Steve Young on Kaepernick’s development: “He’s on 1-80 in Davis and he needs to get to Reno, but at least he’s on the road.”

Steve Young spoke on KNBR Wednesday afternoon. Here’s what he said about Colin Kaepernick.

Q: How do you think Kaepernick did against the Rams?

YOUNG: I thought he was thumbs-up. A young player in a tight spot. Had to go down and kick a field goal – did it. Had to bring the team back – did it. For young players, those are big deals. Now, was it pretty? No. Was it efficient? No. But he moved around. He’s got some nice weapons with his legs which make up for what he doesn’t know in the pocket. I certainly did the same thing. In some ways, I was very familiar with the effort – the dive in the end zone for the score. Those are all positives.

Now, you can’t take that performance and say, “This is a sign of future greatness,” because there are a ton of things that have to happen, but a backup quarterback comes in and does that? That’s solid.

Q: He definitely had some Steve Young moments.

YOUNG: I like the fight. I like the idea that we’re in a battle and I’m up for it. It may not be pretty, but I’m in the mix. I’m making some throws and making some plays. He made some throws and he certainly made some plays with his legs, and so we’ll build from there. Obviously, he’s on 1-80 in Davis and he needs to get to Reno, but at least he’s on the road. That’s good. That was a strange metaphor.

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