Super Bowl XLVII 49ers vs. Ravens live blog: First quarter

This is the live blog for the first quarter of Super Bowl XLVII. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from my living room in Oakland.

3:28 Baltimore wins the toss and chooses to defer. They feel their defense can stop the 49ers’ offense.

3:30 Guess the first play. I’m guessing pass to Crabtree.

3:32 Tucker kicks it past the back of the end zone. The 49ers start from their own 20.

3:32 From the pistol, Kaepernick play fakes and hits Vernon Davis for a gain of 20, but there is a flag.

3:33 Illegal formation. First and 15.

3:33 Gore takes the handoff and gains no yards. Second and 15.

3:34 Kaepernick completes a pass to Walker on the sideline but he can’t get his feet in bounds. Third and 15.

3:35 Kaepernick hands off to Gore on a draw and he gains two yards. They messed up two plays on that drive.

3:36 Jacoby Jones returns the punt to the Ravens’ 49 yard line.

3:36 Joe Flacco completes a short pass to fullback Vonta Leach for a gain of eight. Second and two.

3:37 Rice runs up the middle for four yards. First down. Then Flacco drops back and hits Torrey Smith for 20 yards. First and ten from the 19.

3:38 Rice up the middle for one.

3:39 McDonald gets pressure and Flacco throws it away. Third and nine.

3:39 Flacco overthrows his target in the end zone, but Ahmad Brooks is flagged for jumping offside. Five yard penalty. Third and four.

3:40 Flacco drops back and hits Anquan Boldin for a touchdown. He beat NaVorro Bowman and Donte Whitner. 7-0 Ravens with 10:36 left in the first quarter.

3:43 The 49ers were not prepared on either series. The Ravens look more prepared early in the game.

3:44 LaMichael James catches the kickoff in the end zone and takes a knee.

3:47 From the pistol, Kaepernick hands off to Gore who runs up the middle for a loss of a yard, and there’s a fight.

3:47 Kaepernick drops back, throws with pressure in his face and hits Crabtree over the middle for 19 yards. First down.

3:48 First and 10 from the 38. Gore up the middle for no gain.

3:48 Gore runs a draw and gains eight yards. Third and two.

3:49 Kaepernick runs a draw up the middle and gains nine yards. First and 10.

3:52 Kaepernick completes a 24 yard pass to Vernon Davis. First and goal at the eight.

3:53 Kaepernick throws over Crabtree’s head on second and goal, and on third and goal Paul Kruger beats Anthony Davis and sacks Colin Kaepernick.

3:54 Akers makes the field goal. 7-3 Ravaens with 3:58 left in the first quarter.

3:56 We can see the Ravens are struggling with the 49ers’ offensive speed, but the Ravens are getting pressure and they’re tough in the red zone.

3:57 Ed Reed is jogging to the locker room. He was shaken up when he tackled Vernon Davis. Vernon Davis was also shaken up on the play.

3:58 Reed injured his knee on that play. It was a knee-to-knee collision.

4:00 Flacco drops back and hits Pitta for nine yards. Second and one from the 31.

4:00 Rice runs up the middle for no gain. Third and one.

4:01 Rice runs off left tackle for two yards. First down.

4:01 Rice runs up the middle and gains three. Second and seven.

4:02 Flacco throws to Boldin and he drops it. He didn’t want to get hit by Donte Whitner. Third and seven.

4:03 Willis blitzes, Brooks gets pressure, Flacco rolls right and throws a prayer off his back foot and Boldin catches it in front of Culliver. First down. Gain of 31.

4:04 Flacco checks down to Leach for a loss of three.

4:04 Flacco overthrows Torrey Smith deep. Third and 13.

4:05 Ray McDonald sacks Flacco. They’re going to have to punt.

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