Why Eddie DeBartolo Jr. didn’t get voted into the Hall of Fame

Eddie DeBartolo Jr. did not get voted into the NFL Hall of Fame last weekend. Here’s why: There are many more deserving former players who need to be inducted first. Like Tim Brown and Cris Carter. And Charles Haley, who won five Super Bowls. None of those players were inducted this season. If they didn’t get in, DeBartolo had no chance. Bill Parcells – a former Super Bowl winning coach…

February 8, 2012

Steve Young: “Whoever doesn’t think these guys are for real is kidding themselves.”

Steve Young spoke with Ted Robinson for a change this afternoon on KNBR. Here’s the transcript. Enjoy. Q: What did that win over the Steelers mean for the 49ers? YOUNG: “It was huge, just perceptually around the country. People look at the Pittsburgh Steelers – that’s a marquee name and a marquee game and a marquee record, and a big name, big players, big stuff, Monday night. So it’s perception….

December 21, 2011

Charles Haley will learn Hall-of-Fame fate today

Haley’s championship resume is a powerful selling point, but his career sack total (100.5) is well below the numbers produced by fellow finalists Kevin Greene (160.5) and Chris Doleman (150.5), who rank third and fourth in NFL history, respectively (sacks became an official stat in 1982).

February 5, 2011