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Former Louisville QB Froman mulling post-lockout options

There is little question the 49ers are interested in signing undrafted quarterback Adam Froman to a free-agent contract when the NFL lockout ends. The unanswered question: Is the former Louisville quarterback interested in signing with the 49ers?

49ers contacted Louisville QB Froman during NFL draft

Froman said he thinks Saturday’s late-round calls could have been inspired by the lockout. You know, since NFL teams couldn’t speak with potential free agents after the draft, they made some calls while contact was still allowed.

NFL’s lockout could affect rookies, from top to bottom

LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson could be one of the first players selected in the NFL Draft. Louisville quarterback Adam Froman could be one of the last. The disparate duo, however, does have this in common: They can already see how the lockout could alter their NFL dream.