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Heitmann has surgery; expected to miss 2011

Left tackle Joe Staley was unaware of Heitmann’s surgery, but had been in touch with his teammate earlier this offseason. Staley said he knew Heitmann, 31, a nine-year veteran, was weighing his career options because “his neck was messed up.”

49ers have previously hit jackpot at 7, 45 and 76

Pro Football Reference lists the top players ever taken at every spot in this year’s draft (scroll to the right) and star-studded 49ers have been selected at No. 7, No. 45 and No. 76.

The best of the last, Part 2: We have a winner

The Niners, for all their Raushan Woods-esque bombs, have actually drafted fairly well long after the commissioner has left the stage at Radio City Music Hall. In fact, they’ve drafted enough late-round players — ranging from functional to very good — to inspire “The 49ers’ Top-10 Sixth- or Seventh-Round Picks Since 2000” series.