Super Bowl 50 live blog

SANTA CLARA — This is the live blog for Super 50. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from the main press box.

2:35 Here are the Broncos inactives:
QB Trevor Siemian
CB Lorenzo Doss
CB Taurean Nixon
RB Juwan Thompson
C Sam Brenner
G Robert Myers Jr.
NT Darius Kilgo

2:36 Here are the Panthers inactives:
WR Brenton Bersin
CB Lou Young
S Dean Marlowe
RB Brandon Wegher
RB Cameron Artis-Payne
WR Kevin Norwood
DE Ryan Delaire

2:46 Peyton Manning’s arm doesn’t seem any stronger than it was a couple of weeks ago. His deep passes down the sideline flutter and die.

2:47 Prediction: Panthers 24, Broncos 20.

2:57 The groundskeepers seem to be picking up chunks of grass all over the field.

3:01 The Broncos are the home team even though they’re wearing white.

3:11 The Broncos sideline is in direct sunlight and the Panthers sideline is in shade. Doesn’t seem fair.

3:20 Steph Curry just smacked a drum on the Panthers sideline.

3:22 Who will have a better game, Vernon Davis or Steph Curry?

3:32 Lady Gaga. Ugh.

3:35 The Panthers call tails and win the toss. They defer.

3:36 Gorgeous coin flip by Joe Montana.

3:38 The Broncos will be driving into the wind. Let’s see if Manning’s arm is strong enough to throw through the 20-mile-an-hour gusts.

3:45 Peyton Manning floats a pass to the sideline on second-and-13 from the Panthers’ 17 and almost gets picked. Robert McClain jumped the pass. Could have been a pick-six. Denver makes a 34-yard field goal two plays later and take a 3-0 lead. Good drive, but Manning didn’t even try to convert the third-and-13 at the end. He checked down right away to C.J. Anderson.

3:48 Sounds like a home game for Denver.

3:50 Panthers currently have a 51.8 percent chance to win.

3:53 The Panthers go three-and-out as Greg Olsen makes a seven-yard catch on third-and-8. Olsen didn’t run a good route. Aqib Talib was all over him.

3:54 Emmanuel Sanders makes a fair catch at the Denver 25.

3:55 Now the Broncos have a 54.2 percent chance of winning.

3:56 On second-and-8, Cam Newton sailed a pass over Corey Brown’s head. Brown was wide open. Newton seems overhyped for the biggest game of his life.

3:58 Manning completes a pass to C.J. Anderson for no yards on third-and-1, and Denver goes three-and-out. Ted Ginn gets tackled at the Carolina 15 on the punt return.

4:00 Manning can’t throw the ball past the first-down marker on third-and-1. Bad.

4:02 Jerricho Cotchery juggles a deep pass on first down and the officials rule the pass incomplete. Ron Rivera is challenging.

4:05 Refs confirm their ruling of an incomplete pass.

4:07 On third-and-10, Cam Newton drops back and never sees Von Miller, who sacks Newton and strips the ball. Malik Jackson recovers in the end zone. 10-0 Denver. The Panthers left their right tackle Mike Remmmers on an island against Von Miller. Bad move.

4:09 Jonathan Stewart seemed to twist his ankle on second down. The Panthers seem in shock.

4:12 The Broncos blitz on third-and-8 and T.J. Ward sacks Newton. But Talib is flagged for taunting at the end of the play. Fifteen-yard penalty and an automatic first down.

4:14 Stewart is questionable with a foot injury.

4:15 Bradley Roby breaks up a pass intended for Cotchery on 3rd-and-four. The Panthers can’t run the ball or protect Newton.

4:20 On 3rd-and-three, Luke Kuechly blitzes up the middle and sacks Manning for a loss of 10. Denver goes three-and-out. Ted Ginn fields the punt at the Carolina 40 and gets tackled right away, but an illegal block-in-the-back penalty backs up the Panthers to their 27 with 1:15 left in the first quarter.

4:21 Stewart back at running back.

4:23 Newton completes a 20-yard pass to Corey Brown before the first quarter ends.

4:31 Stewart jumps over the pile and into the end zone on first-and-goal from the 1. Unstoppable. 10-7 Patriots.

4:32 Newton scrambled twice for 23 yards and threw twice for 31 yards on that drive. He seems to have calmed down.

4:33 Talib already flagged three times.

4:37 On first down, Manning slips and falls in the pocket, gets up and throws an incomplete pass. Great grass! The Panthers are challenging the play. They think Kony Ealy touched Manning down.

4:39 Rivera just used his final challenge and it’s successful. But, the Panthers are out of challenges with 11:18 left in the first half.

4:41 Manning throws a two-yard pass to Demaryius Thomas on 3rd-and-17 and Kuechly crushes him. Incomplete. The previous play, Manning threw deep and Josh Norman undercut the throw and almost picked it off. Carolina has all of the momentum.

4:44 The Broncos punt from their end zone and the ball bounces out of bounds at the Panthers 49.

4:46 Darian Stewart breaks up a pass intended for Olsen on 3rd-and-11. Panthers had only three players in the pattern.

4:47 Jordan Norword returns the punt 61 yards. The Panthers thought he called for a fair catch but he did not. Longest punt return ever in a Super Bowl.

4:51 Louis Vasquez flagged for holding on 4th-and-1 from the Carolina 5. Denver makes a 23-yard field goal and take a 13-7 lead.

4:54 Players starting to complain about the grass.

4:57 Darian Stewart strips Mike Tolbert and Danny Trevathan recovers.

5:03 On 3rd-and-8, Manning throws blind to Emmanuel Sanders and gets picked by Kony Ealy. Fire zone blitz fooled Manning.

5:05 Roby breaks up a deep pass over the middle intended for Corey Brown on 3rd-and-10, and the Panthers go three-and-out.

5:08 Manning throws behind Thomas on 3rd-and-2 and the pass falls incomplete. Denver goes three-and-out. Both offenses playing terribly.

