than the other?
            I can’t imagine kap sitting with that kind of paycheck.
            That’s why I don’t see him staying and if he does Gabbert will get screwed over although he’s a better option

      1. I expect pro QBs at the stage of their career as Kap and Gab to be starting motivated self-starters. If Kap is pouting in Vail during his rehab instead of intensively studying Chipper’s system, irrespective of whether he expects to be traded or cut, he’s done as a QB in this league.

  3. Chip should listen to his former safety and follow his advice. Chip really needs to communicate better, and that starts with Kaep. He should not damn him with faint praise and he should explain exactly what his role will be and what he expects out of him.
    If Kaep can see how Chip values him and how he plans to use him, he may buy into the system. If Chip treats him like a piece of trash, he should walk.
    Chip really needs to work on his people skills.

        1. No sir, he was fired because he made horrible player acquisitions. Reports from disgruntled ex employees does not make him racist, or a bad people person. He’s a coach, some players like him some don’t..

        2. Seb….everthing seems to be a conspiracy against Kaep, in your mind …isn’t it ?
          Chip lost his last job because Jeffrey Lurie needed a scapegoat…ask Andy Reid…same story before Chip…and Peterson will be after next season…

          1. Chip did not shine in the personnel department. Lurie may be an impatient piece of work, but Chip was not let go, he was fired.
            I hope Chip learns from his mistakes, but so far, it is the same old habits. Chip should learn that destroying the leadership will have deleterious results. Sounds like he just destroyed more leadership. Chip better start learning quicker.

            1. The head coach is not allowed to meet with Kaepernick and talk football until the new season starts. Anything being “said” right now is for entertainment purposes. This is the pregame show. It’s all theater and speculation. Are you not entertained?

              1. That is why Chip should talk to Rick Kaepernick. There is no prohibition to talk to his father, and Rick can air grievances and communicate with Kaep’s best interests in mind. Chip needs to make his position crystal clear and say whether he wants Kaep or not.

              2. I think much like the system in Green Bay and Matt Castle, Chip Kelly runs an offense that Mark Sanchez can win 10 games in. If the QB is remotely athletic, the system will succeed. Chip doesn’t need Kaepernick nearly as much as Kaepernick needs Kelly.
                It would be a financial torpedo to Kaepernick if he were to walk away from Chip’s system.
                You’d have NFL executives who’d look at the situation and conclude Collin wasn’t wanted by a HC whose system was built for someone like Kaepernick. If “that” HC didn’t want him, what would we do with him?
                As Steve Young pointed out Kaepernick lost the locker room. He didn’t exhibit leadership. He made poor choices and pouted rather than showing any level of maturity. He needs to repair his jacket.
                As his agent, I would recommend “leaking” an interest to play elsewhere as a backup plan for being cut by SF. This move would soften the blow in executives’ minds. Kaepernick and his agent could argue he didn’t want to be a part of SF long before Kelly decided to move on from him. It would be less condemning.

              3. Are you comparing Chip Kelly’s system to the Packers and Patriots? No comparison. I don’t think we’ve seen enough of Chip Kelly’s offense to say whether or not it will be successful in the NFL. If we’ve learned anything this year, it’s Chip Kelly cannot fully implement his system without the threat of a running quarterback that’s durable enough to withstand the punishment for a full 16 games. I think they need each other more than either one would like to acknowledge….

              4. No not comparing it to those systems. Instead I am saying that Chip’s offensive system can plug and play a qb much like those systems can. Whether it is successful or not as an offense has yet to be seen.

            2. Seb….

              That’s funny….”he wasn’t let go, he was fired…” I think that either way you say it, he was looking for work. If you want to refer to a bunch of ‘wannabe’ hoods as team leaders, you have more leadership problems than Chip does.

              1. Chip Kelly almost always took a step up in his job career. Only this last one, and I blame the ownership more than Chip for the outcome. Actually, I do like the Chip Kelly hire and fervently hope he can solve the offensive malaise. I hope the team can win, but the DC and OC hires did not make me applaud wildly. The next big hurdle is the FA market. If Baalke can re-sign players and grab talent before they are snatched up by other teams, there is reason for optimism.

        3. Seb, you seriously have no idea what you are talking about. Chip lost his job because he assumed more power than he was clearly able to handle. And once that genie is out of the bottle you can’t put it back. Chip bit off more than he could chew. Very few people succeed as both head coach and GM. Chip is a fantastic head coach. He’s an offensive innovator. He has a dynamic system. Given the opportunity to concentrate on coaching this team, and allowing Trent Baalke and Tom Gamble among others, handling the personnel side, has the potential, IMO, and the opinion of many others, to work out very well. However, the minute Chip appears weak, and the minute players feel like they can manipulate him, he’s no longer going to be a successful head coach. So please, stop advocating and acting as if Chip needs to grovel, and plead for Colin’s services. That would be a gargantuan mistake!

          1. 49, you have no idea what you are talking about. Chip is in for a rude awakening. His defenses have always been in the bottom of the league, so he will get steamrolled in the NFC West. Wilson and Palmer, Gurley and a new QB for the Rams. The Niners will not be able to outscore those teams because they have really strong defenses.
            Sounds like after 3 seasons that the Chip Kelly offense has been game planned and solved. Expect the Niner offense to marginally improve, but without Kaep, I see little hope for a winning season.
            So the minute Chip appears weak, he will be walked over by the players? Well, so far, Chip just lost a SB QB, so he definitely appears weaker. Hmm that was a fast minute. You want Chip to grovel? I just want Chip to appear human.

            1. Bolognie! The defensive stats are scewed due to TOP. The name of the game is to OUTSCORE your opponent…….period. Doesn’t matter how you accomplish that. Defenses didn’t “catch up” to Kelly per se. The NFL is an evolving organism. Chip is evolving himself. The Eagle’s had a QB nobody believed would pull the ball and run. Bradford was a poor fit. Murray was a poor fit. And his defense suffered a lot of injuries. Chip certainly made a mistake believing in Bradford, but I am certain Sam was far from his first choice. Murray’s running style was a poor fit. Chip made mistakes in terms of personnel. That’s for sure. But it wasn’t his coaching ability that led to a downfall. As a matter of fact, his record, for his first 3 years as an NFL HC, is fantastic. And he has a reputation around the league as a innovator on the filed, and off, in terms of sports medicine. Word gets around fast in the NFL. If people thought the league caught up with Chip, Jed and Trent would have been well aware. Sure, there are armchair coaches who think they know, but there is a reason even Shady McCoy says if you buy in to his system, your going to be good.

              Chip isn’t really doing anything all that difference. Most of the principles are proven effective over many years. However, the tempo he runs his offense at is unique.

              But, I’m glad to know where you stand. Apparently, your on record believing Chip is going to fail because NFL defenses, especially NFC defenses, have caught up to him. Sorry you feel that way. Must suck being a 49er fan for you, knowing that they are going to lose. Maybe you should find another team you believe has a chance to win. Me, I’ll look at the positives and go to my grave hoping for the best, and believing in my Niners.

