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Why the 49ers will not draft a running back

I say the Niners will not take a running back in the upcoming NFL Draft, and here’s why. This season, Frank Gore will be the starter and Kendall Hunter will be the backup. Any running back the Niners could draft would be a third-stringer this season (with the exception of Alabama’s Trent Richardson. He’d be […]

Why the 49ers should get Tebow

The Niners are a “team to monitor” in the Tim Tebow trade talks, according to Adam Schefter. Chris Mortensen also confirmed the Niners as a front runner. The rumor is Tebow costs nothing more than a fifth or a sixth round pick. If Baalke can get Tebow for that paltry price, he should do it […]

Grant’s top-five favorite 49ers

This year the beat writers voted Donte Whitner the Garry Niver award winner for the player most accommodating with the press. Garry Niver covered the championship 49ers teams for the San Mateo Times. He died in the early ‘90s of a heart attack. My dad knew him very well and says he was a lovely […]

Scarface at the ‘Stick

The Santa Rosa Press Democrat just posted my article for Friday. It’s about how these 49ers set the tone in their football games. It’s also about Tony Montana vs. Joe Montana, in a sense. I spoke to Anthony Dixon and Blake Costanzo for the piece. To read it, click here. To set the tone for […]

Michael Crabtree explained

The Santa Rosa Press Democrat just posted my Friday article on Michael Crabtree. It’s about the Crabtree behind the Crabtree, and for the article I interviewed Kyle Williams, Anthony Dixon, Ricky Jean Francois and Mr. Crabtree himself. To read my article, click here.

The southwest corner

SANTA CLARA — For what it’s worth, the Niners really like each other. They may or may not man up against the Pittsburgh Steelers this Monday night – I think they will – but regardless, they get along. Anthony Davis and Mike Iupati are best friends. Parys Haralson and Aldon Smith act like brothers. Colin […]

Have the Niners lost confidence?

SANTA CLARA — You might be wondering if the Niners lost some confidence after their 16-6 loss on Thursday night to the Baltimore Ravens. Here’s today’s scene from the locker room. You can judge for yourself. In the middle of the room Anthony Dixon started a dance party. He blasted his iPod speakers so loud […]

Grant’s top-three favorite 49ers

I’ve been asking myself, “Who is my favorite 49ers player?” I’m not asking who is the best player. Just my favorite player. Here’s what I came up with. My Number One favorite player on the 49ers is Anthony Dixon. I find the guy to be a scream, and I’m always gravitating towards him in the […]

Snapshot from practice

Anthony Dixon walked off the field bare foot today. Examiner.com’s Sam Lam pointed this out first. The two of us had never seen anything like that before at an NFL practice. Dixon noticed Sam and I looking at him so he nodded his head and asked us, “What’s up?” So I asked him: “What happened […]

Anthony Dixon’s locker

SANTA CLARA – I walked over to Anthony Dixon in the locker room three minutes before he had to go to a team meeting, and I asked him if he would mind showing me what he keeps in his locker. “The fans want to know what’s inside a famous NFL running back’s locker,” I explained. […]

Anthony Dixon avoids head trauma

SANTA CLARA — Anthony Dixon narrowly missed sustaining a serious head injury today in the 49ers locker room. He was walking from the equipment room to his locker when a cameraman almost took his head off. The cameraman was standing in the middle of the locker room, holding his camera on his shoulder, looking for […]

Anthony Dixon clears the air

SANTA CLARA – Last week Anthony Dixon had two showdowns with Patrick Willis on the practice field. Dixon won the first one, giving Willis a hard helmet-t0-helmet hit, but Willis won the second, stripping the ball from Dixon in the backfield and seemingly twisting the backup running back’s ankle. Today, Dixon shed some light his injury, […]