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Kaepernick vs. the QBs on the 49ers’ 2013 schedule

49ers fans and Bay Area residents are hyper-aware of Colin Kaepernick’s excellent 2012 season. He took Alex Smith’s starting job Week 10, started the final-seven games of the regular season and was one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL over that stretch. I thought it would be interesting to compare Kaepernick’s final-seven regular season […]

Ranking young quarterbacks, part II: Grant’s ranking

Earlier today I asked you to rank Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, Cam Newton and Colin Kaepernick in order of which QB you would most want to build an NFL team around. Here’s my ranking. Colin Kaepernick – Of these four quarterbacks, Kaepernick has the strongest arm. He’s not quite as athletic as Griffin, but […]

Ranking Kaepernick, Luck, Newton and RGIII

There are currently four young, athletic quarterbacks who have the potential to become elite – Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, Cam Newton and Colin Kaepernick. Which one would you most want to build an NFL franchise around? Which one do you think will become the best quarterback? I want you to rank these quarterback 1-4 […]

Kaepernick cracks Berry’s top-10 fantasy QBs

ESPN’s fantasy football guru Matthew Berry just posted his top-10 fantasy quarterbacks for Week 12. They are: 1. Aaron Rodgers 2. Peyton Manning 3. Robert Griffin III 4. Matt Ryan 5. Tom Brady 6. Andrew Luck 7. Drew Brees 8. Colin Kaepernick 9. Cam Newton 10. Andy Dalton Who’s not on the list: Eli Manning, […]

Andrew Luck vs. Alex Smith

The Indianapolis Colts, whose record last season was 2-14, beat the Jacksonville Jaguars last night to win their fourth-straight game and improve to 6-3. The Colts are in second place in the AFC South and they have the third best record in the entire AFC. So I’m asking some questions. At this stage of his […]

Roman philosophizes about the read option, and more

SANTA CLARA – Here’s the transcript of Greg Roman’s Thursday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers. Opening Statement: “Good afternoon. We had a really good training camp. Thought our guys were dialed in every day. I think we got accomplished what we wanted accomplished in camp and we’re able to turn the page here this […]

Can Alex Smith duplicate Andrew Luck?

Our friendly poster Jack Hammer sent me a tweet this morning with an idea for a blog. He urged me to investigate the statistical similarities between Alex Smith and Andrew Luck in each quarterback’s first season playing under Jim Harbaugh. So, I did. Thanks for the idea, Jack. Before I get into it, let me […]

In five years, who will be the best NFL QBs?

CSNBayArea.com just posted my latest article on the top-five young quarterbacks in football. For the purposes of this article I define ‘young’ as incoming rookies and soon-to-be second-year guys. Of those QBs, which ones will be the best five years from now? Here’s my list: 1. Cam Newton 2. Andrew Luck 3. Robert Griffin III […]

Does Harbaugh hide Alex Smith?

CBBSports.com’s 49ers beat writer, Michael Erler, disagrees with Greg Cosell’s claim that the 49ers are “hiding” Alex Smith. In Erler’s blog he points out that Alex Smith is averaging 26.3 passes per game this season. That number happens to be about two pass attempts fewer than Andrew Luck’s average last season under Jim Harbaugh — […]

Andrew Luck on Jim Harbaugh

Andrew Luck spoke about former coach Jim Harbaugh at today’s college football media day. Obviously he’s crazy about the guy. Here’s what he had to say. Luck compares David Shaw and Harbaugh: Anybody who knew or covered or came across coach Harbaugh knows he’s full of energy, a lot of attention on himself, not by […]