              1. 49, I have lived through those Glory Years and the thrills and exhilaration they gave me will sustain me through these trying times.
                I am not living in fantasy land. I am talking about the real world. Some teams may improve from 32nd ranked offense to a top 10, but it is a very rare occurrence. This defense needs 2 more pass rushers. They ranked pretty bad, too. 28th is not something to be proud of, and unless there is a massive infusion of talent, it will stay there.
                If I predict another 5-11 season, it is not because I want them to win only 5 games, it is because I soberly contemplate the odds, and sadly expect 5 wins. Of course, I want them to win the SB every year, but you are the delusional one to see the Niners lose a SB QB, and expect them to have a winning season. I have been rosily scenarioed too much, but go ahead knock yourself out. Predict 19-0.
                I do not need to find another team. The Niners are my team. It is kinda churlish to attack die hard faithful Niner fans who honestly think it will be a down year. I am not predicting a winless season, but I bet Jed would be thrilled to receive such a reward as the first pick of the draft. He thinks he can rebuild his team with all those high draft picks, but I think he has a losers mentality, and losing comes to easy to him. Eddie hated losing, and did something about it. Jed, he is not being held accountable.

              2. And I’ll add Steve Young made it very clear that he would love to play for Chip. Something to the effect that “If Chip were my coach, I wouldn’t be going anywhere.”

              3. Seb, I’ll bite. Which 11 teams in 2016 are beating SF?

                Patriots (12-4)
                Jets (10-6)
                Cowboys (4-12)
                Saints (7-9)
                Rams (7-9)
                Cardinals (13-3)
                Seattle (10-6)
                Buccaneers (6-10)

                Atlanta (8-8)
                Buffalo (8-8)
                Carolina (15-1)
                Miami (6-10)
                Chicago (6-10)
                Cardinals (13-3)
                Rams (7-9)
                Seahawks (10-6)

                They play 7 teams with a losing record, 2 .500 teams, one of which they have beaten every year in Atlanta. Chicago will be without Jefferies. So which 11 teams on this schedule are going to match up well against SF and beat them?
                Please don’t give the Rams two wins, because that simply is not happening. Carson Palmer had a great year, but he is 36 and that is ancient in today’s NFL. Mathieu was a big part of the defense and you saw what Seattle did to them. That ACL injury will keep him out through the beginning of the season. When he does come back, he will be a shell in 2016.
                Now let’s look at the Az free agents: Babin (35), DJ Swearinger (SS), Jerraud Powers (CB), Drew Stanton (QB), Sean Weatherspoon (ILB) , Ted Larsen(G), Rashad Johnson (FS) , Lyle Sendlein (C) Jermaine Gresham (TE). A total of 25 FA or RFA and only 19 -23 million in cap space. This defense is not staying intact in 2016.
                This team could back pedal into 8 wins. Az, Miami, Chicago, Atl, TB, Rams, Saints, Cowboys. That’s a 3-5 road record and a 5-3 home record. Now, they just have to beat either Bills, Jets, or sweep the Rams to win 9 games. The schedule this year is much softer.

    1. Seb, did you not understand the crux of what Steve is saying? Let me try to simplify it for you. In the real world, Chip is the Head Coach. He is in charge of the roster. He decides who plays when and where. Colin is under contract to play QB. If he wants to get paid, it’s up to him, Colin Kaepernick, a grown man, and subordinate, to take it upon himself, to approach Chip Kelly, not the other way around, and lobby for his job back.

      Why? Because a head coach needs to be respected as the boss. Although it’s important that he has an open door, and listens to grievances of his players, and try to understand them, it’s not his role to try and talk a player into playing for him. Especially when that player is under contract to do so. Chip is under contract for the next five years. It’s important that he makes it very clear that he’s in charge. The moment players sense a weakness, he’s doomed. For Chip to go out of his way to convince Colin to honor his contract, and to come across as if he is dependent on any one player, would only serve to reduce his authority.

      Steve gets it. Steve’s been there. In a million years, Bill Walsh would never have felt that it was his job to try and convince a player to play. Wouldn’t have happened. In a million years. Steve Young is a HOF QB, and he was very clear in his interview that it’s up to Colin to try and convince his head coach to give him an opportunity, not visa versa.

      1. Chip was slammed hard by Lurie. He said he needed to work on his people skills. Chip is really starting well. Sounds like he just lost a QB after 2 weeks on the job.
        Guess this is Jeds way of being rewarded for failure.

          1. There isn’t a HC in the league that’s going to beg a QB to play for him. You don’t want to be here, it’s next man up. Everyone knows that.

            1. I’ll say it one more time Seb. Colin is the master of his own destiny. Nobody else is in charge of Kap’s destiny but himself.

              1. Hmm, first you say Chip is in charge of his fate, and now you are saying Kaep is in charge of his fate. Gosh, I cannot argue against both ways. Sounds like you need to stop arguing against yourself, you look like you are losing.

  4. You need to post the entire article from Gutierrez because at the end of it Young states that he has a feeling that neither side(the 49ers and Kaepernick) wants to work things out.

    1. Williams may have ended Steve’s career, but it did nothing to impair his intelligence. I would have tried to hire him as my quarterbacks coach many moons ago….

  5. Grant,

    For once, Steve Young hit it out of the park! He is right on the money here. But you cited the wrong source. Cam Inman put Steve Young’s perspective in the proper light, much better than Paul Gutierrez, and so I will assist you here by adding the link:

    I’d be interested to know what you think. Also, I’d be interested to know your take on Lowell’s piece on Cam v. Kaep. What have you been working on to be so silent the last few days? When will you reveal … ?

  6. I agree with Young assessment of the situation. Kaepernick was bench because he was horrible. He need to take full responsibility for all those bad games and learn, that is the only way to grow. He gets all mad and sensitive to management action for what? You are the player, that mess up really bad and not doing your job to help us win, you going to get demoted. I don’t see any JETS players or coaches that want him, so stop asking to be traded to the JETS, you embarrassing yourself. No matter where you go now, other players will question your ability, why not swallow your pride and rebuild your brand. But mentally he can’t get past being bench, his ego got hurt. Too much success early on, he did not learn anything. You got no ring on your finger, fans dumping your jersey like fire sale, put all that anger into your game and go out there, dominate and prove them all wrong.

  7. I wish he would’ve elaborated on his “I get a funny feeling that neither of them want it to work out” Comment. I would have loved to hear his reasoning

    1. I’ve had the same feeling for weeks now and I assume Steve Young has too. Actions speak and Kaepernick went outside the 49ers for his surgery, and has been rehabbing in Colorado. Baalke and York have said a few nice things but have continued their “Harbaugh” like leaks to their Eastern NFL press outlets.

      How clearer do you want it to be?

