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How the 49ers have been successful running the ball vs. the Seahawks at Candlestick

Last season when the 49ers played the Seahawks at Candlestick, Frank Gore gained 131 yards on 16 carries. 18 of those yards came on one “wham” play, and 48 of those yards came on two “trap” plays. On the wham play, the 49ers let Alan Branch penetrate the backfield and Bruce Miller blindsided him with […]

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Roman says the 49ers’ offense needs “chunk plays” against the Seahawks

SANTA CLARA — Greg Roman spoke in the media tent Thursday afternoon. Here is a transcript.   Opening comments: “Afternoon. Big division game this week. Very good defense we’re about to face starting with their D-line. They’ve got a lot of depth on their D-line. They roll them through, keep them fresh. Do a nice […]

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Roman on Crabtree’s 60-yard catch: “Really saw something that alluded to that being a good play.”

SANTA CLARA – At his Thursday press conference, Greg Roman answered a question about Michael Crabtree. Here is a transcript. Q: On Crabtree’s long play, did you put that in especially for him coming back? Was that installed last week just for that? ROMAN: “A little bit. Yeah, we felt really good about him doing […]

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Are the 49ers limiting how often Kaepernick runs? Roman: “There is a certain number in mind.”

SANTA CLARA – At his Thursday press conference, Greg Roman answered a question about Colin Kaepernick. Here is a transcript. Q: Whether it is through play calling or what you instruct him during the week, do you guys limit how many times he runs with the football in regular season games? ROMAN: “No comment. I […]

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Roman: “It just so happens that the Seahawks are the next team up. The Rams, same thing.”

Greg Roman was interviewed on KNBR Tuesday morning. Here is a transcript. Q: How different are the Seahawks at home as opposed to on the road? ROMAN: There is no question when opposing offenses go up into that stadium, a lot of times they’re a fraction of a second late off the ball because of […]

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49ers 23, Rams 13: Grades

SAN FRANCISCO – Here are the 49ers’ grades for their 23-13 win over the Rams. KAEPERNICK: A-. This was the most accurate Kaepernick has thrown the ball since Week 1 against the Packers. Kaepernick completed 68 percent of his passes for 9.8 yards per attempt against the Rams. My only knock on him is he […]

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Roman on Kaepernick: “He’s definitely a player that is ascending. We’re definitely excited about having him as our QB.”

SANTA CLARA — Greg Roman spoke in the media tent Friday afternoon. Here is a transcript. Q: How much did the Saints overextend themselves to stop your running game? ROMAN: They did definitely made a heavy investment in it, and we pretty much forecasted that. It was definitely an extreme investment on their part. We […]

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Kaepernick’s season of regression

Here is my Tuesday column on Kaepernick’s season of regression. The following play epitomizes how inept the 49ers’ offense has become: Eight minutes left in the second quarter against the Saints. Play No. 2 of drive No. 6 for the Niners. Colin Kaepernick lines up under center and waves his left arm to silently signal […]

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49ers 20, Saints 23: Grades

NEW ORLEANS – Here are my grades for the 49ers’ 23-20 loss to the Saints. KAEPERNICK: C-. Kaepernick passed the ball well. He was 6-for-15 on third down and 2-for-3 in the red zone. His worst pass was an interception, but it didn’t cost the team anything. Kaepernick ran down the defender and made him […]

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Godfather of deception is waiting

Here is my Friday column previewing the 49ers’ upcoming game against the Saints. SANTA CLARA – Greg Roman made the Sonny Corleone mistake at his press conference on Thursday. Sonny Corleone opened his mouth in front of Sollozzo in “Godfather I,” expressed interest in dealing narcotics without consulting the Don. So, Sollozzo knew there was […]

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Time to mobilize the QB

Here is my Thursday column explaining how to improve the 49ers pass game. SANTA CLARA – What would you say Eric Mangini does for the 49ers? They hired him in the offseason to be an offensive consultant, but the offense keeps getting worse. I asked Jim Harbaugh what the Mangenius does and Harbaugh said, “Several […]

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Roman on Kaepernick: “There is still an element of, ‘I’m seeing something for the first time.’”

SANTA CLARA – Greg Roman spoke in the media tent Thursday afternoon. Here is a transcript. ROMAN: I know how hard it is to play down there in the dome. They’ve been very successful down there. Their defense is playing at a very high level right now, ranked very high in a lot of different […]

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