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Goodell’s actions should end tenure as commissioner

This is my Thursday column on the NFL’s suspension of Tom Brady. Roger Goodell may have fired his final bullet. On Tuesday, the Commissioner of the NFL upheld his decision to suspend New England Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady four games for allegedly conspiring with team equipment managers to deflate footballs in the AFC Championship game. […]

I had not seen this Twitter feed before (mentioned by Florio in above link): https://twitter.com/RMFifthCircuit I ... - JPN001

After ‘Deflategate,’ Roger Goodell might go pfft

This is my Saturday column. Deflategate might be Roger Goodell’s Waterloo. He doesn’t know it yet. Napoleon probably didn’t know it, either. Napoleon probably thought France would crush the Duke of Wellington and the armies of the Seventh Coalition. And Goodell probably thinks he can take down the NFL’s most powerful franchise — the Patriots […]

Kraft won't even appeal the punishment on Patriots. Maybe someone with a huge dislike for the 49ers will go pfft from t... - jsrider

No point to this discussion

Here is my Friday column. The NFL wants to make football more entertaining. The NFL means well. An eight-member competition committee of coaches and executives believes the extra point needs fixing. It’s just like a 20-yard field goal. Last season, kickers made them 99.6 percent of the time. Boring. Perfunctory. “The extra point is almost […]

Thoughts on Roger Goodell as the lockout looms

Call me naïve or stupidly optimistic – you won’t be the first – but I left the hotel that day with this thought: Good-old, have-a-beer-on-the-Barcalounger Roger, a commissioner so clearly in tune with the populace and in love with the sport, would never let the league reach a labor impasse.