  8. Maybe Steve could reinforce his POV by
    becoming CK’s QB coach 1

    I think Colin could learn more from Young..
    than he ever could from an ex-
    Iowa Barnstormer -Arena League QB

  9. Kaepernick is at odds with the Three Amigos in the Front Office. He has no quarrels with Chip Kelly. His team mates understood where Kaepernick was coming from, but couldn’t wrap their head around the fact he was quitting on them too. He needs to separate the two in his mind. Apologize to the team first and foremost and ask for the opportunity to win back their trust, and let Kelly know that you’re pushing in all your Chips to win back the starting quarterback position….

      1. Remember when Alex Smith was asked if he was coming back to the 49ers, and he replied, “Are you serious”? Harbaugh went all recruiter on him, and against himself, agent, family and friends, Alex Smith changed his mind. I think Chip needs to persuade Colin that he’s changed, and convince him that they’re in the same foxhole. Tell him he’s depending on him to fight their way out and carve out a historic path to victory….

          1. Agree, Scooter. If Kap is not “all in”, then it’s best for both Kap and the organization to “mutually” part ways.

          2. I agree with both of you. By the irrelevant way, Steve Young was constantly in Bill Walsh’s ear for more playing time. And he had some Kaepernick like ups and downs when he did start.

          3. If Smith had listened to the best advise he would have left as Razor points out.

            It was Harbaugh’s sales effort that changed Smith’s mind. Was that change better for Smith in the long run? Probably, but we don’t know if Kelly is even interested in a resurrection project. Smith’s 2010 season was nothing like the season put together by Baalke, Tomsula, and Kaepernick in 2015.

            1. The only reasons Harbaugh turned on the hard sell was because he was convinced that Alex was the one with whom he could win under the circumstances. Not sure Chips feels the same way.

              1. Chip acknowledged you need two starting quarterbacks to not only win in this league, but survival within his offense seems to be more precarious than in the traditional pro offenses. I think it might potentially be a foolish move to not see how Kaepernick looks in this offense, unless a reasonable trade offer is extended. Barring that, the best case scenario is both Chip and Kaepernick realize they need each other to increase their market value….

      2. Remember when Alex Smith was asked if he was coming back to the 49ers, and he replied, “Are you serious”? Harbaugh went all recruiter on him, and against himself, agent, family and friends, Alex Smith changed his mind. I think Chip needs to persuade Colin that he’s changed, and convince him that they’re in the same foxhole. Tell him he’s depending on him to fight their way out and carve out a historic path to victory….

  10. Kaepernick is at odds with the Three Amigos in the Front Office. He has no quarrels with Chip Kelly. His team mates understood where Kaepernick was coming from, but couldn’t wrap their head around the fact he was quitting on them too. He needs to separate the two in his mind. Apologize to the team first and foremost and ask for the opportunity to win back their trust, and let Kelly know that you’re pushing in all your Chips to win back the starting quarterback position….

    1. The Microchip software could be the “hairtrigger ” to Chip’s shotgun offense (pardon the arsenal of weaponry references Seb) that saves Kap’s career. However, one false slip with Kap’s throwing motion and he could Concuss the 49er sideline trainer or throw himself in the foot.

  11. On a serious note, I think Young’s comments are valid. Kaep has options…choices to make. Staying quiet and keeping distance–if that’s what he’s doing–is a choice. Choices have consequences.

  12. If Kaep drifts off, bring Hayne in. Have him follow Seb’s guidance to practice throwing darts and looking off safeties. A few months of that and we have a new QB.

  13. Steve has the experience and street cried to be right. WHAT HAS COLIN GOT TO LOOSE? Colin open himself up for help? He did that just this last summer, so Colin posses the humility to open himself and receive advice. Study film? How could that hurt? Nothing will ever take the place of on-field live training to read defenses, but too much credit is given to film. Defenses are fluid, player movements are almost impossible to predict. Better Colin be given time in the pocket to read and receivers that don’t drop balls and a coach that supports and affirms Colin’s skils. Anyone of substance that has played the game all say the same thing “COLIn HAS THE ATHLETICE ABILITY AND TALENT TO SUCCEED”. It is the COACH’s RESPOSIBILITY to nurture and make sure Colin has the OPPORTUNITY to effectively and efficiently apply his exemplary skill set. Case in point – 3 Playoffs and 1 Super Bowl – ALL achieved in part because of KAEPERNICK’s exemplary athletic abilities! Irrefutable‼️‼️‼️

  14. Off topic… Wonder what the post national anthem fly-over will be…? Blue Angels towing unfriendly York banners?

  15. I actually like Steve’s advice. Phil Sims had similar comments about Kaepernick. He talked about taking that ownership of your career; looking at some of the things you did wrong as a player and that’s basically what Steve is getting at. I think that’s something he could benefit from. Just taking that proactive approach instead of waiting for an invitation. As the QB who should be the leader of your team, I think it would be good to show his teammates that despite the down year, he’s still trying to make that effort to take ownership of the things he got wrong on his end. Obviously it has to be a two way street and the team has to do a better job helping him (from management all the way down to the coaches. But as Steve said, I don’t see why Chip would respond unfavorably if he saw that form Kap.

    Will he take the advice? That’s hard to say. I guess it depends on if he truly wants to be here and how much he thinks Chip can help him, which is unknown at the moment ( I realize there’s reports, but we still don’t know his intentions for sure).

    1. If Kaepernick is cleared to play football before April 1st it will not be up to Kelly decide whether to cut Collin or keep him on the roster. That’s Baalke’s job. Kelly has avoided giving Colin more that a “Hi I’m Chip” call on the grounds that it violates NFL rules prior to April 3rd or 4th. Others say that they can do a lot of talking without a rules violation.

      Smith was a free agent and Harbaugh sent him off with the new play book. Who’s playing silly games now?

      Personally I think Kelly is going out of his way to avoid any hint of a Kelly/Baalke power struggle so early in his contract.

      1. Baalke went on record saying he’s not worried about any date specific. He wants him healthy and ready to compete….

        1. Translate for me. Does that mean Baalke will wait until after April 1st and let Kelly decide on Kaepernick, or does that mean Baalke is just covering his ass in case Kaepernick can’t pass his football physical prior to April 1st?

          My prediction is that a healthy Kaepernick prior to April 1st will have his contract voided by Baalke and Kelly knows that already. Follow the leaks.

          1. Htwaits, do you remember the reports that Shanahan* was strongly in the mix for the Head Coaching position, right before the Chip Kelly** hire? Afterward it was reported that Shanahan did not want Kaepernick, and Chip Kelly had studied every game Kaepernick played at Nevada. Also that he tried to trade for Kaepernick, which he later denied at his Presser….



            1. Yes Razor, I remember. We also know what Harbaugh did when he wanted Smith.

              Now it’s time to wait for April Fools Day.

