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Grant’s top-five favorite 49ers

This year the beat writers voted Donte Whitner the Garry Niver award winner for the player most accommodating with the press. Garry Niver covered the championship 49ers teams for the San Mateo Times. He died in the early ‘90s of a heart attack. My dad knew him very well and says he was a lovely […]

Alex Smith saves the day (Lowell column)

My dad wrote his column on Alex Smith. In it, he gives the quarterback his due – Smith did what almost everyone said he couldn’t. He won a shootout. He led not one but two game-winning touchdown drives. And he did all this in a playoff game. To read the column, click here.

Michael Crabtree explained

The Santa Rosa Press Democrat just posted my Friday article on Michael Crabtree. It’s about the Crabtree behind the Crabtree, and for the article I interviewed Kyle Williams, Anthony Dixon, Ricky Jean Francois and Mr. Crabtree himself. To read my article, click here.

The outstanding rookies’ breakout moments

The Santa Rosa Press Democrat just posted my article for Thursday’s paper on the Niners outstanding rookies. I focus on their breakout moments from this season. My idea was to ask each rookie to identify and discuss his breakout moment, but Harbaugh’s rookies didn’t feel comfortable with that type of reflection – not right now, […]

Have the Niners lost confidence?

SANTA CLARA — You might be wondering if the Niners lost some confidence after their 16-6 loss on Thursday night to the Baltimore Ravens. Here’s today’s scene from the locker room. You can judge for yourself. In the middle of the room Anthony Dixon started a dance party. He blasted his iPod speakers so loud […]

Ricky Jean Francois: “We play with an edge.”

I was flying back from Washington D.C. this morning so I was not in Santa Clara. However, the Associated Press’ Janie McCauley was and she generously passed along a few transcripts of group interviews to me, so I pass them along to you. Here’s Ricky Jean Francois. Q: What would it mean to secure a […]

Ricky Jean on Harbaugh: “It’s almost like he’s still playing football.”

SANTA CLARA — Here’s the transcript of Ricky Jean-Francois’ locker room Q&A from this morning. Q: Would you say yesterday’s game was especially emotional? JEAN FRANCOIS: Yeah it was emotional because it was right after the game. Before the incident, before I started looking over, we were shaking hands and saying it was a good […]

Jim Harbaugh on Alex Smith: “Plays with a very calm demeanor and makes good quality decisions.”

SANTA CLARA – Here is the transcript of Jim Harbaugh’s Friday Press Conference, courtesy of the 49ers. The first question doesn’t make sense unless you know that all the 49ers coaches wore their blue collar shirts to practice today, including Harbaugh. The players wore shorts ‘n shells and the coaches wore short-sleeve, blue collar button-up […]

Ricky Jean-Francois Q&A

SANTA CLARA – I just participated in a group interview of Ricky Jean-Francois. He explained to us that he’s been playing all three positions on the defensive line, but mostly right end behind the starter Justin Smith. This seems to suggest Jean-Francois will be the first defensive lineman off the bench. It also suggests undrafted […]