Roman on Alex Smith: “He’s just gotten better incrementally in everything we ask him to do.”

Greg Roman’s Thursday press conference transcript, courtesy of the 49ers.   Opening Statement: “Good afternoon. Didn’t take our players long watching the film of cleaning up the Detroit game, moving on to Minnesota and seeing that these guys are a very, very good defense. They’re well coached. They’ve got a diverse scheme. They’ve got [Vikings DE] Jared Allen, who some regard as the best pass rusher in the National Football…

September 21, 2012

Alex Smith: “Sometimes the best thing is to protect it in the pocket and take a sack.”

SANTA CLARA – Alex Smith’s Wednesday press conference transcript, courtesy of the 49ers.   How’s that gash doing? “Doing alright. Healing up hopefully.”   Kind of makes you look like a football player. “It’s tough for me to look any tougher, but I guess it does.”   Is it sore? “Pretty cosmetic, not too bad. Just kind of a surface thing.”   Has T Joe Staley been swapping tales about…

September 19, 2012