              Enjoy. ;-}

  16. In four seasons I have yet to see him read a defense at NFL speed.. I have yet to see him throw a receiver open. His footwork is an embarrassment. He has terrible touch. He has below average accuracy. I don’t get the debate. He has clearly demonstrated a very minimal skill set for the position. And four years later Chip will fix him, Elway will fix him. Harbaugh says he will “flourish”.. Based on what?? After four seasons of play, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a d*mned duck.. Tim Tebow arguably has a better skillset than Kaepernick and he is out of the league with no hope of getting back in and we are talking like this kid had a blip in his game last season. It’s laughable..

      1. I hear the footsteps now. Like King Kong stepping through jungle, one more comment on Hayne not cutting the mustard should do it!

  17. I think the problem with Kap is that he doesn’t have the software, nor does he have the drive, the hunger, to go out and get the help he needs to be an effective, let alone great QB in the NFL. He doesn’t spend every waking moment studying film; he doesn’t hire the best QB gurus to help him hone his skills and learn the job. When he did finally seek help from a guru, it was a second rate one, not one who has had extensive experience teaching up QBs like him.

    He is an athlete playing QB as evidenced that he has spent all but one year of his professional life trying to get faster and stronger. You are a receiver or TE, or even a DB or LB. That is NOT something that someone who desires to be a great, Super Bowl winning QB does. The 49ers did NOT lose the Super Bowl because Kap was not strong or fast enough. They lost because he couldn’t throw with touch or accuracy.

    1. Jay,

      You’re on to something with Kap’s work ethic. Working smarter, not harder is apropos here.
      Kap works hard–in the weight room. Stories of film study are legion and his Achilles heel.

    1. Undercenter

      I don’t know the guy personally, so I can’t boast or critique him personally….but if he’s waiting for the HC and GM to come to him with a bucket of mea culpas, he’s showing an ego about the size of Jupiter, and he’d better figure it out soon…or become a large tax write-off….HaH!!

      1. Oregon – Yes no kidding, I doubt Kelly is going to go after Kap. Personally at this point I do not care if he stays or goes. We both know that its a QB friendly system, all the QB has to be able to do is run and throw with touch so its not as if he is irreplaceable.

        1. Kelly needs to be the star instead of the team, and he burned through several quarterbacks, the last of which was not the prototype to execute it properly….

          1. Now I haven’t thought of that up until now. My head doesn’t need any more information. I’ve got enough to last me the rest of my life. ;-}

          2. Razor – None of them were really prototype and yet he did well with Foles and ok with Sanchez. Kap and Gabby are more suited then any that he had with the Eagles.

            1. I said it before, but it bears repeating. Every player in Chip Kelly’s offense got injured. His offense is not proven, perhaps because he hasn’t had the right quarterback. If I was a betting man, I’d wager Gabbert doesn’t survive the season if he’s the starter….

  18. I really wish people, though they are in the minority, would quit treating Clin as if he is the victim. The victim of some grand conspiracy to derail his career. He’s not. He holds the keys to his own success. If he wants to resurrect his career, it’s going to be up to him, not anybody else. If he doesn’t think he has a golden opportunity with the 49ers new regime than so be it. That’s his decision. Personally, I think he could be making the biggest mistake of his life. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the field. Colin may be a fantastic fit to run Chip’s offense. His skillset certainly intrigues. I would love to see him give it his best. He has given us fans some exiting moments and memories, and his style can be exiting to watch. However, if his heart isn’t into it, and he doesn’t want to step up and convince his new head coach that he is the best person to play QB for the 49ers moving forward, than that’s a decision he is making for himself, and I wish him the best of luck. But, he’s not going to get another do-over at 49er way. And he’s clearly at a crossroads. So I hope he makes the right decision. Because, if he goes somewhere else, and the wheels continue to come off of his career, he’s going to have regrets. I guarantee he’ll wish he had given Chip’s system his best shot! Because he may just be pissing away his best opportunity. That’s’ all I can say. Oh, and if he decides to be a quitter, and throws it away, I hope he doesn’t let the door hit him in the arse on the way out!

  19. QB7 is a Titanic size psychological iceberg you only see the tip- there is a lot going on in his noodle and very little is football. Other than Cleveland, this is the perfect organization for him to get cover.

  20. I have to laugh. The hate for Kaep is palpable. He does not deserve fans like you all, and I hope he leaves. When he does, he will become fully healthy and stuff his skills in your faces. With a decent O line, he will regain that touch, and his legs will drive the Defenses crazy, because he will go to a system smart enough to be able to utilize him properly. I almost wish he would go to the Rams so he could play against the Niners twice a year so fans like you all will rue the day you ever bad mouthed Kaep. However, I want the Niners to win, so I will be content if he goes to Denver, Jets or Texans, all 3 teams who want a SB QB, and have great defenses.
    This whole Donnybrook is the fault of Jed and Baalke. They need to grow up and start behaving like men, not spoiled brats. Jed should shut his big mouth and stop the leaks. Jed needs to find out who the leaker is and part ways with Baalke. I do not know if this rift can be repaired, but now I know why Chip was so low key about Kaep and mentioned Gabbert every time. He knew Kaep had told them what he was going to do, and I do not think he wanted to be cut on the team bus.
    So now the Niners will be relegated to the cellar again, they will be forced to draft a QB in the first and miss out on those great pass rushers. Their new 8-27 QB will have to be the new savior for the team, and maybe this year he will lateral to a player who is looking.

    1. No Super Bowl this season Seb. Chip will get us there, but Rome wasn’t built overnight. Drafting a QB, and giving him a season to learn under Blaine, would be a fantastic plan.

      You are being extremely shortsighted Seb. Chip needs at least 2 off season to get this roster into the postseason.

  21. Brodie, Young, Garcia, Smith and Kaepernick. Typical scapegoats for 49er Whiners.

    49er Gods: If you add Albert and Yelberton Abraham Tittle to a list of Montana, Montana, and Montana.

  22. My biggest concern with Kap is losing the locker room… If your teammates don’t like you then you better do all you can in the classroom to be successful on the field. If not it will be the same ol’ story and we’ll continue to wonder who the long-term answer at QB will be…

  23. Evan Mathis, the starting guard for the Super Bowl Broncos, did not push all his Chips in and consequently did himself a favor. If you’re not 100% on board with Chip and his offense, you’re gone. I expect there may be another outreach, but how can anyone expect Kaepernick to fully buy in if he doesn’t trust management. Besides, I do not believe there is enough data to conclude Chip Kelly’s offense will work in the NFL….

    1. I agree Razor. As for Kelly’s offense, it will be interesting to watch, but may be catastrophic for Jed’s legacy. Wait, does Jed have a legacy?

      Jed probably enjoys all the chatter about appearance that Kaepernick hasn’t learned from his mistakes. No one is talking about Jed’s failure to learn from his own mistakes. Also, it this the year that Baalke shows that he has learned something from his mistakes?

