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Kaepernick cracks Berry’s top-10 fantasy QBs

ESPN’s fantasy football guru Matthew Berry just posted his top-10 fantasy quarterbacks for Week 12. They are: 1. Aaron Rodgers 2. Peyton Manning 3. Robert Griffin III 4. Matt Ryan 5. Tom Brady 6. Andrew Luck 7. Drew Brees 8. Colin Kaepernick 9. Cam Newton 10. Andy Dalton Who’s not on the list: Eli Manning, […]

How good will Kaepernick become and which QB does he remind you of?

Which quarterback, past or present, does Colin Kaepernick remind you of? He reminds me of a young Brett Favre. Kaepernick has the same electricity, better legs, probably as strong of an arm and a bit more accuracy. Favre had a wild hair about him that took Holmgren several years to corral and several off-the-field problems that […]

Spread schmed: Harbaugh more concerned about DNA

On Wednesday, Harbaugh said he’d more or less arrived at this conclusion: If a quarterback has the right stuff it probably doesn’t matter if he never took a snap from under center in college.

The quarterbacks cometh: Jake Locker and Andy Dalton

Two intriguing quarterback prospects have stepped to the podium here at the NFL Combine and they both came across quite well. That is, Jake Locker and Andy Dalton have no plans, at the moment, to add “entertainer” and “icon” to their NFL quarterback duties:

NFL Draft: Ponder among potential non-first-round finds

I asked CBS Sports senior draft analyst Rob Rang to identify potential second- or third-round quarterbacks who would make the most sense for the Niners and their West Coast Offense. Perhaps one of the quarterbacks below will develop into a legitimate starter. The others? David Greene?

Locker, Kaepernick and Ponder! Oh my!

Rang considers Missouri’s Blaine Gabbert the only quarterback worthy of the Niners’ No. 7 overall pick. He doesn’t view Auburn’s Cam Newton or Arkansas’ Ryan Mallet as good fits for the West Coast Offense.

NFL Draft: Calling all first-round QBs … hello?

Lande doesn’t see a potential franchise quarterback in the draft. In fact, he currently doesn’t see a quarterback worthy of a first-round pick, although he’s reserving some judgment on the top-32-worthiness of Missouri’s Blaine Gabbert.