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OTA Notes: Rough day for the passing game

SANTA CLARA — Here’s what stood out to me during Tuesday’s OTA. THE GOOD 1. Colin Kaepernick — The passing game wasn’t clicking, but Kaepernick made three beautiful throws. First, he dropped back and looked to his right, then looked to his left and hit Brandon Lloyd in the middle of the field for a […]

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Why NFL offenses should call QB rollouts much more often

During the 2013 regular season, Colin Kaepernick’s passer rating on rollouts was 106.9. On straight dropbacks, his passer rating was 89.5 — a difference of more than 17 percent.  The 49ers called 47 rollouts for Kaepernick, and he dropped straight back 410 times — one rollout for every nine straight dropbacks. The NFL average passer rating on rollouts […]

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Kap’s new deal no gamble — 49ers QB is betting on himself

This is my Thursday column on Colin Kaepernick’s contract extension. SANTA CLARA – The six-year, $126 million contract extension the 49ers gave Kaepernick seemed preposterous. Why make Kaepernick the highest-paid player in football after just 29 starts? That’s not enough data to justify paying anyone that much money. Kaepernick may turn out to be a […]

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Kaepernick: “We don’t have to worry about talks or anything like that moving forward.”

SANTA CLARA — The 49ers held a press conference for Colin Kaepernick in the defensive meeting room Wednesday afternoon. Here is a transcript courtesy of the 49ers.   What kind of sense of relief does getting this done, and getting it done in June, give you going into the season? “I think everyone’s very excited […]

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Report: Colin Kaepernick agrees to 6-year extension worth $61 million guaranteed

NFL.com just reported that the 49ers have agreed to a 6-year contract extension with Colin Kaepernick. The deal reportedly could be worth as much as $126 million, and it includes $61 million guaranteed — a record. Do you like this deal? Why or why not?

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OTA Notes: Kaepernick misses open receivers, Lloyd impresses Harbaugh and Willis, Johnson beats Johnson for a TD, and more

SANTA CLARA – This is what stood out to me at Tuesday’s OTA. THE GOOD 1. Brandon Lloyd: Best receiver on the field by far, although Michael Crabtree, Anquan Boldin, Vernon Davis, Stevie Johnson and Quinton Patton weren’t there. Lloyd made the catch of the day. He was running deep toward sideline and Blaine Gabbert […]

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Harbaugh expects Kaepernick “to make great strides” next season

Jim Harbaugh was interviewed Friday morning on KNBR. Here is a transcript. Q: What goes on in a late-May OTA? HARBAUGH: There are nine weeks that we can be with the players in the offseason. It is broken up into three phases. We are now in Phase 3, Week 5. Ending Week 5. There will […]

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49ers’ QB depth a puzzle for the preseason

This is my Saturday column on the 49ers’ five quarterbacks. SANTA CLARA – Five 49ers quarterbacks. Only three can make the team. Which three will it be? We know Colin Kaepernick will make the team and start unless he breaks his leg or starts missing receivers by 30 yards and sailing passes into the stands. […]

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Josh Johnson: “I feel like I’m past the developmental stage of my career.”

SANTA CLARA – Josh Johnson was interviewed by Bay Area reporters in the 49ers’ press trailer Thursday afternoon. Here is a transcript. Q: Why do you think you have a second chance here? JOHNSON: I’m a better player. I had a better year last year. I put a lot of different things on tape. They […]

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Kap’s off in the pocket

This is my Thursday column on Colin Kaepernick. Late last season, Joe Montana told USA Today that Colin Kaepernick needed to improve as a pocket passer. Kaepernick disagreed. “I think pocket passing is something that is overlooked as far as what I do,” Kaepernick told a local radio station. Suggesting Montana, the greatest quarterback ever, […]

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Russell Wilson 2013 passing stats: Inside/outside pocket

To help put Colin Kaepernick’s 2013 inside/outside of the pocket passing stats in context, here are Russell Wilson’s 2013 inside/outside of the pocket passing stats: INSIDE THE POCKET 322 attempts 213 completions 2,568 yards 20 TDs 5 INTs 66.1 completion percentage 8.0 yards per attempt 6.2 TD percentage 1.6 INT percentage 104.7 passer rating OUTSIDE […]


Colin Kaepernick 2013 passing stats: Inside/outside pocket

I just re-watched every pass Colin Kaepernick attempted last season. Here are his 2013 passing stats from inside and outside of the pocket. INSIDE THE POCKET 382 attempts 219 completions 2,887 yards 12 TDs 10 INTs 57.3 completion percentage 7.6 yards per attempt 3.1 TD percentage 2.6 INT percentage 80.9 passer rating OUTSIDE OF THE POCKET […]

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