      Unlike the Superbowl or the 49er games, the coming saga is free to those who enjoy such soap opera.


  24. Seb, Rome wasn’t built overnight. Give this marriage between Chip, Trent, & Tom 2 years, and the 49ers will be back contention. And, not only will they be a contender, they will be incredibly entertaining to watch. NFL stands for Not-For-Long. It doesn’t take long to rebuild, as long as you have compitant people in charge. I believe the 49ers have now have the coach, and I am optimistic that the personnel department will supply the type of players Chip covets and needs to succeed.

    You apparently believe they have no future. Sucks to be living in your world.

    1. No, I believe that as long as Jed keeps reeling from one disaster to another, the Niners are fated to stay out of the playoffs,. However, if Jed finally holds himself accountable and steps down for the good of the team, the Niners could get back to the Super Bowl.
      It all starts at the top. Jed is an abject failure on so many levels. If you cannot see that he is the impediment to greatness, then I feel sorry for you.
      I am sick and tired of the lack of class, total incompetence and delusional optimism.

  25. And yes, the way the league is structured, having high draft picks is one reason their is parody in the league. Losing sucks. However, it’s easier to rebuild with blue chip stock. Get with the program Seb. Either get with the program or go find another blog to spew your negativity and grand conspiracy theories.

  26. Most people feel like Jed swang for the fences with the Chip Kelly hire. Maybe it will work out, maybe it won’t. But it was anything but a safe, status quo choice. Jed admitted he made mistakes. He’s trying to rectify things. Baalke is on notice.

    If you are a true fan, you have 2 choices. You can accept the way things are, and try to find the positives, and hope for great things ahead. Or, you can be a negative Nellie, and continue to look at the glass half empty and find reasons to be pessimistic.

    I am choosing the former. I can assure you, it makes life as a 49ers fan a lot less frustrating. Jed made mistakes. He took his medicine. He hired an innovative offensive coach, that came with risks. You have to take risks in life. Give this thing a chance. Or don’t. But stop with the illogical hyperbole, it’s depressing.

    1. Hah. So many posters called me a homer and delusional when I predicted a 10-6 season, and they were proven right. I do not need to be told to be a sunny chirpy fan or become a fan of another team. You do not understand what it takes to be a fan for 20 years without winning it all, and feel content to keep losing.
      I want the Niners to win multiple SBs. Continuing on the present course is just going to produce bad results. I want them to start getting it right. Hating on Kaep does not help the team. When did you start to be a fan? I was there when they sucked and had 15,000 fans in the stands. I was also there when they had the Glory Years. I even had tickets when they went 2-14 twice again. I take a back seat to no one, and some snot nosed kid is not going to silence me by pontificating that true fans have to kiss Jeds’ rear end like you are doing. Comprende?

            1. Hey Jack, I called for a truce but you seem to want to continue.
              Let me see. I could talk about your lack of intellect, the unpleasant unctuous tone, the mindless drivel. the vapid vacuous dissembling, or maybe the diffident deleterious dross you produce.

              1. A truce? Give me a break. The only reason I’m even responding is out of boredom.

                For the great participants of this board, “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting” – Sun Tzu

                Perhaps if well all ignore it we can subdue it and it will leave out of boredom.

        1. You wanna hurt Seb? Go right ahead if it makes you feel any better. Seb’s an easy target. Yeah, you’re right, he talks too much. He also listens too much. He could be a cold-hearted cynic like you… but he doesn’t like to hurt people’s feelings. Well, you think what you want about Seb; He’s not changing. He likes himself. His wife likes him. His customers like him. You know why? ‘Cause he’s the real article. What you read is what you get…; > )

            1. Neither. I’ll give you some hints. I was born in Ontario. I enjoyed making people laugh. I became a movie star. I was overweight. I died….

              1. Del Griffith, Director of Sales, American Light and Fixture, Shower Curtain Ring Division.

                Planes, Trains and Automobiles, one of my all time favorites….

    2. Jed did not take his medicine. I saw crocodile tears. Jed bloviates that once he finds the leaker, he will part with him, then keeps Marathe. Jed declared that losing gives rewards like high draft picks. I would rather pick 32nd every year. Jed leaked that Tomsula would be fired before the last game. If only Jed, his father and Baalke made the decision, Baalke is the leaker. Yet Jed keeps Baalke.
      If Jed wants to be a champion, he has to act like a champion.Jed has acted like a low class slimeball. A clueless wonder. A ridiculous hypocrite. Jed has besmirched the honor of the Niners and the only way he can redeem himself to me is if he truly holds himself accountable, and resigns for the good of the team.

      1. Good God yes, Jed must redeem himself to you first, then exit. With such tall talk we’d assume you have a throne worthy of you stature. Oh please don’t let my shadow fall on you…

        1. Cassie, when some one mentions a skanky toadie, you should not write-‘Been there, done that’.
          Just a little piece of advice.;p

          1. As clever and all knowing as you are…I didn’t say I was a skanky toad, just shared with the poster that I’d been there and done that.

    1. You’re obviously the man to find that QB in this years draft. Oh, there probably isn’t a 49er “true franchise QB” in this draft. Maybe not in the next one , or …

      It’s a nice bed time story. Don’t let me ruin it for you.

        1. Agree with football ops being run by experienced, proven football professionals. A solid 2016 draft would help too…

      1. Fans,

        Seb is also a Raider fan, for those who have not read his posts carefully, a I have.
        No one could possibley ride the inferior player train as long as the Sebster like he’s done with Kap and the fumbler, Hayne, and wish for the 49ers to retain them, unless he wants the 49ers to lose:

        February 5, 2016 at 5:39 pm

        I almost wish he would go to the Rams so he could play against the Niners twice a year so fans like you all will rue the day you ever bad mouthed Kaep. However, I

        And Seb wanted to trade any decent 49er player still left to his team, the Raiders.

  27. This forum has gone to sh*t to put it kindly. Used to be a nice place to air out real football talk. Now it’s turned into school girl arguments all day everyday by two individuals that apparently have nothing better to do.

    1. I would love to talk football, but every time I do, all the trolls come out of the woodwork and attack me.
      Then when I mention that the QB should look off the safeties, they think that is the stupidest thing in the world. I cannot even praise Eddie D without someone saying he did not mind if he never makes it into the HOF.
      I have tried really hard to ignore the hate, I have been conciliatory, apologized, and called for a truce, yet the haters keep hating and attacking.

    1. And Seb continuously touts his predictability precision even after predicting the 49ers to finish at 10-6 in 2015.
      Below, the Sebster predicted this for Hayne:
      Please Seb, no more player personnel recommendations, please.


      September 5, 2015 at 8:48 pm
      I am going to make a bold prediction. I think Hayne will score 8 TDs this year with a kickoff return, punt return, pass and run.

      1. TrollD, maybe I should have clarified that prediction. Maybe I should have said that Hayne would have those stats if Baalke did not cut him on the team bus and refuse to play him, even preferring crapola cut PS players.