5:09 Panthers ball at their 19 with 1:55 left in the half.

5:17 Newton throws a prayer downfield on 3rd-and-12 and rookie Devin Funchess comes down with the ball.

5:19 DeMarcus Ware blows past Michael Oher, sacks Newton and the first half ends.

5:20 The Broncos currently have a 71.8 percent chance of winning.

5:32 Singer from Coldplay doing some serious twirling around the stage.

5:33 Wallpaper is more exciting than Coldplay.

5:39 Coldplay is so boring the video screen just cut to a shot of James Brown performing 40 years ago.

5:51 Panthers start at their 20 after a touchback.

6:01 Graham Gano misses a 44-yard field goal off the right upright. Aqib Talib seemed to jump offside, but officials didn’t throw a flag.

6:02 Cotchery dropped a pass two plays earlier. He has dropped three in this game.

6:06 Manning completes a 25-yard pass and a 22-yard pass on the Broncos’ opening drive of the second half. On 3rd-and-5 from the Carolina 12, Manning throws to Sanders once again, but this time McClain breaks up the pass. Broncos make the field goal and take a 16-7 lead.

6:16 Newton’s pass flies through Ginn’s hands and lands in T.J. Ward’s stomach. He tries to run and fumbles, but Trevethan recovers at the Broncos 7. The Panthers are giving away this game.

6:20 Ronnie Hillman runs a draw and gains two yards on 3rd-and-17. They conceded that down.

6:22 Tre Boston flagged 15 yards on the punt return, so the Panthers will start at their 19.

6:29 Derek Wolfe sacks Newton on 3rd-and-8. Von Miller beat Remmers with a spin move and forced Newton to move into Wolfe.

6:30 The third quarter ends as C.J. Anderson rushes for no gain on 1st-and-10 from the Denver 32.

6:31 This game is even more evidence edge-rushers are more valuable than interior rushers.

6:36 Charles Johnson strips Manning in the pocket, and he falls on the ball for a sack. Two plays later, Kony Ealy strips Manning and the Panthers recover at midfield.

6:38 Corey Brown is OUT with a concussion.

6:42 Ted Ginn drops a pass on 3rd-and-10 from the Denver 22. Gano’s 40-yard field goal is good, and Broncos lead 16-10.

6:50 Denver goes three-and-out. Norman almost picks Manning on third down.

6:53 Cotchery runs a crossing route on 3rd-and-15 and gets tackled by Chris Harris two yards shy of the first-down marker. Great tackle. Broncos ball at their 25 after the punt.

6:57 Manning hands off three times and goes three-and-out. He’s standing on the ropes waiting for the fight to end.

7:01 On 3rd-and-9, Von Miller strips Newton and T.J. Ward recovers the  ball at the Carolina 4. Newton didn’t make an attempt to recover the ball. Miller is the best player in the NFL.

7:04 Josh Norman is flagged for holding on 3rd-and-goal from the 4. Next play, C.J. Anderson scores for two yards out, and that’s the game. Biggest win of Peyton Manning’s career even though he was terrible.

7:08 Two-point conversion is good: Manning to Bennie Fowler on a slant.

7:09 Will Newton ever be the same after this?

7:11 DeMarcus Ware sacks Newton after Malik Jackson hits him. Newton throws the ball away on the next play. Now, the Panthers are punting with 2:08 left. Good grief.

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      1. That must be exciting for you. Has Mr. Lupica given you any insider information on the Kaepernick report? My son loves his Comeback Kids series….

  1. Silicon Chip February 7, 2016 at 2:11 pm
    Here is your opening day 53-man roster. The 49ers will cut Dorsey, Brooks, Bethea, & Brock, freeing up an additional $15M, which brings the team’s total available cap space to $68M. The below scenario spends $57M of that $68M, so there is still room to restructure and/or extend players such as Aaron Lynch, Quinton Dial, and Tank Carradine.

    I researched the compositions of Chip Kelly’s Eagles teams to understand how he employs personnel, and the below represents a 25-25-3 O-D-S split.


    Nobody can speak with any certainty about the QB scenario in San Francisco, so I just accept that we keep both Kaep and Gabbert, and bring Adams on board, though I think we could just as easily sign Bradford, drop Kaep, and draft Prescott. Gabbers is safe; at least I know that much.

    QB (3)
    Kaepernick 28
    Gabbert 26
    Adams (R4) 23 $1M

    The OL was a major area of concern; below, you see that Boone has moved on, but that the 49ers have signed younger, cheaper guys in Wisniewski and Schwartz, while bringing back Bam Davis. We now have a young OL with veteran leadership at the Tackle positions, and two veteran centers in Kilgore and Wis who can both play guard. Tiller and Brown have emerged as candidates for the 5th starting position along the line, and this composition will allow Thomas and Martin another year to add strength and prove themselves. If this OL stays healthy, it will be dominant.

    OL (9)
    Thomas G 24
    Tiller G 26
    Kilgore C/G 28
    Martin C/G 22
    Brown RT 22
    Wisniewski C/G 26 $3M
    Davis RT 26 $5M
    Staley LT 31
    Schwartz RT 26 $4M

    The RB position is key, and I have again looked at Chip’s tendencies to determine where the 49ers might go here. I would very much like the team to take Elliott, and pair him with Hyde, but I think we have greater needs elsewhere for our R1 pick. So I will wait to find that R4 draft pick, but in the meantime, the 49ers should pick up Chip’s old buddy LeGarrette Blount, from Oregon. He will be a key bruiser to employ in the second half of games. In a less obvious move, in order to retain Bruce Ellington’s explosiveness, and also in line with Chip’s tendency of keeping a shifty guy (LaMike, DeAndre Thomas, Darren Sproles, Kenjon Barner), I have re-classified Ellington as a RB, but he will continue to line up all over the field.

