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NFL’s impressions of the top-50 draft prospects

One of the best reporters in the country, Bob McGinn, spoke off the record with NFL personnel executives and scouts and got their impressions of the top-50 prospects in the upcoming draft. Here is a brief excerpt about cornerback Bradley Roby from McGinn’s report: “When you talk about quickness, speed, athletic ability, change of direction, […]

What caught my eye is that both scouts dump on all the cornerbacks except verett from TCU. I know that there is never a ... - BOS49er

Beckham vs. Fuller

Here’s a hypothetical: Say LSU wide receiver Odell Beckham and Virginia Tech cornerback Kyle Fuller both are available when the 49ers pick in the first round of the upcoming draft — Pick No.30. Say if the 49ers pick Beckham, the Broncos will pick Fuller with Pick No.31 and if the 49ers pick Fuller, the Broncos […]

If the Niners want a top notch WR or CB, not a bottom of the first round type, they'll have to trade down. They know wh... - Chess GM

Baalke’s conundrum

It seems Trent Baalke is in a tight spot. The obvious move for him to make this offseason is to cut 6-foot-1 cornerback Carlos Rogers and replace him in the first round of the upcoming draft with a younger cornerback roughly the same size as Rogers. There are two problems with that move. 1. With […]

You meant 7? :) You got schooled... Just admit it.... - Zadeek