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Harbaugh on Kaepernick: “He’s a man for all seasons. Tremendous football player, basketball player, baseball player.”

This is the transcript of Jim Harbaugh’s Monday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers.   “Good to see everybody back. You guys made it back safe.”   You made it back safe? “Yes.”   And what was that trip like? “Happy flight. That was a happy flight.”   Were you able to watch live television […]

Top 5 head coaches: Does Jim Harbaugh make the cut?

Let’s rank the top-5 head coaches in the NFL and see why Jim Harbaugh, with all due respect, doesn’t yet make the cut. I base my rankings on productivity and evaluation and utilization of personnel in good times as well as bad.  Who gets the most out of what they have and who can motivate […]

Top-5 head coaches in the NFL

Who are the top-five head coaches in the NFL? Let’s start the discussion by listing coaches who used to be in the top-five but aren’t any more: Jeff Fisher, Mike Shanahan and Sean Payton. Am I leaving anyone out? Fisher’s a defensive guy who hasn’t coached a dominant defense in quite a while. Shanahan’s an […]

Week 12 grades

Here are my Week 12 grades for the 9-2 Niners. Alex Smith: D. His primary job on this team is to not turn the ball over, and he failed at that assignment tonight. With eighteen seconds left in the first half Smith was supposed to throw a pass to Braylon Edwards’ back shoulder in the […]

Greg Cosell breaks down the Ravens and Alex Smith

Here’s the transcript of NFL Films analyst Greg Cosell’s interview from this morning on KNBR’s The Murph and Mac show. Q: Do the Harbaugh brothers coach in similar ways? Do their teams show similar tendencies? COSELL: There’s a toughness, a physical and mental toughness that is instilled in both teams, and that comes from the […]

Vic Fangio breaks down the Ravens offense and defense

SANTA CLARA – Here’s the transcript of Vic Fangio’s Tuesday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers. Vic, what was kind of your role in Baltimore, I know you were sort of a nebulous consultant? “The first few couple years I was there, I was special assistant to the head coach and basically did a lot […]

Prediction: Niners 30, Ravens 3

The Niners are going to blow out the Baltimore Ravens 30-3 on Thursday, and I’ll explain why. First, the football reasons. The Ravens offense revolves around their running back, Ray Rice. The Niners defense will stop him with their front seven. That means the secondary can double team both wide receivers, Anquan Boldin and Torrey […]

Jim Harbaugh on the upcoming Thursday night game: “There’s no question that we drew the short end of the straw on this one.”

SANTA CLARA – Here’s the transcript of Jim Harbaugh’s Monday morning press conference, courtesy of the 49ers. Did you get a chance to hear your brother’s national conference call? “No.” Didn’t know if you had any rebuttals to anything he said. “I’ll get a chance to take a look at it at some point maybe […]

John Harbaugh on the Niners and Ravens matchup: “I don’t think it’s going to be a trick ’em game.”

Here’s the transcript of the Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh’s Monday conference call. Q: Do you think that your childhood competition with Jim helped get you where you are today? JOHN HARBAUGH: I don’t know. I don’t think it was any different than most other childhoods or brothers. It definitely impacts who you are […]

Browns HC Shurmur on Niners D: “They’re so good against the run they don’t have to be overly heroic in coverage.”

Here’s the transcript of Cleveland Browns head Coach Pat Shurmur’s morning conference call with Bay Area reporters. Q: Are you going to keep the same travel schedule from when you came out here a couple weeks ago? SHURMUR: Yeah, we’re actually going to stay right there at the Westin SFO. We’ll come out on Friday. […]

David Akers on the Harbaughs

SANTA CLARA – David Akers spoke to the media after practice today. Akers played under Jim’s brother John for nine seasons in Philadelphia when John was a special teams coach. The 49ers’ new kicker had glowing praise for the Harbaughs. Specifically, Akers explained why he signed here and why he believes Jim can turn the […]