        1. Hind sight is 20-20…Armchair quarterbacking…My old fooltball coach said, “if if’s and buts were candy and nuts, we’d all have a Merry Christmas..
          I’d like to add if I knew my fantasy player would be injured I’d have chosen another player and won the league and $1,000.

  28. Grant, time for you to take control of your site and get things cleaned up because this whole Seb thing is ruining the blog and I’m really finding myself wanting to come here less and less.

    Why deal with all this BS when I just want to read and talk about the team?

    Remove the bad apples or you’re gonna lose the whole basket.

    1. Yes, get rid of the true Niner haters,- TrollD Cassie 49.
      Stop the incessant attacks upon me, and I will be pleasant, calm, civil and polite.

      1. Proud of the phrase, you can dish it out, Grant, but can’t take it. However, when one of your “Gang” gets called out, you run to mama.

        1. *What I meant was that Seb and the gang dish it out, even ridiculing Grant as a “hack ” writer when he disagrees about Kap, Hayne, Tomsula, Kelly’s coaching staff, etc., however, when a poster stands up to them they want him banished from this site.

        1. TrollD, maybe you should stop addressing me, because I studiously ignored you until you started obsessing about me and posting multiple screeds.

        1. It’s like trying to get the NFL to go against their own view of what the NFL believes to be the best marketing strategy.

  29. I’m always interested in seeing how the 9ers do with undrafted free agents…immediately following the draft. Very few stick around, with the 9ers or beyond. Will try to research how we’ve done the last few years. Would like to see Drez Anderson get a shot (picked up last year).

    1. 2013…no Hall of Famers…

      CB Darryl Morris (Houston)

      DL Lawrence Okoye (Jets)

      G Patrick Omameh (Chicago)

      NT Mike Purcell (SF)

      CB Lowell Rose (San Diego)

      C Sherman Carter (Detroit)

      FB Alex Debniak (out of football?)

      HB/TE MarQueis Gray (Buffalo)

      RB D.J. Harper (out of football?)

      WR Chuck Jacobs (Baltimore)

      T Luke Marquardt (out of football?)

      LS Kevin McDermott (Minnesota)

  30. Grant, I wish to apologize to you. I am truly sorry if this blog has devolved into petty bickering. It was never my intention for it to get down to this level, and for that, I am very sorry and will hope to become a better poster.
    All I want is to be able to discuss the Niners in a calm civil manner. I have repeatedly advocated that any poster who does not like what I write to just ignore my posts.
    Somehow, I have become the butt of jokes and target for insults, yet have never become profane and just use the Kings’ English to defend myself. Maybe they think that if they can say mean things, I will just run and hide, but I am a Niner fan, and I will stand up against all who denigrate the team, yet realize that the Niners are not above criticism.
    Therein lies the crux of the problem. Maybe my posts are hyperbolic, but I almost consider it my job to counter the hate. All I want is for the Niners to win multiple rings and will not tolerate haters who want to pee on the parade.
    I have praised you when I saw good prose, but have also leveled constructive criticisms. Of all my posting, I do not think you have addressed me more than 4 times, but I do not come here to stroke my ego. I come here because I love the Niners, and recognize the breadth and depth of cogent thought and astute football acumen.
    I promise you that I will tone it down, and hope you will forgive me. I have said that I do not suffer fools gladly, but maybe I should grin and bear it more. Everyone here agrees that it could be much better, and I pledge to do my best to remain calm civil and polite.

    1. Seb

      The reason you are the laughing stock on this blog is that you have an Aspergeresque persona.

      Here’s what I mean:

      (1) You address the 49ers FO and believe they’ll take your advice;

      (2) You take credit when a view that you have is shared by the FO, but you fail to realize that this is not causal;

      (3) You appear to bristle when others contend the two points above;

      (4) You spend an inordinate number of hours on this website;

      (5) Even though #4, you frequently tell other commenters to “get a life”;

      (6) You say the same thing hundreds of times over;

      (7) You patronize others constantly, in an oddly good-natured way; and

      (8) You tend to keep score in the many conversations you carry on with people on the board, most of whom seem far less invested in what you say than you are in what they say.

      But hey, do you; you’re definitely two of a kind.

      1. Sil, I will take those criticisms, grin, and come back for more. At least I do not spew incessant hate and hope the Niners never win a game.
        I do tend to repeat myself. I did it when others were pontificating that Kaep had to learn to be only a pocket passer. I kept on saying that forcing Kaep to be only a pocket passer was like putting an Abrams tank in a pit. Posters tended to stop saying that because it gave me another opportunity to mention the tank analogy. In the end, posters would just type Abrams Tank, and everyone knew the words by heart. They also stopped writing that Kaep needed to be a pocket passer, because he is way more of a threat while rolling out in open space.

          1. Yep. No self awareness whatsoever. Doesn’t realise why he’s single handedly ruined what I used to find a fun place to come share some 49er thoughts.

        1. Seb

          True, and that was a great point. I still don’t know why they never brought in Chris Ault. Kaep is still plutonium grade raw material. Not sure he is safe in the hands of Trent and Jed.

    2. Couple things:

      1) You are not a poster on this site. That job belongs to Grant. He creates posts. You, myself and others then comment.

      2) “I almost consider it my job to counter the hate.”

      And therein lies the problem. You consider it your job. The volume of your comments proves this. Trust me, no one around here wants to see you commenting on just about every comment made by someone that you disagree with.

      If you are 1/2 as smart as you keep saying you are you’d realize that more can often be less.

  31. 2011 UFAs… Recognize anyone?

    Chase Beeler, C, Stanford
    Tyler Beiler, WR, Bridgewater
    Dontavia Bogan, WR,South Florida
    Brian Bulcke, DE, Stanford
    Demarcus Dobbs, DE, Georgia
    Donovan Edwards, OL, California
    Derek Hall, OT, Stanford
    Joe Hastings, WR, Washburn
    Chris Hogan, WR, Monmouth
    Jeremiah Masoli, QB, Oregon/Mississippi (CFL at the moment, a Chip K guy)
    Corey Nelms, CB, Miami
    Konrad Reuland, TE, Stanford
    Kenny Rowe, LB, Oregon
    Sealver Siliga, NT, Utah
    Seth Smith, RB, New Mexico State
    Anthony West, DB, Nebraska
    Ian Williams, NT, Notre Dame

    1. No, but the incessant posts between the you-know-whos are definitely boring and almost always a waste of time. I view what they say as litter, so it’s a matter of stepping over the litter to find posts that are “worthwhile.” I share Coffee’s sentiments above. I try not to come here anymore. The only reason I come back is the faint hope that, by a miracle, they have stopped posting. Also for the links to articles some guys post.

      1. Jack Hammer

        February 6, 2016 at 9:25 am

        A truce? Give me a break. The only reason I’m even responding is out of boredom.