    RB (4)
    Hyde 25
    Rookie (R4) $1M
    Blount 29 $1M
    Ellington 59 4.3 24

    Chip wants guys that are big and strong at the WR position. In the scenario below, Torrey Smith is the shrimp at 6’0″, but the 49ers will sign Marvin Jones or Alshon Jeffery as well. I predict Jones will be slightly cheaper than Jeffery, and also fits what Chip is looking for a bit better. When I started this process, I was shocked to learn that the 49ers have stockpiled 11 young WRs under the age of 25, all of whom are 6’2″ or over. I looked at a lot of tape to get it down to these guys below. Smelter has size and decent speed, with great hands, like Boldin. White was an explosive element on Amari Cooper’s Alabama team. Dres Anderson and Eric Rogers both possess prototypical size and speed combinations, and both were productive at the lower levels. I could see the 49ers making a play for Josh Gordon or taking a huge speed demon in the draft for development; Charone Peake, Paul McRoberts, and De’Runnya Wilson would be good options.

    WR (6)
    Smith 60 4.3 27
    Jones 62 4.4 25 $5M
    Smelter 62 4.4 24
    White 62 4.3 24
    Anderson 62 4.4 23
    Rogers 63 4.4 24

    It’s hard to know what Chip Kelly wants from his TEs, given that he didn’t seem to use Zach Ertz much on the Eagles. I kept Busta Anderson and Blake Bell from the 2015 draft because they both seem very promising with their size and speed; I also kept Vance McDonald, due to the fact that he improved slightly at the end of 2015 and has always been a solid blocker in a versatile, athletic body. I would like the 49ers to make a play for the 6’6″ Ladarius Green from San Diego, who runs a 4.5 and has shown flashes, but I think that would be unlikely.

    TE (3)
    Anderson 64 4.6 23
    Bell 66 4.6 24
    McDonald 64 4.5 25

    25 on O Ave. Age: 25.2 Added Contract Value: $20M


    The defensive side of the ball will belong to Trent Baalke, which is not the worst thing in the world, provided Jim O’Neil is in accord with him, and provided Chip Kelly has the authority to banish Trent from the field if he needs to. Trent is good with defensive personnel.

    Along the DL, the 49ers retain Carradine, despite him being a disappointment so far, because in his new body, he will play fast around the edges. Dial will likely be extended, as he is disruptive and has a mean streak. The team will team Arik Amstead with DeForrest Buckner, another 6’7″ monster who is said to be more NFL-ready than Amsted was. Mike Purcell will emerge in place of Ian Williams as a solid run-stopper and anchor. Instead of keeping Williams, Baalke will go hard after Malik Jackson from Denver, who not only stuffs the run, but also collapses the pocket from the inside. Jarred Reed from Alabama also fits this model, and will be drafted to join the rotation. Notice the youth and size of this group! It needs to be able to really run and dominate. This line achieves that.

    DL (7)
    Armstead DE 21
    Carradine DE 25
    Dial DE 25
    Jackson DT 26 $9M
    Buckner/Nkemdiche (R1) DE 21 $2M
    Purcell DT 24
    Reed (R3) DT 24 $1M

    No position group looked more barren to me than the ILB group, upon early inspection. Willis is gone, and suddenly Bowman without Willis isn’t that scary. Gerald Hodges was a great pickup midseason, because he is young and athletic, and can learn the position. Baalke will sign Danny Trevathan from Denver as a plug and play 3-down ILB. He is solid against the run and ranks 6th among ILBs against the pass. There is a trend in the NFL to go lighter with the weak side ILB in a 3-4, as evidenced by how guys like Tartt, Chancellor, and Bucannon are utilized. I could see Baalke drafting either a prototypical bigger ILB or go with a taller, faster prototype to round out the group.

    ILB (4)
    Bowman 27
    Hodges 25
    Trevathan 25 $5M
    Rookie (R5) 22 $1M

    Ouch. OLBs are so expensive. Von Miller will collect at least $15M next season. Lynch will need to be extended this offseason or next. Fortunately, the salary cap is jumping by $10M per season until 2018, so we can plan accordingly. Baalke should kill 2 birds with one stone by taking Bruce Irvin off Seattle’s hands. Baalke wanted to draft him, but Seattle jumped him. He can get payback now, and get a cornerstone of his defense for the next 5 years or so. He should use Irvin like Seattle uses Michael Bennett, inside and outside and all over the line. Lemonier has been released, for obvious reasons. Noah Spence will be available in the late 1st or early 2nd round, and Baalke should do whatever it takes to get him. With Lynch, Irvin, Amstead, and Spence playing alongside Malik Jackson, with Bowman and Trevathan flying around, opponents will be in trouble. Ray Ray Armstrong is an interesting physical specimen, with great pass coverage abilities from the OLB position.

    OLB (5)
    Lynch 22
    Spence (R2) 21 $2M
    Harold 22
    Irvin 26 $8M
    Armstrong 24

    This is the team’s strongest position group, even without Bethea. Reid is training and studying with Ronnie Lott. Ward is Earl Thomas in waiting, and covered the slot better than any other DB in the NFL at the end of 2015. He is Earl Thomas/Tyrann Mathieu, and Baalke should get his due for this pick. Tartt and McCray (who seems to have been here forever) round out the position group with great speed and physicality, and Tartt seems to play with considerable ball skills as well.

    FS/SS (4)
    Ward 24
    Reid 24
    Tartt 23
    McCray 24

    The CB group is exciting. I remain loyal to Acker and Reaser (though it was difficult to go with him over Cromartie), because they are still so young and physically promising. If Ward falls back to play FS, Reaser can fill in at the slot better than Cromartie. Dontae Johnson will become our shutdown corner in 2016, and Baalke has again hurt our divisional opponents by taking two of their highly talented, young prospects. Trumaine Johnson from the Rams is 6’2″ and has ball skills, but the Rams will be focusing on signing Janoris Jenkins. DeShawn Shead came out of nowhere at the end of last year playing safety for the Seahawks, but he has great size and length, and acceptable speed, coupled with above average ball skills, to play on the outside. Both come cheap, and are young.

