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Prediction: Giants will beat 49ers by 1 point

The Giants are going to beat the 49ers 21-20. The Giants are going to view this game as a battle against an opponent who is attempting to mount a push to dislodge them from the throne. This game will not be just another ordinary non-divisional contest for the Giants. Because of Tom Coughlin, the Giants have […]

Predicting the Niners record next season

I’ve got another game we can play as we spin our wheels this offseason. What will the Niners regular record be next season? This is not a fruitless exercise. This is another way of examining how the Niners currently stack up against their competition. Some questions to consider while making your projections: How will the […]

49ers still get no respect

Despite beating the Super Bowl champion New York Giants in Week 10 and coming a few plays short of beating them again in the NFC championship game, the Niners only have a one-in-ten shot at winning next season’s Super Bowl according to the MGM Grand’s sports book in Las Vegas. The MGM Grand is wrong. […]

NFL power pendulum swings back to the NFC

It’s the morning after Super Bowl XLVI, I just woke up and I have two points to make. Here’s the first: The NFL is an NFC-dominated league once again. They’ve won three Super Bowls in a row. Three years ago it was the Saints beating the Colts. Last year it was the Packers beating the […]

Grades for the NFC championship game

SAN FRANCISCO – Here are my grades for the 49ers, who lost 20-17 to the New York Giants in the NFC championship game. Alex Smith: D. Most of his 196 passing yards came on two long completions to Vernon Davis. Besides those two plays, Smith completed just 10 of 24 passes (42% – a Tebowesque […]

NFC Championship Live Blog: 49ers vs. Giants

SAN FRANCISCO — This is the live blog for the NFC championship game at Candlestick park between the Niners and the New York Giants. I’ll be updating this frequently from the press box. Since I’m sure all of you are watching or listening to the game, I won’t give play-by-play descriptions of action. Instead, I’ll […]

Harbaugh and 49er tradition

The Santa Rosa Press Democrat just posted the article I wrote for their Sunday paper. It’s about the art gallery that’s growing on the hallway outside the team’s meeting rooms. Not just everyone can view the gallery, though. Only players and coaches and certain football-related personnel can. 49ers public relations director Bob Lange graciously invited […]

Look for a huge game from Frank Gore (Lowell column)

The Santa Rosa Press Democrat just posted my dad’s prediction column for the Niners-Giants NFC championship game. We agree that the Niners will win, but we disagree on the score. He says they’ll win by one touchdown (27-20). I say they’ll win by two (31-17). To read his reasoning, click here.

Grant’s prediction

Here’s my prediction for the NFC championship game. The Niners are going to beat the New York Giants 31-17 because they have better players and better coaches. Oh, and they have home field advantage, too. The Giants defensive game plan is going to be too simple. They’re going to commit eight defenders to stopping Frank […]

How the Niners offense will attack the Giants defense

Here’s how I expect the Niners offense to attack the red hot New York Giants defense. I expect the Niners to split out Vernon Davis at wide receiver often, much more than usual. The Giants are going to double team him, probably with a cornerback and a safety. I expect the Niners to use that […]

How the Giants defense will play the Niners offense

Part of the reason the Saints lost to the Niners on Saturday is that their defensive game plan was too simple. They acted as if stopping Frank Gore would stop the entire Niners offense. They committed eight, nine, sometimes ten defenders to the box to shut down Gore and they left every single receiver in […]