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Joe Staley is disgusted

SANTA CLARA – Joe Staley was the first offensive lineman to speak to reporters in the locker room today. He was polite and patient and he answered every question in a low, subdued voice, but you could tell he was exploding on the inside. He said he had just watched the film of the Texan […]

8/5 Practice notes

SANTA CLARA – Before I get to the good and not-so-good of the day, here’s a funny scene from the 49ers first practice in front of fans. During 11-on-11’s, Alex Smith threw one pass at Ted Ginn’s feet on a five-yard out. The fans didn’t boo, but they gave a collective “oooooo,” and the stands […]

Joe Staley on Gore, Snyder, Aldon Smith, himself

SANTA CLARA – Joe Staley just spoke to a media group at the 49ers practice facility. He answered questions about Frank Gore’s return, Adam Snyder’s move to center, and Aldon Smith’s long arms. You’ll like what he has to say about Smith. He also talked about his own health and his outlook for the season. […]

Aldon Smith, Adam Snyder, and Scott McKillop talk

SANTA CLARA – Aldon Smith, Adam Snyder, and Scott McKillop just spoke to the media, and here are selected quotes from those interviews. Practice starts at 2:30 and the players will wear pads for the first time this training camp. Jim Harbaugh will speak to the media after. If you have a question you’d like […]

Day 1: The Harbaugh and Kaepernick Show

SANTA CLARA – Here’s the first scene from the 49ers’ first practice of the 2011 training camp. New quarterback Colin Kaepernick lined up under new center Adam Snyder, and took snaps as new head coach Jim Harbaugh watched on a knee like an umpire calling balls and strikes. It was these three men in the […]