    CB (5)
    Acker 60 44 24
    Reaser 510 4.3 24
    Johnson 62 4.3 24
    Johnson 62 4.5 26 $3M
    Shead 62 4.5 26 $3M

    25 on D Ave. Age: 23.9 Added Contract Value: $34M

    Pinion 21
    Tucker 26 $3M
    Nelson 29

    Please comment. I’d be interested to hear where you all think the 49ers might spend their draft capital and their additional salary cap money, if they choose to spend it.

    1. Fun stuff Silicon. I’d buy a lot of what you’re selling. However, a couple caveats. A) I can’t see DuJaun Harris not being included in our stable of backs next season. Baalke really likes him, and Harris was a revelation last season. B) I would be shocked, SHOCKED, if Spence gets past Seattle at 26, especially if they lose Bruce Irvin. Spence is a simply exactly the Seahawks type.

      I love the Buckner pick! Give me two, 6’7″ 300 lb, prototypical 3-4 DE’s all day long!

    2. Whether I agree with some of your picks/selections or not, SC, this blog always appreciates this kind of effort and food for thought. Well done.

    3. Chip, thanks for this extensive and well thought out scenario. The only position I’ve given thought to is which QB they might pick in the draft. I can’t see them drafting Adams due to his size, and the bigger Prescott is accurate and mobile, and a playmaker in his own right.

    4. Of course, my major objection is the loss of Hayne. I like the Buckner pick, but think Jarran Reed will be long gone before the third, and Spence could go top 10.
      Signing Malik Jackson and Trevathan sounds nice, but since they just won a SB, a lot of other teams will be bidding for their services.
      Other than that, and the fact that a lot will happen before the draft, well thought out and thorough.

    5. Buckner would probably require a trade up but would be a great pick.Regarding Spence unless his interviews at the combine are a disaster no way he falls to the second round.

  2. Silicon Chip

    Wow!! that’s just my first response…what a load of work you put into this ! The game is in progress now, so I want to go over your work after the game….So far, I like it……

    1. Oregon

      Thanks for the kind words. I am on 1-week mandatory bedrest following ACL reconstruction, so I have a lot of time on my hands. It’s fun to do this stuff, and I have a fairly comprehensive awareness of the state of our team. I’m interested in learning more about available free agents and draft eligible players.

      It’s an exciting time to be a 49ers fan.

      1. Yes it is Silicon. This team can get back into contention in no time, assuming our personnel department makes good use of their draft stockpile and salary cap space.

        I won’t mention names tonight, but there are some on this blog who simply can’t turn the page. It’s a breath of fresh air when someone puts effort into contributing positive information in regards to the teams future. I, for one, am excited to watch this young roster become a foundation upon which a high speed, high flying, offensive juggernaut runs ragged all over the NFL!

      2. Silicon Chip

        So sorry to hear about you ACL reconstruction, but to be somewhat gauche, It is to all of our benefit that you do have the awareness of the “State of the niners”. and the time to give us your effort. To be honest, I couldn’t find ANY blatant disagreements with you…(I am hoping to see a rejuvenation of Brock), and Cromartie might receive a little more examination. I agree entirely with your safeties, CB’s and especially your WR’s and Tight ends. I’m flummoxed about our LB choices other than Bowman ,of course, Lynch, and Harold, Hodges, and I don’t know enough about Trevathon to say.

        As to where we should spend some of our ‘bounty’,I think that Buckner would be a real bonus, and one (maybe two)swing ‘big uglies’ in the OL. 4-6 years experience in FA . The rest I’ll leave up to you….Man, You killed it….

  3. Looks like the Panthers are tired. Living in high elevation means the Broncos are the more fit team at normal elevation. If the Broncos can continue to make it a close game, it will be to their advantage in the 4th quarter….

  4. Peyton looks like he can’t throw the ball more than 30 yards and his velocity is low. Cam is overthrowing his receivers and his line is having real issues.
    Will either throw for 250 yards?

  5. Grant

    Isn’t this about the time you start ripping Cam for throwing it too hard and having no pocket awareness and letting the clock run and being a very bad person?

    1. Or, to put it in more congenial terms, do you think Jed and Trent are watching the MVP struggle like their own embattled QB, and scratching their heads, wondering why he suddenly looks mortal? I mean, I don’t think Rivera or Mr. Richardson are tweeting about Cam’s terrible study habits right now, but maybe they should be, right?

      1. I had similar thoughts. When his line and run game broke down he couldn’t carry the team. I couldn’t believe the velocity he was putting on throws and how far they bounced off receivers. He over threw quite a bit.

      1. Grant I have to agree that Miller is the best player in the leauge. I think he’s better than watt. And this isn’t my opinion for 1 game, When Miller is 100% healthy, he’s a monster

        1. Steel

          I only wish that Patrick Willis had more of a chance to show and shine on the big stage…but yeah, Von Miller…head and shoulders above the rest….

  6. Peyton will do this himself. He is the worst pressure QB I have ever watched play. As sure as the sun comes up, Peyton stinks in the clutch moments.

    1. MVP my rear end! That’s embarrassing. If I’m one of his teammates I chew him out and spit him out! Then I do that stupid dance he does. He cost his team a chance to win a championship. Overrated!

  7. Cam Newton not jumping on that loose ball just shows what type of guy he is!
    Biggest game of his life and he turtles away? Wow!

  8. Cam Newton is a terrible human being. It’s not your body, it’s your body and the body of Thomas Davis and Jared and 50 other guys.

    Who would I rather have? Cam Newton or Colin Kaepernick? Good Lord!!! How quickly, how radically and completely things change.

    Cam Newton, you are a disgrace.

      1. I never seen Kaepernick change his mind about securing the football for his team because a couple big dudes were approaching….

        1. But Razor I’ve seen him avoid contact just like Cam did on that play.
          And granted QB’s need to save their body but my point neither guy is willing to go thru a wall for his teammates. I believe that in both those guys!

