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Tom Coughlin on Alex Smith: “I think he’s managing the game much better.”

Here’s the transcript of New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin’s Wednesday morning conference call with Bay Area reporters. Q: What kind of challenges do the 49ers offer for your team? COUGHLIN: (Laughs) They offer a lot of challenges. You’re talking about a team that’s 7-1, that has outstanding special teams play, defensively they’re ranked […]

What if Alex Smith and Eli Manning switched teams?

ESPN.com’s Mike Sando has unearthed two very interesting takes on Alex Smith – one is a stat and one is a scout’s opinion. First, the stat. According to an ESPN stats and information analyst, John McTigue, Alex Smith has thrown the lowest percentage of passes in 2011 which have been intercepted or defensed – 5.8%. […]