Steve Young: “If I was the coach, I would immediately go to the game plan from Chicago.”

Steve Young spoke on KNBR Wednesday afternoon. This is his take on the 49ers’ blowout loss to the Seahawks and what the Niners should be doing on offense.

STEVE YOUNG: They got beat up. They got pounded. I was disappointed. Late in the year, great teams don’t allow that. Earlier in the year, I can see championship teams having struggles in September and early Octorber – just get obliterated in one game and go, “Ok, we learned our lesson there.” But in late December, a championship team getting blown up in the division, the more I talk about it the more alarmed I’m getting.

The Seahawks kind of bullied them. And the 49ers have been the bully. The 49ers, in my mind, what makes them great is they can come out in tight formations, goal line formations and push people around and dictate terms. I thought the 49ers holistically were the team most able to do that around the league. I thought this was the team that wouldn’t get bullied, and they got bullied and bloodied and they didn’t respond. They got hurt early, which you kind of figure. Go into Seattle, the noise, young quarterback – we might get hurt early. Block the field goal. OK, now we respond. But we never saw the response.

Q: How should the 49ers adjust going forward?

STEVE YOUNG: If I was the coach, I would immediately go to the game plan from Chicago. Tight formations. Bully them with the running game. Colin can get outside on boots and play actions. Cut the field in half deep-to-short. Don’t read sideline-to-sideline, especially now that we’ve lost receivers. Crabtree can be out wide. There are no three-receiver sets that I feel comfortable with, but I wish I could because I would love to put Colin in that spot.

But let’s go back. The first couple of games – Chicago, even New Orleans – it was Alex-Smith-like in a way. Tight formations. Very efficient. That has to be the mantra.

If I was the coach, that’s what I’d go to because I can see I’m not extending myself beyond my capabilities and my personnel. If you now demand that a young kid that has not played (A.J. Jenkins) and Randy Moss go play in three-wide-receiver sets just because Colin can do it and spread the field, I’m nervous about that.

But knowing Jim, he’ll put those guys in and spread the field. I would re-trench a little bit, especially for this week.

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