          1. Brees got his arm mangled when he did not hesitate on a similar play. Every quarterback will avoid contact if they’re hit enough, but I don’t ever recall Colin doing something that egregious….

              1. Did Manning go after his fumble? He was too slow to even realize where it was on the field. Cam should have made more effort, but you don’t really see this from QB’s much. I am with Razor I never saw that kind of concession with Kap. He has plenty of flaws but that wasn’t one of them. Prime assigns every negative trait to him that exists in the NFL. 49 I don’t think Kap wants to be a 49er and expect him to be somewhere else next year. So throw out your fresh ideas. You’re right we still have people banging Alex’s drum around here, those who hang on will always be with us.

      2. Prime

        Read the whole thing again. I make no distinction, rather, an observation about the fickle nature of adoration. I don’t know if rather have either. Just so devastating to the emerging Cam Newton mythology.

    1. I’m not sure he’s a terrible human being, but you’re correct about how quickly perception can change. Can’t legacy suffer a MAJOR hit when decided it was more important to preserve his body on the off chance that he get’s injured going for a loose ball, than it was to do whatever it takes in the waining moments of the biggest stage in pro sports, to give your fellow warriors and teammates a chance to win the biggest game of their lives.

      EPIC FAIL! Newton has been exposed!

  9. Who was the one in here going around saying how badly the Panthers would beat the Broncos. I told you that Broncos defense would shut down the Carolina Dabbers!

    1. Razor ..

      I’m ready for that plate of crow ..
      I predicted the Panthers .. cuz, I didn’t
      think the ‘ole guy still had it in him … but ..

      I was wrong

        1. true, enough, Sil .. but the bottom line is ..
          the holiday dinners around the Manning dinner table..
          just might .. be a little less contentious, now
          that Peyton has an equal amount of rings
          as his little bro !

      1. Gary had a nice game plan and he called a good game. The one series where it was 3rd and long, and he let Manning throw it, which resulted in the turnover. I thought that was where he got a little careless. The following series he handed it off on 3rd and long, which is what he’s normally done this year….

    2. I believe that was Ninermd, Razor. Although I didn’t agree with him because of the Bronco’s Def, i could see why he would think that if you consider Manning’s past performances in the Superbowl games.

  10. Cam found out who his kryptonite is – himself!
    Mr. SuperCam became Mr. Irrelevant on one play: Cowering away from recovering his fumble.
    I feel for the rest of the Panthers who played their butts off only to have their inspirational leader not lay it on the line for them.

    1. Leo,
      Nice call on Lady Gaga.
      Not only did she kill it, but it was almost radically refreshing to go simple by only going with a piano.

  11. Well, I must admit I was way off. I predicted Denver, 27-23, so I missed the exact score by 16 points.
    However, I was the only poster that I saw to predict that the Denver defense would score, so I will crow about that.
    I also said that defense wins championships, but that is a pretty obvious axiom.

  12. Matt Barrows

    “NaVorro Bowman got one vote for comeback player of the year. Eric Berry won w/ 38, Carson Palmer 6, Adrian Peterson 4 (??), Doug Martin 1.”

    A little off track here, but whoever gave Peterson more Comeback Player of Year votes than Bowman should be fired within the next 48 hours.

      1. No offense Wilson, but that’s just silly take. The guy beat cancer and had a tremendous season, one that was far better than Bowman’s at that.

        1. Whoops. Never mind. I’m too dumb to understand how to read English.

          That’s what watching 4 hours of mind numbingly boring football will do to ya

          1. HaHa, I guess I could have used names rather than pronouns. Berry is fine by me, Peterson is the one who doesn’t deserve votes.

            1. The offensive output tonight was fitting considering the group that usually inhabits that stadium.

              How long until we see another championship football game at the pro level played there?

          2. Spoken just like an over the hill quarterback. Bored by defense unless it’s either winning him a game or losing him a game. ;-}

  13. One thing was made abundantly clear tonight. Cam and Kaep are very, eerily similar. Both have great winning personas, but neither has any grace at all, and each acts as though the world owes him something. That is just immaturity, plain and simple. Tom Brady was like that early on too. Let’s not rush to judgment. The elder statesmen are retiring slowly, and the vacuum they leave will demand that whomever ascends does so with the requisite dignity.

  14. Well, now that the 2015 season is over, it is time to start thinking about the 2016 season. Sill put in yeoman’s work assembling a 53 man squad, but there will be many permutations along the way.
    I will start by describing my thoughts on what the Niners should do. I am almost resigned that Kaep is gone, and since Payton Manning gets to ride off into the sunset with his ring, I think that Denver is the logical place for him. With that defense, Kaep would have a great chance to thrive. I also think Anquan should seriously consider going there to get another ring, but realize that the salary cap will be mainly used to keep the existing players.
    What should the Niners do first? They should start by re-signing some of their free agents.Williams should be the first priority, and even if many think Boone is gone, he should be re-signed to help provide continuity.
    Instead of just cutting players, the Niners should bundle them to low win teams desperate for bodies in exchange for draft picks. They should also bundle later picks to move up in the draft. They even might move back in the draft to get 3 picks in the first 2 rounds.
    Free agency will be huge, and Baalke better grab good players before they are snatched up. If no decent free agents come to the Niners, It will be a long season, with little hope.
    Hopefully the coaching staff is assembling and devising an efficient and effective game plan. I hope Chip will recognize Hayne has some skills, and devises plays that accentuates his strengths.

    1. Seb

      1. Thx for recognition
      2. No benefit to Kaep leaving, won’t leave unless Chip doesn’t want him
      3. Denver will not win again next year; it is losing much of its core to FA;
      4. Williams can be improved upon (he’s basic) with guy like Jackson;
      5. Why sign Boone at 28, old and selfish;
      6. Hayne may fly, but no rational reason to believe Chip will want to allocate 1 of his limited (4) RB spots to a developmental guy; &
      7. Put some of your own work in so that you can comment thoughtfully to promote progress, that is, don’t use generalities about FA or the draft when all the info you could possibly want is at your fingertips.

