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The Jim Harbaugh Lexicon (Lowell column)

My dad wrote his column for Friday on the lexicon of Jim Harbaugh. He chronicled all of the head coach’s favorite phrases. He even grouped them by category. The Cohn Zohn feels confident this is a comprehensive lexicon, but if you discover an omission please bring it to light. To read my dad’s column click […]

Nice going, Alex, now do it again (Lowell column)

The Santa Rosa Press Democrat just posted my dad’s column for Thursday, so I’m linking to it. When they post my article I’ll link to that, too. Here’s an excerpt from my dad’s column: “Alex Smith had one great game. Check that. He had one great part of one game. He needs to show it […]

Jim Harbaugh’s pinky (Lowell column)

The Santa Rosa Press Democrat just posted my dad’s Tuesday column, so I’m linking it because I’m a good son and it’s a good column. We drove down to Santa Clara together this morning and my dad asked Harbaugh a series of questions 15 minutes into the press conference. He wrote his column on his […]

Alex Smith saves the day (Lowell column)

My dad wrote his column on Alex Smith. In it, he gives the quarterback his due – Smith did what almost everyone said he couldn’t. He won a shootout. He led not one but two game-winning touchdown drives. And he did all this in a playoff game. To read the column, click here.

Stupid Questions

I’m linking this because it seems like a lot people prefer responding to my dad’s blogs on my blog rather than on facebook. My dad wrote a response to your responses to his column on the boringness of Jim Harbaugh. Here it is.

Lowell Cohn: “Harbaugh is boring.”

My dad almost died of pure boredom at Jim Harbaugh’s weekly press conference Monday in Santa Clara. This has nothing to do with Harbaugh’s quality as a coach. He is Grade A in my dad’s book. But he is relentlessly boring, and he’s boring on purpose. So my dad wrote a column on the function […]

Baalke has to be NFL exec of the year (Lowell column)

Today my dad wrote his column about why Trent Baalke has to be the NFL executive of the year, and about his dead-mackerel stare. He points out how Baalke’s key additions to the defense have elevated it from good to great, and he also points out how his dead-mackerel stare can sometimes look more like […]

Is Alex Smith a Pro Bowler? Part 2 (Lowell’s take)

My dad and I both were at Jim Harbaugh’s news conference today, both heard him recommend Alex Smith as the No. 3 Pro Bowl quarterback. As you know, I wrote a blog about it. My father wrote his wednesday column on the subject, going into more detail than I did. To read his column, click […]

The joy of sacks and touchdowns

SAN FRANCISCO — Here’s an interaction between Aldon Smith and my dad that took place yesterday in the locker room after the Niners beat the Browns. Q: Aldon, what’s it like when you get a sack? I mean, you’re really good at it, but I’ve never done it. ALDON SMITH: What do you mean? Q: […]

Meeting Steve Young

This isn’t news, it’s the story of when I was seven-years-old and I met Steve Young. If you feel this is self indulgent, please read something else. If you have a meeting-a-49er story too, please share it in the comment section. It was 1995 and it was towards the beginning of the season after the […]