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New code of behavior for NFL fans flies in the face of game’s violence

Here is my Tuesday column on the wave incident at Candlestick Park last Sunday, October 13. SANTA CLARA – You and I are supposed to feel contempt for certain football fans in San Francisco and Houston this week. Last Sunday in Houston, some Texans fans cheered when Matt Schaub, their own quarterback, sprained his ankle […]

Thanks for the laugh, Old Coach. It may well be my fault; it usually is when I argue with my wife anyway. And the view ... - Brotha Tuna

Whitner on the Saints bounty scandal, and more

SANTA CLARA – Donte Whitner spoke about everything from Randy Moss to the Saints’ bounty scandal this afternoon. Here’s what Whitner said: Q: Did the level of practice intensity go up a notch when the pads went on? WHITNER: Yeah, I think that’s natural. Whenever you have a bunch of competitive guys who want to […]

The top-five best and worst moments of the 49ers 2011-2012 season

Here’s my list of the top five and bottom five 49er moments from the 2011-2012 season. The Best Moments 5. Justin Smith’s forced fumble v. Jeremy Maclin in Philadelphia to beat the Eagles in Week 4. The Niners’ record was 2-1, and although they had just stormed back from a 17-point deficit to take a […]

Donte Whitner set the tone

The Santa Rosa Press Democrat just posted the sidebar I wrote for their Sunday paper. It’s on Donte Whitner’s tone-setting knockout hit on New Orleans Saints running back Pierre Thomas on the opening drive of Saturday’s 36-32 Niners win. I spoke to Whitner in a group and one-on-one afterward in the locker room and he […]