      It is because I spent so much time researching the state of 49ers, FA, draft, & league affairs that I can say with 100% certainty that you have no sustainable basis for your positions on Denver, Boone, Williams, or Hayne. You have tired talking points. You are Donald Trump. Neither increased volume, nor repetition, will make your tired talking points less comprised of baloney.

        1. HT, I consider your placing of the word THE in front of my name empowering. I consider that like you are calling me The Fonz.

      1. Seb is nothing but pugnacious, he’ll double down and insist he knows what he’s talking about. He loves cliche football and wildly loyal to his guys regardless of logic. You’re points are well articulated lets see if you succeed where others have failed with Seb?

        1. Wilson, I say that Kaep is probably gone, because the Niners have totally been incompetent, unfeeling, mean and backstabbing. They will throw him away like a piece of trash, and I hope he lands with the Broncos. If they can win with an aging QB who is immobile and cannot throw it far, imagine if the get a SB QB who can throw the ball 90 yards and run with the ball 90 yards untouched. With their defense, they would be Freddy Kreuger scary.
          I may not have a degree in behavioral sciences, but have enough sense to know that you do not beat a dog with a stick and expect it to lick your hand.

          1. Seb I wrote this above in one of the other comments. “49 I don’t think Kap wants to be a 49er and expect him to be somewhere else next year.”

          2. It doesn’t matter what Kaep wants. This is business. There will be a vibrant trade market for Kaep and, if they part ways with him, the 49ers will send him to the highest bidder.

      2. Sil, you may diss my football knowledge, but there is one thing I can say with certainty. You may want to consider yourself smarter than me, but why did you not predict that the Denver defense would score? I did that, it came true. I did not have a lucky guess, I watch the games and made an EDUCATED guess.
        Like Cosell and his watching film, he is not a better at analysis just because he watches a ton film. Sometimes there needs to be analysis and cogent processing of information.
        Guess what? We both have computers, and both have huge data bases at our fingertips. It’s more important to be able to use the information to make astute and informed opinions,instead of standing behind you computer and blustering that your database is bigger than mine.

      3. Point by point refutation.
        1. Good day, I consider you a worthy opponent. I also have no problem with you.
        2. Kaep is probably gone, and I enumerated the reasons in my post to Wilson.
        3. Denver will still be in the SB hunt because they will retain the core of the defense. They may free up a ton of cap space when Manning rides into the sunset. Elway is a Stanford grad, so he is pretty smart. He will not blunder from one catastrophe to another like Jed does. He is smart enough to recognize Kaeps’ talents, and he will NEVER force him to be only a pocket passer. He was also smart enough to sign Mathis, and look, he won a SB because of that.
        4. I like Williams, and it would send a strong signal to Kaep that they are trying to retain veteran talent. Malik just doubled his worth, and Baalke is too cheap to out bid other teams. Irvin will never come to the Niners, because he is hungry for a ring, and the Niners will be lucky to have a non losing season.
        5.Boone was grossly mismanaged. The Niners used emotions to make decisions. Boone, as a player that played in 3 NFCCGs and a SB, is good. So good, he should have been put in the RT position as the second best line man. Instead, they put turnstile Pears, the flag generator, that helped get Kaep injured. Boone is 28? Maybe your database did not reveal that usually, players at 28 are at their peak, and usually decline when they are past 30. Boone just wants to get paid what he is worth. Baalke will try to lowball him, and he will go to a team who sees his real worth.
        6. Hayne was more grossly mismanaged than Boone. The coaches were not smart enough to use him properly, and he was insulted and denigrated by being cut on the bus by Baalke.
        7. I have put up a ton of posts, so much so, that other posters are crying that they have read the same things way too many times. I did not go into great depth because I thought many posters wanted shorter posts, so I mentioned FAs in general terms for brevity’s sake. I will be more than glad to expand upon my ideas, so please do not ask for them, then cry for me to stop writing so much.
        I may say the same thing at some of your ideas. It is baloney to call for Spence to be a second round pick when 2 mocks have him going 8th and 12th. It is a pipe dream to think Jarran Reed will last until the 3rd.You may make those calls, but do not expect me to not call you out on them when you invited feedback.
        Do not worry. I plan on talking about of lots of other things, so my repetitive posts will mainly be saved to counter repetitive screeds. I could say that it is way too early to even think about a 53, but I do not want you to feel like your hard work was just a waste of time. I will say that you should concentrate more on the combine, more realistic FA signings, and the draft before ever tinkering with a 53 that will undoubtedly be very different from what you postulated of a 53, just after the SB.
        I hope you have a speedy recovery, but warn you that it will be painful. Thankfully, my injuries never required surgery, but rehabbing made me curse the therapist many times, even though I knew he was pushing me so I could recover fully.

    2. Seb,
      After last years debacle with Tomsula and Co. along with a porous draft from Baalke over the last few seasons Kelly and Co. will need to hit the ground running at full speed.

      I believe that Kelly will be front and center throughout the NFL combine later this month and fill every page of his notebook with countless stats and information on potential draft picks in April.

      As I mentioned earlier, Chip does not have the privilege of a honeymoon period afforded to first year head coaches. At the very least, he will need to have an 8 win season to secure trust in the front office and his players.

      Having said this, developmental players will likely not be a luxury Kelly can afford. Which (in my book) means that players like Hayne and Kap could be out.

      1. Chip does seem to develop QB’s with less talent and success than Kap so if he’s interested in Kap we’ll see him around. (Sanchez, Foles, Vick, Barkely for instance) Plus Gabbert is as much a developmental QB as Kap. Its not like he’s been successful in the NFL either. He’ll need Gabbert to make throws in crucial times beyond the markers and check downs. The plays and receivers were there this season for Gabbert, he just didn’t make the throws.

