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Why the 49ers should draft Bryan Bennett

Pros: 1. Most impressive quarterback during Senior Bowl practices. 2. Excellent athlete — quick, elusive, fast, instinctual, strong, tough. 3. Has a hose for an arm. 4. Scored 70 touchdowns and gained 7,235 all-purpose yards in two seasons at Southeastern Louisiana. 5. Fits the 49ers’ offense. Can do a lot of the things Colin Kaepernick can […]

Agholor was a 5-star recruit. Marqise Lee was a 4-star recruit and he dominated UCLA as a freshman and sophomore, as he ... - Grant Cohn

49ers and Adam Gase — good match or bad idea?

This is about gravitas and Adam Gase. Gase is the favorite to be the next head coach of the 49ers. Gase is the only coach the 49ers have interviewed twice so far this offseason — they interviewed him for a second time Tuesday, according to reports. Gase is 36 years old. He looks like a […]

Ah yes. Well he did a helluva job against us last year.... - Leo

Kaepernick’s coach choice couldn’t be more wrong for job

This is my Thursday column. Is Colin Kaepernick serious about his craft? He says he wants to become a better quarterback. He says he wants to train with a guru. He says the right things. Jeff Garcia took him at his word. About a week ago, Garcia publicly volunteered to mentor Kaepernick. Garcia makes a […]

Tell him to call Steve Young. He'll teach him the southpaw shuffle.... - curtjester1

Kap’s off in the pocket

This is my Thursday column on Colin Kaepernick. Late last season, Joe Montana told USA Today that Colin Kaepernick needed to improve as a pocket passer. Kaepernick disagreed. “I think pocket passing is something that is overlooked as far as what I do,” Kaepernick told a local radio station. Suggesting Montana, the greatest quarterback ever, […]

one wr.one rb.on off.watdo u expect wait till this year uno ck.will work his tats off this year.GONINERS.... - ltcshark

Jeff Garcia Q&A

This is the complete transcript of my phone interview with Jeff Garcia. Enjoy. Q: What was your skill level coming out of high school? GARCIA: I probably wasn’t where I wanted to be from a development standpoint. I was still pretty light. I was only 165 pounds, really hadn’t filled out my body yet. Was […]

Steve Young is saying the same thing too.... - Jack Hammer

Terry Shea Q&A

I interviewed quarterback guru Terry Shea over the phone last week. Here is a transcript of that interview. Q: Are there ways that a non-major-conference college like San Jose State can aid or accelerate a quarterback’s development in ways a major-conference college like USC can’t? SHEA: Those smaller colleges have to find a scheme that […]

Indeed Grant ,these pieces are some of the most interesting entries you have done.... - hightop

NFL draft prospects at QB shine spotlight on smaller schools

This is my feature on the allure of quarterbacks who went to non-major-conference colleges. For the past five years, every quarterback who was chosen in the first round of the NFL draft went to a major-conference college. Meaning a college in the Pac-12, Big Ten, Big 12, SEC or ACC. Forget that trend. Draft gurus […]

AES Sorry, I almost missed your post...I think that there will be several high-end QB's available in the third, inclu... - OREGONINER

Jeff Garcia explains how Colin Kaepernick can take his game to the next level

I interviewed Jeff Garcia over the phone last week. Here’s what he said about Colin Kaepernick. Q: How do you assess Colin Kaepernick as a pocket passer? GARCIA: I think Colin has done a great job from a decision-making standpoint, in the sense that he doesn’t force a lot of throws. He’s generally getting pretty […]

Kap just doesn't have a smooth throwing motion,and he's thrown a lot of ducks. Nothing can change that by now. He's good... - Stan

Garcia on Kaepernick: “The kid just really believes in his abilities. He has tremendous abilities.”

Jeff Garcia spoke on 95.7 The Game Monday morning. Here’s what he said about Colin Kaepernick. GARCIA: He looked outstanding. He did a great job. The kid is extremely athletic, but he just has that confidence, that swagger about him. I think that’s a major reason why Harbaugh went with Kaepernick when he did, because […]

Garcia says the 49ers “need to go back to the drawing board” and get the ball to Vernon Davis

Jeff Garcia spoke on 95.7 The Game on Monday. Here’s what he said about Vernon Davis, who has caught three passes the last three games. Q: Why have they not included Vernon Davis in the game plan recently? GARCIA: That’s something that really has been missing the last couple of weeks. That’s something that really […]

49ers Week 11 grades: Colin Kaepernick

SAN FRANCISCO – The 49ers destroyed the Chicago Bears 32-7 Monday night. Here are the grades for Colin Kaepernick. Colin Kaepernick: A+. Jeff Garcia said Kaepernick should check it down all game. Steve Young said Kaepernick should use his legs. Kaepernick said to heck with that. He came out winging it. He saw that the […]