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Kaepernick cracks Berry’s top-10 fantasy QBs

ESPN’s fantasy football guru Matthew Berry just posted his top-10 fantasy quarterbacks for Week 12. They are: 1. Aaron Rodgers 2. Peyton Manning 3. Robert Griffin III 4. Matt Ryan 5. Tom Brady 6. Andrew Luck 7. Drew Brees 8. Colin Kaepernick 9. Cam Newton 10. Andy Dalton Who’s not on the list: Eli Manning, […]

Alex Smith says arm strength is overrated

Mike Florio interviewed Alex Smith on Pro Football Talk Live Friday morning. Florio asked Smith what is the biggest difference between playing quarterback in college and in the NFL, and here’s what Smith said. ALEX SMITH: “For one, decision making. It starts there. You have to be able to make the decisions. You have to […]

Donte Whitner nicknames Scott Tolzien “Baby Drew Brees”

SAN FRANCISCO – Donte Whitner spoke to the media in the middle of Bill Walsh Field after Fan Fest on Sunday. Someone asked him a question about backup quarterback Scott Tolzien, and this is what Whitner said. Q: What is it about Scott Tolzien that makes him effective? WHITNER: I call him “Baby Drew Brees.” […]

Alex Smith saves the day (Lowell column)

My dad wrote his column on Alex Smith. In it, he gives the quarterback his due – Smith did what almost everyone said he couldn’t. He won a shootout. He led not one but two game-winning touchdown drives. And he did all this in a playoff game. To read the column, click here.

The Niners beat the Saints 36-32: Grades

Here are my divisional playoff grades for the Niners, who beat the Saints 36-32 and will play in the NFC Championship game next weekend. Alex Smith: A+. Let’s get the negatives out of the way first – he didn’t play well in the middle of the game. Ok, now that we’ve established that, let’s talk […]

Steve Young on the Niners defense: “They’ll figure out a way to keep that score 24 or less.”

Ralph Barbieri and Tom Tolbert interviewed Steve Young on the KNBR this afternoon, and here’s what Young said about the Niners’ upcoming matchup with the New Orleans Saints. TOLBERT: What’s Alex Smith going through this week? What was it like for you your first home playoff game as a starter? YOUNG: “Well, way different from […]

Justin Smith breaks down the Saints offense

SANTA CLARA – Justin Smith spoke at the podium in the Niners media tent today, and this is what he said. Q: The Saints have two Pro Bowl guards (Carl Nicks and Jahri Evans). Are those the toughest two guards you’ve faced this year? JUSTIN SMITH: Yeah, absolutely. Those guys are really good at what […]

Drew Brees on Alex Smith: “He looks like he’s playing with a lot of confidence, and yet taking care of the football and being a great game manager.”

Drew Brees spoke to Bay Area writers on a conference call this afternoon. Here’s what he said. Q: What makes the 49ers so difficult to play against? BREES: “First of all it’s a 3-4 system, which we don’t see all that often. It’s been a little while since we’ve played a 3-4 team. They’re built […]

Alex Smith on Drew Brees: “I’m looking to outscore him. He can throw for however many yards he wants to.”

SANTA CLARA – Here’s the transcript of Alex Smith’s Tuesday group interview, courtesy of the 49ers. What are your feelings going into your first playoff game? “Excited. Obviously, this is why you play. You play to get into the postseason. Get your ticket to the dance. Excited to be hosting a home game. Looking forward […]

Saints beat writer dopes out Saturday’s game

As part of our coverage, the Press Democrat proposed to Mike Triplett of The New Orleans Times-Picayune an exchange of questions, to which he readily agreed, so the PD could cast light on the Niners and Triplett could cast light on the Saints for Bay Area readers. Here are five questions and answers about the […]