        I agree with your assessment on Hayne though and other players like Patton, Ellington and maybe Martin or Thomas. This could be where it gets interesting because what Chip wants and what Baalke gives him could be an issue.

      2. AES, I agree with every word you wrote, except the last sentence. Hayne is a savvy veteran, and they never should have expected him to completely master all the nuances of blocking schemes when he was better suited to just simply field punts and gain yards. Hayne also would have been utilized better if they gave him some swing passes in the flat. They did it for the couch potatoes, but they never made the first tackler miss. Hayne has shown his elusiveness and ability to make the first tackler miss. Hopefully, Chip is smart enough to use Hayne properly.
        I really hope you are not trolling me, saying Kaep is a developmental player. Kaep made it to the SB after 10 games, and was 1 pass from returning. Granted, he regressed, but like Jim Plunkett, he can easily return to form with a better system, especially when fully healthy.

        1. Seb,
          No, not trolling at all. I view Kap as a developmental player at this stage of his career because when he was benched his mechanics were completely broken.
          And truth be told (and take note that I’m a big CK7 fan), he should have been benched much earlier.

          Kelly does not have the luxury to set time aside (given so many needs on the team) to give Kap special attention. And if the team decides to draft a QB with their first pick it will conceivably end any hopes of CK remaining with the team.
          I’m not completely sold Gabby, but I see him as a better plan for the team in 2016 than Kap.

          1. Seb,
            Hayne is not a savvy veteran in terms of NFL experience. He was by all accounts a rookie last year.

            With Hyde coming back, Mike Davis returning and perhaps Draughn and Harris in TC and also like in CK’ case, if the team drafts a RB look for Hayne to have an steep uphill climb to make the team.
            Kelly will be looking for players that can contribute not players that need special attention.
            Again, time is not a luxury afforded Kelly.

          2. Kaep is not “broken” — it’s not like golf. The reality is that since the end of the 2013 season, Kaep has been working with a subpar cast of characters. In 2014, he still had his coach, but the running game was in serious decline, the D was injured, and the team had no viable deep threat. Baalke should not have released Moss. Also, the idea of putting Kaep in the pocket was stupid. In 2015, Emperor Idiot gave him a clown troupe run by a butcher, let his protectorate leave, and failed to act when the defense went AWOL.

            On Sunday morning, Cam Newton was Muhammad Ali. On Sunday night, the Broncos injured Cam’s running game, took away his favorite toy #88, and then stole Cam’s confidence. By Monday morning, Cam and Kaep were indistinguishable.

            So, we still have Kaep the Destroyer; it’s just that he looked a lot like Andrew Luck this year. Or, rather, he looked like Aaron Rodgers was made to look against the 2013 49ers.

            Kaep is a good coach, a running game, and an OL away from being Kaep. Anyone that can’t see this has other motives.

            1. Cam won the MVP with Ted Ginn as his No. 1 receiver. Kaepernick never made a Pro Bowl even when he had a stacked team.

              1. Grant,

                What is your point? Kaep came much closer to actually winning a Super Bowl and reached 3 straight NFCCGs. Kaep was a great big-game QB before he either became too cocky to train or had his confidence undermined.

                Cam has had the luxury of working closely with one guy since joining the Panthers in 2011. Mike Shula was the QB coach before becoming OC in 2013. He, Ron Rivera, and Jerry Richardson have given Cam the stability that the most successful QBs, Montana, Brady, and Rodgers, have enjoyed.

                Andrew Luck has yet to make his mark in the postseason. He suffered this season (a year after he was abandoned by Bruce Arians) during a year marked by York-esque ineptitude in Indianapolis.

                No matter their public accolades, they’re all three very similar QBs in terms of physical abilities and early career accomplishments. We have no reason to believe that any of these three guys won’t be able to reach the pinnacle of the profession, but it will take work. Is Kaep too old, as you often declare?

                Clearly not, as evidenced by the ascension of your 49ers childhood hero, Steve Young, who was 29 before he was even named the starter, and 31 by the time he was named to his first Pro Bowl in 1992. Young had the luxury of studying the passing game among WCO luminaries including Montana, Walsh, and Shanahan. Today, it is Young himself who is most positive about the prospects of Kaep ascending with Chip Kelly, and he touts his late-career partnership with Shanahan, beginning in 1992, as a model for that partnership.

                So, Blaine Gabbert, anyone?

            2. Silicon,
              Ok, Kap is not broken – he’s lost!
              Something broke at least has a chance of being fixed – my point is that Kelly does not have the time to fix all that ales CK. Let some other team take on the Kap revival crusade.

              Good coaching does not help a QB stay in the pocket when the QB’s first impulse is to run even when there’s no pressure. Good coaching does not help the QB see the whole field when the QB is completely locked in on a play and fails to see a wide open WR on the line of scrimmage.
              Good coaching does not help a QB that throws a 6 yrd pass at the feet of his WR.

              Broken, lost, confused, disoriented, underdeveloped, throw in your own term, either way it shakes out I don’t see Kelly putting all his Chip’ on the table for CK7.

            3. Silicon Chip

              Even great lovers have a falling out every now and then….It’s not Hating, but after 4 years of a constant retrograde movement from our erstwhile QB, I have thrown in the towel on Kaepernick. I have seen no improvement in any of the qualities that I deem necessary to be an NFL QB much less a good or even franchise NFL QB. Kaep is a wonderful athlete, but NOT a QB. Despite the result of Super Bowl 50, Kaep is not on a par with Cam Newton, nor will he become on a par without being struck by lightning at least several times…He’s 28 years old, and too far down the road to start over. We (niners) have a lot of work to do this off season, and we have the coach to get it done…let’s not set him back with having to teach Football 101 to someone who should have known it 10 years ago…

  15. Happy Manning won on what will surely be his last game -he is broken and fragile now but still a warrior who should be honored not disparaged and disrespected as some here did (and then had the cheek to lecture on the nature of adulation).No mistake the game was won by a great Denver D and coaching job. However the load of rubbish about the new transcendent QB who would kill the Broncos by atleast two TD’s who did’t have a chance …well as the man says that’s why they play the game!

