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Harbaugh the punter

SANTA CLARA – If you thought today’s practice would start with a Harbaugh-Kaepernick quarterback lesson, you were wrong. Harbaugh left Kaepernick alone with quarterbacks coach Geep Chryst for a change. Instead, Coach Harbaugh spent the beginning of practice standing next to punter Andy Lee. As I walked over, I saw Harbaugh pantomiming a punting motion, […]

Leavitt, Chryst and Donatell officially named to staff

Chryst was Jim Harbaugh’s QBs coach/offensive coordinator in San Diego from 1999-2000. In 1999, Harbaugh, then 35, had the second-most yards (2,761) and completions (249) of his 15-year career as Chryst implemented the no-huddle offense.

Former assistant: Harbaugh has gift for hiring coaches

In discussing Harbaugh’s greatest assets this week, Lamb said his ability to assemble an A-list coaching staff ranked near the top of the list. Lamb, who spent two years (2005-06) with Harbaugh at the University of San Diego, went so far as to say Harbaugh’s ability to identify great coaches – coupled with own coaching ability – would make him a success in the NBA or major leagues.