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Harbaugh says he did not pursue Manning

I’ve posted the transcript of Jim Harbaugh’s Wednesday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers, below. Here are the salient points: The Niners never “pursued” Peyton Manning, they merely “evaluated” him. If they had signed Manning, they wouldn’t have paid nearly as much as the Broncos paid – $96 million over five years. If they had […]

Manning to Broncos. Alex Smith or Mike Wallace to Niners?

Peyton Manning chose to sign with the Broncos this morning, according to Chris Mortenson. What a bad choice by Manning. His chances of winning a Super Bowl in Denver are modest at best (the team is no big deal), and the chances of reinjuring his brittle neck soar in the mile-high cold (To read my […]

Alex Smith willing to be Niners’ backup plan to Peyton Manning

It only took Alex Smith a few hours to get over his anger at the Niners for pursuing Peyton Manning, apparently. According to Jason Cole, Smith will not sign with the Dolphins unless the Niners sign Manning. Even if the Dolphins offer more than the Niners, Smith wants to be in California. In other words, […]

Seahawks sign Flynn, Smith running out of options

Alex Smith will not be flying to Seattle this week, contrary to earlier reports. That’s because the Seahawks just signed free agent quarterback Matt Flynn to a three-year, $26 million contract ($10 million guaranteed), according to Adam Schefter. If the Niners sign Peyton Manning, Smith’s final option could be to sign with the desperate Dolphins. […]

49ers sign Mario Manningham, or Ham On Rye

The Niners just signed wide receiver Mario Manningham to a two-year deal, according to Mike Florio. Just a few hours ago it looked like Manningham would sign with the Rams, but the Niners seem to have made a competitive offer for him, and Manningham seems to not be stupid. Manningham is a good replacement for […]

Source: 49ers offered Alex Smith three years, $24 million

Kevin Lynch broke news this afternoon. Citing a league source, Lynch reports the Niners offered Alex Smith a three-year contract worth $24 million. What’s more, according to the source Smith wants to change agents, too. His current agent, Tom Condon, also represents Peyton Manning, the quarterback the Niners seem to really want. Condon is doing […]

Why the 49ers must sign Peyton Manning

Here’s another reason the 49ers should definitely sign Peyton Manning. It’s a given they would become instant Super Bowl favorites with him. We know this. But they’d also become the most watched, talked about, intriguing sports team in the world. In other words, they’d be the 49ers again. Sign the guy.

49ers want Manning

Secretly, Jim Harbaugh and Greg Roman have already watched Peyton Manning work out and have given him a physical, according to Adam Schefter, who calls the 49ers the mystery suitor for the Hall of Fame quarterback. Apparently, Harbaugh and Roman flew to Durham, North Carolina on Tuesday to meet Manning and watch him work out […]

What’s going on with Alex Smith

Look, this is how I read what’s going on with Alex Smith. I’m trying to dope out the situation and these are my hypotheses: Alex Smith is waiting for Peyton Manning to sign before he does anything. His agent has implored Smith to wait until he is the No. 1 QB left on the market […]

Why the Niners don’t want to sign Peyton Manning

I’m trying to be open minded about the Peyton Manning debate. I want to see things from both sides. Yesterday, my dad and I came out strongly on the Pro-Peyton side. Many readers agreed with us, and many did not. Both sides had good arguments. I’ve been thinking all night, and I want to give […]

The Niners should sign Peyton Manning

A “well-placed source” told the great Matt Maiocco that the 49ers have an offer on the table for Alex Smith and they have no interest in signing free agent Quarterback Peyton Manning, to which I say, slow down, 49ers. That’s a lot you’re asking us to accept there. Let’s break that claim down bit by […]