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The lowdown on the 49ers quarterback meetings

Here for your pleasure and enlightenment, and because it’s a Bye Week and nothing’s going on, I wrote a piece about what happens in quarterback meetings, focusing on 49ers quarterback meetings. The article follows. SANTA CLARA — What happens in an NFL quarterback meeting? And specifically, what happens in a 49ers quarterback meeting? You’ve probably […]

Josh McCown speaks

SANTA CLARA – Josh McCown, the 49ers newest quarterback, spoke after practice. Here’s the complete transcript of that interview. Stay tuned for my notes from practice. Q: They certainly didn’t ease you into practice today, did they? McCOWN: Yeah, I jumped right in, it was fun. Why not? It’s indicative of the whole camp, I’m […]

Harbaugh the punter

SANTA CLARA – If you thought today’s practice would start with a Harbaugh-Kaepernick quarterback lesson, you were wrong. Harbaugh left Kaepernick alone with quarterbacks coach Geep Chryst for a change. Instead, Coach Harbaugh spent the beginning of practice standing next to punter Andy Lee. As I walked over, I saw Harbaugh pantomiming a punting motion, […]

Q&A with 49ers quarterbacks coach Geep Chryst

“You know there were stories about Steve Spurrier – the last thing he thought he’d do when he was playing was end up being a coach. And he kind of came to coaching once his playing career was over. I think Jim knew all along and so he was trying to get the most out of those situations.”

Kindred spirits Chryst, Harbaugh reuinted in SF

Harbaugh is the millionaire ex-quarterback who didn’t go into broadcasting – among the league’s top-75 in career pass attempts, he is the only NFL coach. Chryst is the Ivy League graduate who didn’t go to Wall Street – he played football and baseball at Princeton and went on to add a master’s degree from Wisconsin.

Leavitt, Chryst and Donatell officially named to staff

Chryst was Jim Harbaugh’s QBs coach/offensive coordinator in San Diego from 1999-2000. In 1999, Harbaugh, then 35, had the second-most yards (2,761) and completions (249) of his 15-year career as Chryst implemented the no-huddle offense.