        For the great participants of this board, “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting” – Sun Tzu

        Perhaps if well all ignore it we can subdue it and it will leave out of boredom.

        1. I agree, Jack,

          Let boredom reign seems to be their mantra. It’s the equivalent of listening to the misquoting of Sun Tzu or the personnel rants the Alex Smith vs. Kap crowd we were subjected to for a freaking year…After that the same posters debated Kap or Hayne for the next year…Good Grief!…

      2. That’s the problem George. You try to step over the litter, only to find there is so much litter you can’t find a place worth stepping.

  32. Regarding Razor’s post above about John Robertson, does anyone care to offer their thoughts about Dak Prescott? I’ve read the positive comments about Vernon Adams but, as much as I think he’s a playmaker, I don’t think he’d last many hits as a pro. Prescott is another matter. When I watch his highlights, he reminds me of Russell Wilson but on steroids. Also he spent his senior season as a pocket QB and, as the results show, did quite well. Some say he’s Tebow 2.0, but Bucky Brooks says that Steve McNair is more apt. The Brooks link is below. Keep in mind he wrote this before the Arkansas game (7 TDs, over 500 yards) and the Belk Bowl.

    1. It seems we engendered some forays
      On the question of moving the stor-ays
      Away from this board,
      But ‘no’s the last word
      And I’ve taken the Elf name Artuntaure!

  33. I like Prescott, and he makes good sense for a Kelly type offense.
    I would take him in a heartbeat if he last to the 4th round but don’t believe he will.

    Any predictions for the super bowl?
    I’m going out on a limb and taking the Broncos
    17 – 16
    Defense proves again that it wins out in the super bowl.

    1. AES

      Panthers will STOMP the Broncos by at least 2 TDs.

      Let’s go with: 38-10.

      Why? Turnover differential. Carolina is +20 this season while Denver is -4. Defensive rankings are good for media sound bytes, but not necessarily indicative of anything.

      Carolina thumped Seattle and then thumped Arizona. We all know that those 2 teams were excellent; one has an all-time great D (still) and the other had an offense for the ages. Carolina barely broke a sweat.

      The Broncos simply won’t be able to put points on the board in this game. The Panthers Front-7 is by far the best in the NFL, and Peyton Manning is a statue. The Panthers have the best CB in the NFL, and one of their safeties led the league in INTs.

      And forget any narrative that says the Broncos will hit Newton. The Patriots gave up 20 QB hits because their OL was poor, and Brady is a statue. The Panthers’ OL is the best in the league, and if anybody gets close to Cam, it will be a QB hitting a guy, not the other way around.

      Don’t believe the hype. The Panthers should be wrapping up an undefeated season. They killed every team they played. I can’t wait to see Manning leaving the gridiron for the last time, possessor of his place as the biggest postseason loser of all time (13-14).

      Watch. Cam Newton is Michael Jordan.

    2. AES ..

      I’m going with Superman over The Sheriff ..

      maybe 24 -13 .. (or thereabouts)
      I’m thinkin’ Peyton will find another
      way to lose

      1. Silicon, MWN,

        I have no qualms that the Panthers are the best team right now. My thinking is that like the 2007 Patriots who went into the superbowl against the NYGiants undefeated, they will come in overconfident and lose in a close defensive battle.

        Also, maybe my emotions are getting the best of me – because I really would like to see Payton go out a winner if this is in fact his last game.

        Cam is just entering his prime (along with many players on the panthers) and I believe that he will be back to few more SB’ before he’s finished.

      1. Seb,
        Can’t help myself with a little sarcasm here, but I hope you are right for a couple of reasons:
        1. I want Payton going out a winner
        2. Your predictions could use some help :>)

        1. AES ..

          yeah.. I’d love to see Manning go out a winner ..
          and at least be able to own as many rings as
          his little bro’… but …

          I dunno if that’s gonna happen ..

          But, hey …

          I can’t predict the future … either .

          1. MW, I will let you in on a little secret. It is a marketing ploy. If you predict a lot, eventually you are correct. Then if you crow about it, that is what is remembered, not the numerous ones that did not come true.
            However, I did predict that Jed would do something stupid. Lo and behold, the very next day, Jed says he will never take a coach from his alma mater when just recently he intoned that he was firmly committed to do everything in his power to win a championship. Then he jokes about not getting in the playoffs so the turf could look immaculate. Then he has his Girl Scout fiasco. Even when rectified, it left a black mark.
            I made an educated guess because I knew that Jed would have to be present and speak during the Super bowl Week, but never in a million years did I think that he could tumble between disastrous blunders, one after another.
            So many will call my prediction a lucky guess, so be it. It did come true, so I get to point that out. Many will say that a broken clock is right twice a day, and like clockwork, Jed succeeded to shoot himself in a non lethal manner, yet extremely painful, into an appendage that discomforts mobility.

  34. After falling behind by 22 points early in the 3rd quarter, Cam Newton will lead an amazing comback, finished off with a TD throw to Ted Ginn from 5 yards out on a fade to the back right corner of the end zone.

    Panthers 35 Broncos 34

    1. I didn’t check so I’m going to say this from memory. But I think Jack just parroted the last 49ers SB only this time the fade throw in the endzone is completed. Or was that so obvious it didn’t need to be said :)

    2. Something about Jack’s prediction reminds me of 2012, but I see the final play being repeated endlessly and it never worked.

  35. 1. The Panther’s have not dealt with a number 1 defense with a Hall of Fame QB ever!!!
    Palmer was defended well accounting for the current point spread. However, Palmer had ligament damage/ and or a broken finger in his throwing hand. 2. Ryan, Denvers DC is known as the genious . He employed a 3-8 last week. Not afraid to try anything at anytime, I expect more of a 4-7, with Ware and Von Miller as Ends, the spy won’t be Miller but a DB.
    This will cause multiple interceptions, giving Manning a short field.
    Also, the Panthers have no 1000 yard WR’s while Denver can deploy 2 shut down corners.
    Remember thant Peyton’s younger brother put up nearly 400 yards and 35 points on Carolina–

    Denver 35-10 over the Panthers.

    1. “2. Ryan, Denvers DC is known as the genious .” … TomD on his own.

      When you’re not sure, look it up.

      “Harold Wade Phillips (born June 21, 1947) is an American football coach who is the defensive coordinator of the Denver Broncos of the National Football .” … Everyone Else.

    2. You guys are being SO foolish! Denver is a weak team. They barely beat an undermanned Steelers team and a Patriots team with no OL. I cannot hide my enthusiasm. What was the score 2 years ago? 43-8?

      Peyton is what he has always been: a regular season supernova and a postseason chump. If, as Steve Young says, Peyton won’t lose it for them this time, neither will he win it. The Panthers are going to kill the Broncos.

