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Grant’s thoughts on the Giants and Falcons

Since we’re all watching football today, I have some thoughts on the Giants and the Falcons. First, the Falcons. They need a new quarterback and a new coaching staff. Matt Ryan is like Alex Smith without any of the good qualities. His arm strength is nothing special, he never makes a play and he chokes. […]

Frank Gore on his injury status for Sunday: “I’ll play. I’ll play good.”

SANTA CLARA – Here’s what Frank Gore said in the locker room today. Q: You missed practice yesterday. Was that related to the knee or were you getting some midseason rest? GORE: Rest. Q: The knee’s fine? GORE: Yeah, it’s fine. Q: Are you going to practice today? GORE: Yeah, I’m going to practice today. […]

Week 10 NFL picks

Here are my week 10 NFL picks. 49ers vs. Giants: 49ers. The Giants allow an average of 127.1 yards rushing per game. So, I’m setting the over/under for Gore’s rushing total at 160 yards. I’m also setting Brandon Jacobs over/under at 30 rush yards. It’s tough for any team to win when you can’t run […]

Greg Cosell breaks down the Niners matchup with the Giants

Murph and Mac interviewed NFL Films analyst Greg Cosell this morning on KNBR. They talked about Tim Tebow, Carson Palmer and Philip Rivers first, and then they talked Niners matchup with the Giants after. I’m giving you the Niners stuff first, but I’m including the rest of the interview below. Enjoy. Q: The 6-2 New […]