  16. With the SuperBowl now in the books I can post the official results from the Pick’em league:

    D Rogue—162-105

    Thanks again for a fun season. This is also my last post here.

    So long and thanks for all the fish.

  17. I’m not a Denver fan, but less a Panthers fan. Great defense and an implosion on Cam’s part. On the to the combines and draft…

  18. Well so much for the theory that you need an elite QB to win the Super Bowl. Could have been Alex v. Kaepernick out there today as far as offensive football was concerned. The NFL is evolving into a chess game played by the coaching staffs. I fell asleep in the second half! Hopefully Chip Kelly proves to be a better chess player than the rest.

  19. I think cam might need a giant bandaid for those feelings of his…..boohoo cam u sore ass thing i can say for sure,everyone can bash kap but at least he took his superbowl loss like a man.all i have to say

  20. great work Silicon. i would like the two guys from Denver. the receiver from the Bengals is asking for 7-8 mil a yr. all the people who kept saying cam choked are the same ones who can’t watch Kaep play and do it objectively. Last night i saw a QB under duress. Pressure was coming up the middle and on the ends. His accuracy suffered and he had drops for third tier receivers with questionable hands. Marcus Martin was a sieve, and Pears and Devey weren’t much better. Their were rumors of the patriots Brady’s demise when his line was struggling early in 2014 when Devey was his starting right Guard.

    1. Playaze

      Thanks. I just took a stab at guys that were available and used spotrac and some other resources that had projections of their 2016 salaries. The same goes for the draft picks. I would love to get Buckner, Spence, and Reed, but I’d be happy with one of those guys, and two similar on the other two.

      I think Baalke needs to spend mid-level $ on WRs who are between 24-27, since he can’t assess NFL success based on NCAA performance for that particular position. I am intrigued by the way the team stockpiled young, tall, fast guys at the position, guys who were not polished or productive or healthy enough to be sought after by other teams.

      With Chip Kelly’s offense, it’s pretty clear how important it will be to have the right mix of RBs. And of course, the QB question, since we’re the 49ers, takes precedence.

  21. Cam’ abrupt presser just proved to me why he’s not ready for the big stage and why he just jeopardized his brand when it comes to being the new face of the NFL.

    Even great QB’ like Tarkenton, Jim Kelly and Marino that have lost the big game never coward away from the post game presser.

    Cam’ failure to attempt to recover his fumble almost pales in comparison to his failure to meet with the press.
    You want to be the face of the NFL? Try accepting a loss (as difficult as it may be) with a modicum of class.
    As far as I’m concerned, this dude tarnished his brand yesterday on many levels.

    1. AES

      The press conference is more important than running away from a live ball on the field of play with the game on the line?!!!

      You cannot be serious!

      1. Silicon,
        Coming on the heels of all the accolades that Cam received throughout the season along with being the leagues MVP, I say yes this pales in comparison to his alligator arms fumble attempt.

        I’m sure that Cam and his teammates will find a way to minimize the feeble fumble attempt – but his teammates can’t shield him from his classless actions at the presser.

    2. Funny you say he ruined his brand. As I lay here in bed all day recuperating, I see back-to-back programming on ESPN slamming Cam; but every, single commercial break features at least 1 commercial featuring Cam.

      Our society today is extraordinary.

      1. Silicon,
        Tarnished and ruined are two different levels. I said tarnished, not ruined.
        Cam will survive this and people will soon forget his classless actions. But walking out on the games biggest press conference is and will always be a classless move.

        Cam’ brand is not what corporate America has created – it’s what he has created. He wants us to believe that he is this fun-loving athlete that enjoys the game and has his team and fans in the palm of his hands. Giving footballs away to wide-eyed kids in the stadium and doing charity work in his community are what has contributed to his brand.
        And it’s not a bad brand until it’s put under pressure like yesterday when he folds and walks off stage.
        Yeah, I would say his brand got tarnished.

  22. Silicon…for me it was more aboutt what it shows the young people that look up to these players like gods.the decision to not jump on the ball only lasT a little while.the decision to not do the press conference can last a lot longer ask Kap about shoty PC.

    1. East Coast

      Yeah, well, that’s an odd take. If a little kid asks about the press conference, you say, “Oh honey, he’s just really sad, which a kid understands, and the issue is closed.”

      If someone asks why Cam didn’t go after the loose ball, what do you say? “Oh honey, he just decided to quit on the other 52 guys on his team, the coaches, and all the fans, because he thought he might get injured”?

      Is that what Navorro Bowman thought when he went for that ball in Seattle?

      You know how long it will take Cam to resurrect his image after this false controversy fizzles? You already have your answer, because Cam already was a pouter. He already went through a run of being a sad, dour interview after games the team lost during the 2013 & 2014 seasons.

      Nobody remembered that this year; someone got in his ear and told him to change his ways, which he did, and he became the anointed one.

      One of these issues is about appearances, which is easy to address, easy to fix.

      The other issue is about accountability, which is a much deeper problem. Cam feels entitled, believes he is the Chosen One, yet when that ball was loose on the ground at his feet, he didn’t feel he had to even try to pick it up. He quit. He let the game go, let go of those 52 teammates, the coaches, and the fans. Integrity.

      Is it worse that Belichick’s lack of integrity has caused the Patriots name to be tarnished, or that he’s not nice in his interviews?

  23. Silicon…. Im in total agreement with you about the fumble. They both will affect his image.i live in nc, all ive heard fpr months is Cam, Cam ,Cam.the NFL proclaimed Cam. the new face,then Cam made his ridiculous statement about race.Cam stacked the deck against himself.then he played one of the worst games of his career of course the media is going to want walk out was a big baby move.the NFL already has a image problem, you know why accountability.thats why,no one has it any more.i wish i could go to work and not be accountable for my actions .

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