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Cosell on the Cardinals: “I don’t think the 49ers will believe this team can score 10 points against them.”

NFL Films analyst Greg Cosell spoke on KNBR’s The Murph and Mac Show Thursday morning. Here’s what he said about the 49ers’ game plan for their upcoming Monday night match up against the Arizona Cardinals. COSELL: “I think the 49ers will approach this game the exact same way [they approached the Seahawks]. I don’t think […]

Greg Cosell on Alex Smith: “He’s not quite ready to start just tossing it around unless they orchestrate it for him.”

Here’s what Greg Cosell said on The Murph and Mac Show Thursday about the 49ers’ loss to the Vikings on Sunday. Q: How were the Vikings able to put together three 80-plus-yards drives against the 49ers? COSELL: It was a very good mix of run and pass. It was a case for the most part […]

Greg Cosell mock draft: The Niners draft Peter Konz

Greg Cosell just posted his mock draft and it’s very interesting, so I’m linking it for you here. Here are the highlights: 1. Cosell says Robert Griffin III is a better prospect than Andrew Luck. 2. Cosell says Stephon Gilmore is the best cornerback prospect, followed by Janoris Jenkins and then Morris Claiborne. 3. Cosell […]

Greg Cosell on 2012 WR draft prospects, plus Fleener

Greg Cosell has done some serious tweeting about the NFL draft over the last month. Since many of you are not on twitter, for you convenience I’ve compiled all his recent tweets on offensive skill players. Some people don’t take Cosell as the gospel, but he’s very interesting and he gets the discussion going. To […]

Cosell clarifies

Greg Cosell expanded on his NFC championship commentary Thursday morning on KNBR’s The Murph and Mac Show. Here’s what he said. Q: For everyone who didn’t read your blog, tell us your evaluation of the game. COSELL: “Let me just start with this: It was 49ers football. They played true to their character. It’s a […]

Cosell on Alex Smith: “To evaluate him totally objectively, I think he’s had an outstanding season.”

Greg Cosell answered one 49ers question this morning on KNBR’s the Murph and Mac show. Here’s what he said. Q: One of the fun subplots of this season has been when you’ve evaluated Alex Smith objectively… COSELL: “To evaluate him totally objectively, I think he’s had an outstanding season. I think he’s matured and improved […]

Cosell says the Niners are “built in a way that always leads to success,” but he has one final question

NFL Films senior producer Greg Cosell spoke on KNBR this morning about the Niners. Here’s the transcript of what he said. Q: Jim Harbaugh is saying that the Seahawks defense is better than the Steelers’ defense is right now. Is that a fair statement? COSELL: I think it’s a very fair statement. In fact, one […]

Greg Cosell: “You can’t always line up and just run the ball and then throw off the run game.”

Brian Murphy and Paul McCaffrey interviewed NFL Films analyst Greg Cosell this morning about the Niners upcoming Monday night matchup against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Here’s the transcript. MURPH: These are the No. 1 (the Niners) and No. 2 (the Steelers) scoring defenses going against each other. When you look at this matchup, is that the […]