      #1 Ranked Defense? Yeah, I had them as my fantasy defense all season, and they got me some points. But the Panthers D has 24 more turnovers (1.5 per game) than the Broncos. Cam and Stewart will run the ball down the Broncos throats, the pass rush will be neutralized, Keuchly, Norman, and Coleman will grab a few INTs, and as Superman emerges, the Papa John’s pitch man will slink off into the obscurity of his 13-14 postseason record.

        1. Grant,

          What do we have coming our way? You’ve got to have something of real consequence coming out tomorrow morning, right? Bring it!

  36. The stacked Broncos defense only has one All-Pro player

    The NFL’s All-Pro defense featured a few glaring omissions from the NFL’s top defense.
    Denver Broncos defense taking aim at No. 1 in fewest yards allowed

    1. Also, because of this defense, Manning starred as a “Game Manager” last week, winning like Alex Smith–play conservative without interceptions because they realized they have that #1 defense–a Patrick Willis behind you.

  37. Couple more predictions.
    Hall of Fame:
    Does Eddie DeBartolo get in?
    Does TO get in?

    I say yes on both – but lean more towards Eddie D.

        1. Yeah, AES …

          it ticked me off Roger got to the semi’s (again) ..
          but got cut (again) at the finals …

          It woulda been so appropriate to have
          both Eddie D and Roger in this class …

          Ya know .. since the game is at Levi’s !!

          But… imo … Eddie is a lock
          (for that very reason)

      1. To All 49er Fans:

        Eddy had heart. He was searching for another revenue stream to spend on 49er Free Agents in the river boat gambling endeavor. Carmen Policy warned Eddy not to become involved, so some right was on the 49er side.
        It’s been difficult on all Niner fans since Eddy stepped down.
        They NFL will see that Eddy was only trying to improve the 49ers and was dupped by the Louisiana Governor, (not knowing the Gov. was as shady as he was), and that Eddy was not the profiteer the York’s are, and Eddy was community oriented, having never cancelled a Girl Scouts event in search for more greed.
        The NFL will see Eddy’s heart was in the right place…I vote he gets in

        1. A-hh .. Cassie … {*slaps head*}

          Thanx …

          Well .. I’m sure this mock would cause
          more than a few smiles around these parts, huh ?

  38. I certainly wouldn’t hate that Mock MWNiner. I am very interested to see how fast Treadwell runs. I have heard some are predicting a 4.6 or 4.7, however from what I have heard, he’s a high 4.4, low 4.5 guy, which is plenty fast with his skillset.

    However, I simply see no reason to put together a mock draft pre-free agency. Pre-free agency, I stick to piecing together a draft board. Top 100. And figuring out which players are suited to play for the 49ers. For instance, which QB’s in this draft class best fit Chip’s system. Is it Goff? Lynch? Or is it a guy like Kevin Hogan, or Vernon Adams. After we get through with the initial stages of FA, I’ll zero in.

    1. Yeah… 49 .. but,
      I think I’d like to see some beef on the OL,
      somewhere in there, too …

      First I’ve heard of the CB listed ..(Burns)
      but the story about him is inspiring ..

    2. 49,
      I say that Vernon Adams is a Chip type QB. But Adams may not have the size to succeed as an NFL QB.
      Dak Prescott fits the bill.

  39. I enjoy your insight Seb and the ability to stand up to abuse…please keep the comments coming…I enjoy them along with the unenviable defense against the masses!

    1. Florida,
      Seb gets my vote as well. He’s our version of the Chicago Cubs; Lovable Losers (nah, just kidding Seb). You are a real fan and trooper.

    2. Florida, its OK. Lil ol’ me is takin on an entire blog. They just do not realize that I am not taking their power, they are giving me their power.
      Maybe the Niners should do the same thing I will advise this blog.- NEVER let them get inside your head. Never let them see you sweat.They get upset so easily, I kinda feel sorry for them.

  40. Hopefully, this will be my last missive on this subject. When I state I think they should be reading these posts, many do not realize I am being facetious.If I were truly serious about them reading it, I would take 3 clicks, and it would be on their doorstep. Please, do not get excited or annoyed that I say it. I say things to get a rise out of people, and sometimes it works beyond all expectations.
    To all who wish to leave this site until I am gone, I am sorry you feel that way, but I am on here until Grant kicks me off. I think Grant tolerates me because when posters who used to throw the ad hominem attack at him, I was the sole poster who shouted them down, and made compelling defenses of his writing style.
    When I first got on this site, there used to be 50 posts. Now he has 500. I do not think he is going to kick off the biggest contributor to his site.
    Please stay off. It will just mean that I have succeeded to drive you away. Go ahead and have a tantrum. This site could use new blood, and I heartily invite any reader to not be afraid to put in your 2 cents. The best thing for the Scooters of this world is to ignore my posts and both will be happy. Scooter, you really like to throw words around, but when you talk about self awareness, you probably mean self actualization. I am perfectly aware of what I do, say and think. It is your interpretation, and reaction that needs introspection.
    Again, I do not expect to be liked by everybody, because I say something. I will tell the truth which will get them even madder. The truth is that when posters get excited about a post, it makes that post important. Point by point refutations just means they have read every word. it is a trap, and they fall for it, hook, line and sinker.

  41. Grant…nice writing, good interview.Like how you sought followers input.
    I believe Kelly would respond favorably as he wants to work with guys that are in for the team as well as their own growth. The one thing you will find is that everyone earns a spot through competition, noone gets a job by draft rank, name or what they did before. Kap would need to want to play as well as beat out his competition…for Kelly it is best man starts, but he allows you to win your way in throughout the year. He also stands behind his players…I have never heard him say anything negative

  42. Grant…nice writing, good interview.Like how you sought followers input.
    I believe Kelly would respond favorably as he wants to work with guys that are in for the team as well as their own growth. The one thing you will find is that everyone earns a spot through competition, noone gets a job by draft rank, name or what they did before. Kap would need to want to play as well as beat out his competition…for Kelly it is best man starts, but he allows you to win your way in throughout the year. He also stands behind his players…I have never heard him say anything negative.
    Razor, where do you get this notion that everyone that plays for Chip gets hurt. His sports science program has consistently made the eagles the least injured team for three years. His sports rehab has facilitated faster recovery with repeat injury….he has brought in people with excellent skill sets with hx of major injuries and they have not reinjured themselves. Bradford and kiko are examples, he does this because he believes in his medical staff and rehab programs and is willing to wait for them to fully recover to benefit from what they bring to the table. He was willing to take a chance on Murray realizing that he could expect a big drop off after his previous year in Dallas. (Historicalmfact) He was willing to lrt him take time during the summer as well asbreduce his workload but noone talks about anything except how bad he was. Even Murray wants to blame chip for his poor showing…but warct this year…all of a sudden Murry will show strong again but it will be said that was because he is being used better by his new coach. As for QB, look at who he has had to work with and how they have succeded…even Bradford…please also note that, in spite of eagles rap that Kelly cannot pick talent, he is in fact pretty good at it.

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